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Work experience

Jan 2012Present

Software developer

Self employed

Development of an application for managing touch screen tills used in shops, bars, restaurants. The software, programmed in C++, makes use of the Qt framework.

Nov 2011Present

Computer Technician

Sarda Sistemi Srl - Ozieri, Italy 

PCs and Servers building, installation of wired and wireless networks, laptop repair.

Mar 2008Oct 2011

System Administrator

Keeps Printing Ltd - Newbury , UK

Responsible for general day to day system checks for all PC and Mac machines. Ensuring software updates and backups are implemented and managing hardware maintenance, fault finding and upgrading of various mac, windows and linux systems + Mail Server (Postfix) SMTP maintenance. Responsible for Workstations-Pre-Press performance, backups and trouble-shooting.

Dec 2006Mar 2008

Installation Engineer

AV Services Ltd - Wickwar, UK

Responsible for the installation of residential AV and Home Cinema systems and installation of board and meeting room systems.

Oct 2005May 2006


Private Lessons - Ozieri, Italy

Private lessons to undergraduate students of Electronics Principles, Computer Programming (C, C++), Mathematics and Physics.

Feb 2002Sep 2005


AILUN Optical Research Centre - Nuoro, Italy

My main responsibility was to develop measures and methodologies to improve the quality of SolidStates Laser Rods used in commercial laser systems. The research was in collaboration with Scientific Material Europe(SCIMEX), a laser rods growing company located in Tortolì, Italy. I built up a Mach-Zender interferometer to visually control the laser beam distortion inside the rods, a Sagnac interferometer to control the quality of the end faces of the rod, a system based on a infrared camera to measure the fluorescence emission of the rods. I designed the head of a Nd: YAG Laser system using a 3D CAD SolidEdge) to permit the measurement of the laser properties using the rods built inside SCIMEX. I also collaborated with the colleagues at AILUN involved in the realization of an electro-optical profilometer contributing some MATLAB and C++ code, connecting a Linux based workstation(Debian) into the LAN using SAMBA, setting up a revision control system(CVS) for the software developed by the group.



ITIS - Sassari, Italy

 I taught Computer Science (C and C++ programming languages, DBMS, Operating Systems) and System Theory in a College of Industrial Studies in Italy for one year to students from 16 to 18. I gave private lessons of Electronic Principles, Mathematics, Computer Programming and Physics to under-graduated students.



Pirelli Optical Systems - Milan, Italy

I worked for one year in the Electro-Optic Switching group of the Research & Development Department at Pirelli Optical System in Milan Italy. I carried out from the start the design, implementation and measurement of two kinds of electro-optical switching matrices. I studied and simulated the optical properties of the single building blocks used in the matrices with a specific CAD (BPM-CAD) and handwritten algorithms in MATLAB, I designed part of the device layout by means of a bi-dimensional CAD software (wave-guides, tapers, electrodes), I carried out all the measures of the realized devices (insertion loss, PDL, cross-talk) by means of the laboratory facilities (optical power-meters, laser-diode sources, polarisation scramblers, lens and objectives, power supplies etc.)



Degree in Electronics Engineering

University of Cagliari

Thesis: Design and Implementation of LiNbO3 Optical Switching Matrices.

Supervisors: Prof. M. Vanzi (University of Cagliari), Eng. D. Sciancalepore (Pirelli Optical Systems).

Professional experience at Pirelli Optical Systems in Milan developing the thesis work.


Diploma in Scientific Studies

Liceo Scientifico A.Segni 

Maths, Physics, Italian Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Latin Language and Literature, History, Chemistry, Biology, Natural Science

Text Section


Software developement tools

Qt Creator, Borland C++ Builder, GNU Gcc, Git, CMake

Office Applications

LibreOffice, MS Office suites, LaTeX

Programming Languages

C, C++, Python, Shell Scripting


Mother tongue


Very good level (speaking, listening, writing)