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Work experience

Jul 2004Nov 2015

Toyota´s Dealership


i ´ve been working here since i was 16 years old, They  gave me the opportunity to develop all my abilities in different areas such as:

Warranty Department: i was in charge to submit all the claims to toyota Offices In USA

1.-Body shop Estimator: I estimated   damages of Collision of crashed´s vehicles ; which parts must be  either replace , fix or trash.I make the budget . e.g. costs of  laminate and painting  , spare part needed and time of repairing.

2.-Body Shop Administration Management : To invoice all the repairing and send them to the insurance company  in the same way to create strategies to diminishing costs and get the best profit possible, to make evaluations of the employees .

3.- Accounts to receive: in this area i was heading up the recovery money of credits granted to our clients at the end of the time established. Reports of tendency of cash flow , base date clients and to create protocols of recovery money.

4.- Service adviser: justfor a Short period of time in which  i deliver some vehicles fixed of body shop.  


Sep 2010Jul 2014

Bussines Administration Management 


 This university forms students capable to develop high standards of quality during our period of studying , analysis procedures and profesional skills in methods of manage people in a organization  in the same way getting success in all the goals established 

Oct 2008Jul 2009

Diploma Bussiness Administration Management 

Quick Learning

I learned English as my second Language Approving TOEFL exam 


Analitical processs

 I used to Analyze very well all the facts  and themes before make a  big decision    


 i am a person always thinking in develop  ideas to make the work easier  as a mater a fact i try to apply KAIZENS as soon as I get Involve 


With the character of a great leader I try to motivate my team, Partners and people  who work with me , i make them to feel they are part of a big  company I offer  the resources to fulfill our goals and make them be better persons 


Using  the objetive thinking  to both parts I get to fix