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I like to say that in order to teach, you have to be constantly learning . During my teaching experience I have discover that the best aspect about this career is not teaching a lot , but to accompany students to during the learning process. Right now I practice my teaching at Arenales Carabanchel School (Madrid /Spain), where I am the Primary Education Director and I coordinate the Educational Innovation project . I am passionate about new methodologies and educational technologies. My daily goals is to change the educational model at my school and to make it a reality, encouraging my colleagues to leave their comfort zone and to investigate and look for much more significant learning experiences for their students.

Work experience

Mar 2016Present

Primary Education Director

Arenales Carabanchel School

As Director of Primary Education I am in charge of tasks that involve the planning and implementation of improvement plans and general organization of the primary stage with a vision of the future. I coordinate the teamwork of teachers and I work for the awareness of the concerns and aspirations , not only of students but of their parents as well .

Sep 2012Present

Coordinator of Educational Innovation

Arenales Carabanchel School

As Coordinator of Educational Innovation I undertake research, development and implementation of methodologies that strengthen and encourage student learning , aided by the power of technology , as a learning tool. EdTech is capable of raising learning levels to which you can not find without technology . I coordinated the training of teachers in innovative technologies and new methodologies and I work for the everyday life of students and teachers to create a great learning environment.

Sep 2014Present

Co-Founder - Member of the organizing committee.

Innovar es crecer

Think-Tank of experts in Educational Innovation.

Dec 2014Present

Trainer and content editor

The Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Classroom (FC ) is a pedagogical model that transfers the work of certain processes of learning outside the classroom in order to make the most of the class time. Along with the experience of teachers, this model facilitates and enhances other procurement processes and practical knowledge within the classroom. However, " flipping " a class is much more than the publication and distribution of a video. This is a comprehensive approach that combines direct instruction with constructivist methods , increasing commitment and involvement of students with the course content and improving their conceptual understanding. This is a comprehensive approach that , when successfully implemented, will support all phases of a learning cycle . ( Bloom's Taxonomy )



Sagrado Corazón (PP Capuchinos) School



Master of Education (MEd) -  Methodologies and Emerging Technologies applied to Education.

Universidad de la Rioja

Bachelor of Education  (B.Ed.) in Primary Education.

Universidad Cardenal Cisneros

Spanish Degree: Graduado en Magisterio educación Primaria


Bachelor of Education  (B.Ed.) in English language.

Universidad Cardenal Cisneros

Spanish Degree: Diplomado en magisterio, especialista en lengua extranjera


Bachelor of Education  (B.Ed.) in Physical Education.

Escuela Universitaria ESCUNI

Spanish Degree: Diplomado en magisterio, especialidad en educación física.


ED Tech and Mobile Learning

Implementation of 1:1 programs with iPad, Chromebooks, etc.

Team Managment

3 years of experiences with 20 teachers in my charge.

Teacher traning
Curriculum Design
English level

ISE III (Trinity College, London) C1 level for MCER