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Experienced and dedicated professional with over 7 years of experience in both manufacturing and service industries. Demonstrated strong growth within organization, including advancement from a trainee to Operator. Proven technical expertise with ability to creative solve problems and develop advantageous organizational solutions. Exceptional quality, production, and product quantity standards. Serve as a leader and mentor to other employees while demonstrating a team-focus that illustrates cohesiveness.

Work experience

Sep 2014Present

Power Plant Operator

Mainland independent power plant
  • Control generator output to match the phase, frequency, or voltage of electricity supplied to panels.
  • Read charts, meters, and gauges to monitor voltage and electricity flows.
  • Place standby emergency electrical generators on line in emergencies and monitor the temperature, output, and lubrication of the system.
  • Inspect records or log book entries or communicate with plant personnel to assess equipment operating status
  • Monitor power plant equipment and indicators to detect evidence of operating problems.
  • Adjust controls to generate specified electrical power or to regulate the flow of power between generating stations and substations.
  • Take regulatory action, based on readings from charts, meters and gauges, at established intervals.
  • Start or stop generators, turbines, and other equipment as necessary
Feb 2009Jun 2014

Distribution Substation Operator

Power holding company of nigeria
  • Prepare switching orders that will isolate work areas without causing power outages, referring to drawings of power systems.
  • Inspect, operate and maintain substations and various distribution apparatus consistent with company policies and safety regulations
  • Controls equipment, such as current converters, voltage transformers, and circuit breakers, that regulate flow of electricity through substation of electric power system and over distribution lines to consumers
  • Track conditions that could affect power needs, such as changes in the weather, and adjust equipment to meet any anticipated changes.
  • Monitor and record switchboard or control board readings to ensure that electrical or steam distribution equipment is operating properly.
  • Respond to emergencies, such as transformer or transmission line failures, and route current around affected areas.
  • Locate and replace defective fuses and switches, using test lamp and handtools.
Mar 2008Jan 2009

Machine Operator

marbak pet bottles limited
  • Operating of 100 - 300 Bottles per hour, Max.5Litter Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Bottle Blowing Machine.
  • Operating of 50pcs per min 7.5kw high speed nylon bag making machine
  • Performing weekly and monthly maintenance on electrical machines.
  • Prepare necessary documentation for the quarterly testing and validation done to operational equipment.
  • Handle the responsibility of repairing inverters and UPS.
  • Maintain electrical systems and equipment to ensure effective operation of system and services.
  • Assist senior electrical technicians in installing electrical and electronic systems and equipment


Dec 2014

Advanced Technician Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (LEVEL 5 IVQ)

City and guilds of london instituTe
Dec 2014

Technician Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (LEVEL 3 IVQ)

Nov 2007

National Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology

Petroleum training institute, delta, nigeria


Dec 2014

Electric Plant and Equipment

City and guilds of london institute

Grade:      Merit

Dec 2014

Electric Power

City and guilds of london institute

Grade:     Merit


  • Interpretation of schematics, wire diagram and technical drawings
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Installation, operation, repair and maintenance of Electrical systems and equipment
  • Computer hardware to assemble CPU, installation of various computer operating systems and application software.
  • Ability to understand and strictly adhere to SOP (Safe Operating Procedure)/WSWP (Written Safe Work Procedure) of the organization.