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I am a Marine Corps veteran and creative professional with over 6 years experience in all aspects of successful digital film production and photography including award-winning independent films. Some of which include several short films, professional commercials and music videos.

Work experience

Mar 2013Present

Videographer/Editor/Drone Pilot

Seacoast Multimedia
Starting as an intern and general assistant to the executive producer, Mike Nacar, I am currently the main shooter/videographer and a video editor where I • trans-code, sync and log existing or original footage, as well as assemble and edit footage. I was also the first intern in company history selected to produce, direct and manage a music video which I created the concept, storyline, script, storyboard, casting, script breakdown, shot and edited the final cut. I also assist in most commercial video productions for client delivery, create original scripts and stories, assist in the development of new projects and now learning film drone videography...
Jan 2008Present


Untamed Imagination Productions
Starting in 2008 making basic videos and video blogs, I eventually found my true passion and became a director and filmmaker who imagines and creates original online videos, short films, music videos, commercials and documentaries. My journey started as a young kid with my first camera "The Ready Ranger" to a Nikon 35mm. I now work with Canon DSLR's (6D) and Professional Digital Film Cameras, write short stories, edit with Premiere Pro and continually studying advanced editing and visual effects with After Affects and Photoshop compositing. Always learning, imagining and evolving my craft as an innovator in modern digital film...
Jan 2001Dec 2012


Power Find Strategic Consulting
At Power Find I was a business owner and manager of a consultancy that provided contract work for business to consumer market trend research, business intelligence, online marketing strategy, social media marketing and government contracting for clearance background checks on applicants and government workers.
Oct 1988Jul 2001


United States Marine Corps
Served as an basic infantryman, STA (Surveillance, Target & Acquisitions) Platoon Scout, 4th LAV Vehicle Commander and Intelligence Analyst... In combat Persian Gulf War January to April 1991 Task Force Papa Bear IMEF... Deployed multiple times through my career on West Pac's and stationed in Camp Doha Kuwait with the Coalition Joint Task Force.




Grossmont College
Did four semesters of advanced digital film production, Cinema/Video Studies, Cinematography, Media Top fields of study: Cinematography and Film/Video Production and Television & Mass Communication/Media Studies. Also 3 years of undergraduate GE courses for my bachelors degree in business administration.


University of Phoenix
Studied Business Administration included courses of; micro/macro economics, business management, business marketing, project management, business finance and business statistics.


After Effects

Able to create basic compositions, motion and visual affects, titles and integrate graphic and photographic compositions from Photoshop.


I skilled in creating complex sequences, basic color grading, motion and visual affects, sound syncing, trans-code, sync and log existing or original footage, as well as assemble and edit footage.

Creative Writing

Understand story-structure for original fictional screenplays and scripts. Written four original stories and understand beat-sheet framework and design.


Been working with cameras since the age of 10. Understand the complex function of proper framing, composition, in-camera editing and utilize Adobe Premiere and Photoshop for photographic and video editing


Over eight years of experience creating original sequences, proficient and efficient work flow with complex understanding of visual affects, motion graphics, creation of unique titles and creative understanding of the many tools available for editing


Understand the many functions and uses of DSLR and professional cameras. Work with Canon and Sony cinematic cameras

Live Action Direction

Directed many short indie films over the past 8 years including two award-winning music videos

Digital Film Transcoding
Digital Photography
Final Cut Pro
Administrative Work
Microsoft Word
Social Networking
Social Media
Operations Management
Short Films
Video Editing
Film Production