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Contracting, Production and Consultant

Directors Guild  of America, Unit Production Manager

Production Manager on over 50 films & TV movies including: Act of Valor, Man on Fire, In Her Shoes, The Last  Samurai, We Were Soldiers, Wishmaster, Face/Off, Desperate Measures, The Abyss, Con Air, Dogfight, Into the Sun, Pie in the Sky, Honey I Blew up the Kids, Indian Runner, The Temp, Fright Night II, Dudes, Conspiracy Theory, Streets of Fire, Working Trash, CSI Las Vegas (Pilot) and Michael Jackson Rock Videos - "Black or White", "Remember the time", and IMAX 3-D productions.

Contracting, Production and Consultant

Professioanal consulting at media firms & agencies including, USC's Institute for Creative Technologies, Alternative Branding, The Atlantic Monthly, Boeing Company, Apple Computers, and NASA.


Major motion pictures and TV production manager/producer, Business planner for development of theme parks and multi-media on-line events.  Leader with expertise on large international projects, human capital management, coupled with computer and mobile media systems.  Cyber operations, satellite operations with Navy Space Cadre.  Build consensus and drives progress through coordinated and collaborative relationships with staffs, clients, and business partners.

As a technolighy media executive, Frank has produced and presided over major theme park and interactive media projects including: Terminator 2/3-D, Star Trek Adventure at the Hilton Las Vegas and Jurassic Park. He has produced and production managed motion pictures including; Act of Valor, The Last Samurai, In Her Shoes, We Were Soldiers, Man on Fire and CSI Las Vegas.

Being well versed in high technology media, communications, and virtual reality (VR) production he has merging his Hollywood background with advanced science and Engineering in a enique way. From 1992 to 1996, Frank was the senior staff producer for BMG Chrysalis Production, producing four feature films a year for HBO including Uncivilized, American Intellectuals, Interceptor and Tactical Assault, he also served on staff at Silver Pictures, Warner Brother Studios as deputy CFO under Steve Richards, managing multiple tent-pole films including Conspiracy Theory, Sherlock Holmes and the Matrix trilogy. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America and the Academy of Interactive Arts and Science. 

Frank earned his BS in communication from the University of New York, and a Masters of Arts & Science Mobile Media from Command and General Staff College, and earned a 2nd Master’s in Project Management and Engineering from the (MPME) Montana Tech School of Engineering.

With a solid background in high tech media, virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) entertainment he builds consensus and drives collaborative relationships. Implementing of complex themed entertainment systems & programs internationally across large enterprise. Lead front-end Engineering Manager and creative interface with large staff of engineers, software development, and computer scientist.

Program Manager ▪ Sports Entertainment ▪ Mobile Media ▪ Theme/Water Park design & production ▪ Business Operations ▪ Business Management ▪ Animatronics ▪ Feature Film Production ▪ Systems Engineering ▪ Engineering Management ▪ mobile networks (Hand-sets)

Work experience


Executive V.P. of Production

Landmark Entertainment Group
  • High Tech front end leader/engineer managing art direiction, backend support, user interface for VR/AG daily untilities and original games/other creative events.
  • Development, delivery and installation of mass media, anemotronics, live events of major theme park attractions.  Stategic planner, Senior Project Manager on Robot Land, South Korea and on Adventure Africa, Theme Park development, Abuja Film Village Nigeria.
  • Unit Production Manager (UPM) "Act of Valor", feature film on US Navy SEALs.
  • Program manager, supporting project level activities to ensure goals accomplished, and providing decision-making leadership. Continually identifies and manages cross-project interdependencies operates as senior PMO for operations. 
  • Project producer the "T2/3D" and "Jurassic Park" for Universal Studios, "Star Trek Adventure", Hilton, Las Vegas, "Caesar's Magical Empire", Las Vegas and Mega Babies for Sony.
  • Exceptional skills in visual & team leading: Performs quality control, oversees budget, forecasts and develops creative modeling.
  • Develops technology and IT solutions and services to support specific engineering operation requirements to ensure project milestones efficiently and effectively accomplished.
  • Business/client representative for Universal Studios & Las Vegas Casinos.  Guest satisfaction and safety solutions.

