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Professional Benefits of Maintaining Physical Health, By Frank Larosa

Too many busy professionals fail to maintain their health with regular exercise and a balanced diet because they convince themselves that they do not have time to do so. This can have disastrous results. The ripple benefits of physical fitness manifest in the workplace and typically pay for themselves, in terms of time invested in achieving them.Research shows that professionals who maintain their physical fitness…-Have lower levels of stress, meaning they are better able to focus on the tasks at hand.-Get sick less often, meaning they miss fewer days of work.-Have more energy, allowing them to achieve more every day.-Have more self-confidence, demonstrate more assertiveness, and are more likely to set and achieve goals, which translates to pursuing better opportunities in the workplace.-Experience fewer headaches, less confusion, and less anxiety, meaning they are better equipped to complete their work on a daily basis.About Frank LarosaNamed to OnWallStreet’s Top 10 Branch Managers of 2010, Frank Larosa has extensive experience regarding how to succeed in finance. As President of Elite Recruiting & Consulting, Larosa emphasizes that his clients should always maintain their physical health to enjoy top professional performance.


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Named as one of the Top 10 Branch Managers for 2010 by On Wall Street magazine, Frank LaRosa believes that managers must be skilled in a number of areas, including leadership, financial management, and recruitment of new talent. As President of ELITE Recruiting & Consulting, Frank LaRosa draws on the knowledge and experience he gained during his tenure in the investment industry. ELITE Recruiting & Consulting specializes in recruiting talented, experienced financial professionals for investment firms and smoothing the sometimes difficult transition process.

Since graduating from New Jersey’s Kean College with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing in 1996, Frank LaRosa has excelled in all three areas. In his first position out of college, he served as a financial advisor with Prudential Securities. Frank LaRosa was named the top trainee in the entire nation, building his client base through cold-calling and speaking at investor seminars.

At Prudential Securities, Frank LaRosa demonstrated a particular aptitude for financial management. In 1988, he generated $320,000 in revenue and possessed $18 million in client assets under management. He significantly increased those results the following year, when he moved to the Smith Barney office in Red Bank, New Jersey, doubling the amount of client assets and increasing revenue generation to $440,000. LaRosa’s exceptional performance earned him a promotion to Assistant Branch Manager in 1999. In May 2004, he was again promoted to Manager of the Smith Barney branch in Alexandria, Virginia.

When Smith Barney was purchased by Morgan Stanley in early 2009, Frank LaRosa was back in New Jersey as a Senior Vice President, managing the Mount Laurel office. In October 2009, the new firm, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, assigned him to manage its Southern New Jersey Complex, retaining the Senior Vice President title. Under LaRosa’s leadership, the office, which served as the second largest in the region, captured the top spot for gross average revenue per financial advisor, at $650,000. In addition, the company earned top honors nationwide for increasing client assets under his management.