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Extensive experience in running IT operations and IT development. Have my strength in structuring and organizing work processes for maximum utilization of resources.  Sets goals and is used to achieve the goals set. Focus on business and business development and how IT is used to facilitate this. Has experience as a developer, consultant and management experience with budgetary and personnel responsibilities.

Work experience

Nov 2013Present

CEO (Daglig leder)

Kreditorforeningens driftssentral

"Kreditorforeningen i Norge" consists of four independent associations. Common resources for project management, IT operations and IT development are gathered in a joint-owned company; "Kreditorforeningens Driftssentral DA" (KDS). 

KDS provides stable operations of their customers/owners business systems. In addition, KDS is responsible for process improvement and project management upon completion of changes. 

CEO report directly to the Board and is responsible for human resources, financial reporting and budgeting.

Sep 2012Oct 2013


FotoKnudsen WEB AS

FotoKnudsen is Norway leading company in sales and manufacturing of photo products and services. By photo products meaning photo-books, canvas, digital images and adjacent photo products. FotoKnudsen takes pride in preserving customers photos and is hosting Norway largest memory bank.

My department is divided into two main areas; operations and development. The IT operation is mainly located in-house and ranges from Web to production in a heterogeneous environment. The department is also responsible for developing user-friendly and efficient solution towards both end users and the manufacturing department. The development is done in combination by internal, skilled staff and by outsourcing tasks. Project management is an important aspect to be able to deliver in time within the estimated cost.

CTO is part of the company management team and is the main responsible for the IT strategic decisions, but is also involved in the business strategic decisions.

Nov 2011Aug 2012

Head of Product & IT

TeliaSonera Norway, Chess

The Telecommunications industry is, by nature, based on IT-solutions. In an new, highly competitive business, the requirements for cost effective solutions, combined with local decisiveness and short time to market, the implementation process is becoming more important.

During my work in this field I have tried to combine the large scale advantages of the enterprise with to local speediness. The process is a continuous one and the outer goal is to be as efficient as possible but still be able to deliver the services with the quality that the customer and organization is expecting.

Jan 2011Nov 2011

Head of Offering, Product & IT

Chess Communication

CTO responsibilities, and also responsible for fighting brand product portfolio including postpaid price-plans, prepaid price-plans and additional services. Offering includes keeping an eye on the market behavior in general, and fighting brand in particular. Creating business cases for new price-plans and products. Product part includes implementing the price-plans and products in an cost effective way with low time to market.

Dec 2007Dec 2010


Chess Communication AS

In my years as CTO of Chess Communication, I have focused on developing the IT organization as an efficient delivery and service organization. For the delivery part is time to market, quality and cost control in focus. We have developed our own project methodology, based on best-practice and custom-house conditions. With this we have achieved to get predictable deliveries, both on major projects but also smaller ad-hoc tasks. It provides leadership predictability. Besides this, we have focused on the IT organization is a service organization. Having defined SLA requirements, regulary reporting  and clear definition of the individual's role makes the level of service measurable.A condition setting to improve the delivery and quality of service is that the employees are involved in defining and enhancing the processes. Adding to ensure that the employee is not only responsibility but also authority to carry out the tasks they are set to, we have seen that the motivation of employees increases.The IT-department is using outsourcing as a mean for beeing (cost) effective.This places demands on the contracts with outsourcing partners. A portion of my task has been to renegotiate contracts with existing suppliers, as well as evaluate and enter into cooperation with new suppliers.

Mar 2007Dec 2007

Senior Consultant - Project Manager


CRM Implementation

Project manager implementing a new CRM system for a large norwegian telco provider.

Apr 2003Feb 2007

Project Manager

Chess Communication

ChessPrepaid in physical distributionTechnical Project Manager for the introduction of ChessPrepaid in physical distribution.

PayexProject manager for implementation of the online payment solution. Prepared specifications, primary contact between the various sub-project groups and coordination of resources.

Integration Chess Communication and Sense Communication

Prepared requirements list for the merger of Chess Communication and Sense Communication technical infrastructure. Includes E-commerce, CRM, billing and rating systems. Document used as a basis for signing the contract between Chess Communication and supplier of rating billing services.


Technical Project Manager for the introduction of broadband as a commercial product for Chess Communication. Prepared specifications, primary contact between the various sub-project groups and coordination of resources.