Producer/Executive Producer

Chrysalis/BMG Productions
  • "American Intellectuals" Feature film for Time Warner Cable. Organized and produced, development to global distribution. Managed over 390 employees, administered international financing and sales. Lead investors to 17% profit.
  • "The Hunted" Feature film for Time/Warner Bros. managed all aspects of project from conception to global distribution. Filmed on location Seattle, WA; Big Bear, CA; and Vancouver B.C. Canada. Lead investors to 28% profit.
  • "Tactical Assault" Feature film HBO. Produced, coordinated, arranged host nation logistics support for location photography to Budapest, Hungary increase production dollars 40% from USD.
  • "Interceptor" Feature film HBO. Executive Producer. Executed physical production, lead global sales team, secured financing with 75% funded via pre-sale banked credit notes.  Scouted foreign locations including Peru and Argentina. Attended & represented at film festivals in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, China, and Hong Kong.

Production Executive, Assistant CFO/CIO

Silver Pictures/Warner Bros.
  • Improved operating efficiencies by 25%. Scouted foreign locations, built project packages with global studies, emphasis on Latin America and Asia (emerging regions). Successfully redesigned distribution methods for product delivery.
  • Produced feature film script breakdowns, budgets and schedules including, "The Matrix" and "Conspiracy Theory". Managed and accurately accounted on average $1.2 Million USD per day.
  • Developed Marketing Posters, TV and Radio spots for new film arm at Silver Pictures.
  • Re-tooled company payroll/staffing methods creating 17% savings.
  • Downsized post-production staff saving the company 20% over previous year.
  • Negotiated and established key deal points for Dungeons & Dragons film rights.
  • Reduced contract errors through refined & increased communications with legal staff.
  • Grew revenue 30% securing theme park, theme restaurant and retail licensee agreements.
    • Early Executive History:Ocean Park Pictures, Vice President of Feature Productions, and U.S. Government, Director/Producer, 1987 to 1994;  Landmark Entertainment Group, Vice President of Motion Media & Park Operations 1994 to 1998.

Intelligence Operations Officer

United States Navy/Office of Naval Intelligence
  • Reserve Naval Officer, deployed to Afghanistan to NATO April 2011 - June 2012, hand-selected by Chief of Naval Operations to design and implement innovative collection programs improving accuracy & reducing intelligence production cycle time.
  • Developed and instituted the first and only Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) program for the entire nation of Afghanistan.  Trained 54 CSI agents.  Oversaw 476 major cases in one year.
  • Computer & cellular forensics, document and media exploitation Program Manager (DOMEX).
  • Navy Space Cadre Officer SV6, Engeneering and technology qualified 5000P coded Officer.
  • National internet, network and computer security project manager.  Cyber warfare officer.
  • International cyber fraud examiner (CFE)/ instructor.
  • Maritime investigations at NCIS, Port Security and intelligence.
  • OBLA, (DIA) Admin Officer, managed operations and investigations for joint and civilian office.
  • Human Terrain mapping, collections and commercial business operations.
  • DoD liaison duties in South Korea, Honduras, Peru, Nicaragua, Afghanistan and Chile. International Defense and Diplomatic duties at our US Embassies.
  • Cyber crime & internet security officer. Computer, network and digital forensic officer.
  • Navy & Marine Corps expert instructor for Intelligence Operations, Intelligence Cycle, 'Decision Making' and 'Planning Process' for senior leadership.
  • Indications and Warning Officer USS RONALD REAGAN, CVN-76 and Officer of deck (OOD).
  • Data mining, information operations and mining algorithms.
  • Analytics control with Tableau and Palantir Technologies management systems.










Articulate Powerful Ideas
Government leadership, foreign relations/diplomatic veteran
Theme Park/Entertainment


Top Secret - Full Scope/Lifecycle Polygraph