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An entrepreneur with fifteen years of experience in the telecommunications, financial, and information technology fields, Frank Svatousek currently performs as Canadian General Manager of Carta Worldwide. The recipient of a Master of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Windsor, Svatousek contributes his insights into risk management, compliance, payment management, and operations to the firm that he co-founded. Focused on advanced payment platforms, Carta Worldwide holds certification to handle MasterCard and other forms of prepaid and mobile transactions via its offices in Canada, Switzerland, England, and Morocco, with technology that supports forms of near-field communications. Earlier in his career, Frank Svatousek became the initial Canadian direct marketer of MasterCard Prepaid Solutions after obtaining a Bank Identification Number sponsorship agreement, a rare occurrence for a non-bank. Another of Svatousek's notable achievements occurred during his tenure as General Manager of Multivision Pvt. Ltd. when he developed Sri Lanka's original cable television system. In two years, Multivision grew to include a client base of twenty thousand, along with airing ESPN and HBO. While with Multivision, Frank Svatousek lived in Sri Lanka during a tumultuous time for the country as it was undergoing a civil war. Thereafter, he resided in Hong Kong and traveled throughout Asia. Currently at home in Toronto, Svatousek keeps physically active, cheers for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and enjoys photographing his environment and urban landscapes. Helping others accounts for another important element of Svatousek’s personal life, and he assists at a local ministry, a food bank, and a long-term care facility. He also provides emotional guidance to families affected by Alzheimer's disease.

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General Manager

Multivision Pvt Ltd.