ChessPrepaid launch

Project Manager for the introduction of prepaid in Chess Communication. Prepared specifications, primary contact between the various sub-project groups and coordination of resources.

Business Process Documentation

Project Manager documentation project. Documentation of Chess Communication's business processes with their technological support. Used top-down which shows the overall processes that detail the technical support which in turn detail down to the pseudo-code level.

Application developmentDevelopment of internal applications for monitoring of fraud cases, high consumption, broadband customers, internal sales, and more.

Sep 2000Apr 2003

Senior Consultant


SMS Framework

Main Responsible for the development of general SMS framework against Netcom SMS gateway using CIMD2 protocol. The system developed as a frontend for other applications that receive SMS messages, for example, from specific phone number or with specific codes.

Tools: Java, Eclipse, SQL ServerTransformDevelopment and maintenance of Transform framework for rapid prototyping and development of Internet-based applications.Tools: Eclipse, MySQL, Java.Sjøtrygd-group

Implementation of the Sybase mobi link replication of a number of databases in a distributed environment, and development of operating procedures.

Tools: Sybase 7 Enterprise server, MobilinkLeroy Seafood Group

Project Manager for the development of new deviation reporting for the Group. Database Solution for registration and consideration of discrepancies. Graphical reports supported readability.

Tools: Eclipse, Java, MySql, TransformSU Soft ASA

Project manager for development of support systems for help desks. The solution is web-based. Supports features include advanced workflow, "cut / paste" of screen shots directly into the application, customer support via e-mail, telephone and Web enrollment. Knowledge base for internal and external use.

Tools: Exlipse, Java,  MySQL, TransformCoverUp

Design and implementation of web-based editor for the design of mobile phone covers via the internet. Editor consists of an applet that communicates with an IIS server for storage and retrieval of design. The applet communicates also with a 3D viewer where ready-made designs are shown. The total solution consists of a website with opportunities for the design of the cover, as well as the purchase of cover. In the back office is fully integrated with Navision ERP system.

Tools: Java, Javascript, ASP, SQLServerParaplyselskapetMain Responsible for the design and implementation of back office solutions for online transfer of data from vending machines. The solution offers Web Services for data transfer from and to machines as well as for reports. BackOffice integrates also the clearing gateways from leading credit card company.

Tools: Java, MS C#, WebServices, XML, SQL ServerSkandiabankenAutomation of loan applications. Credit information taken from Dune & Bradstreet was manually keyed into a word document. This is now automated so that all available information from Dune & Bradstreet as well as from internal back office systems automatically is extracted. User only need to enter information of qualitative nature.Tools: ASP, Visual Basic, SQL ServerSkandiabanken

Development and maintenance of existing solutions for car financing. This involves printing of offer letter, change and redevelopment of loan calculators, alteration of reports etc.

 Tools: ASP, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Crystal ReportsTelenor Oilcamp

Project Manager for the Development of Enterprise Messenger application that consists of Oilcamp White Pages integrated with Oilcamps internal SOIL Directory Services. The application also allows for "instant messaging" to other users logged Oilcamp intranet system.

Tools: Java, SQLServerHaukeland Sykehus

Development of an existing Access application for registration of jaw surgical implant data from dentists, as well as the creation of form for registration to the PDF.

Tools: MS Access, Word, PDF Destiller

Jan 1995Aug 1999

Product Manager / Developer

Hands ASA

Formula portfolio

Responsible for development, maintenance, support and documentation for "Formula Timeregistrering". Developer for "Formula Finans". Responsible for methodology development for upgrade of Formula portfolio to Y2K. Project Manager for customer-specific adaptations of Formula products.

Tools: QBE Vision, OracleABB Offshore Technology

Project manager for the pilot project for introduction / upgrading of "Formula Finans" and "Formula Timeregistrering" system and Formula integration with SAP.

Tools: QBE Vision, OracleABB Industri

Counseling and special adaptations for integration between "Formula Timeregistrering" and SAP.

Tools: QBE Vision, OracleKværner Oil&Gas

Implementation of transfers between "Formula Timeregistrering" and "Formula Lønn".

Tools: QBE Vision, OracleBKK

Implementation of "Formula Timeregistrering". Development of custom reports and integration with Agresso Finance and Unique.

Tools: QBE Vision, Oracle




Universitetet i Bergen


Universitetet i Bergen