Francisco J. Torres

Francisco J. Torres

- Bachelor's Degree - Electrical Engineer


Dedicated electrical engineer with twelve years’ experience in developing electrical systems and managing all aspects of projects’ life cycle, offering the following core competencies:

  • Develop, test and supervise the manufacturing and installation of electrical equipment, components, and systems for commercial and industrial.
  • Able to run engineering projects from inception to success.
  • Accuracy, responsibility and accountability – Excellent attention to details and well organized.

Work History

Work experience

Project Engineer

Feb 2005 - Jul 2014
Econex E.U
  • Operate computer-assisted engineering or design software or equipment to perform engineering tasks.
  • Confer with engineers, customers, or others to discuss existing or potential engineering projects or products.
  • Prepare specifications for purchases of materials or equipment.
  • Oversee project production efforts to assure projects are completed on time and within budget.
  • Develop budgets, estimating labor, material, and construction costs in Electrical power systems distribution and instrument and controls.
  • Collaborate with electrical engineers or other personnel to identify, define, or solve developmental problems.
  • Perform supervisory duties, such as recommending work assignments, approving leaves, or completing performance evaluations.
  • Prepare contracts and initiate, review and coordinate modifications to contract specifications and plans throughout the construction process.
  • Visit construction sites to observe conditions impacting design and to identify solutions to technical design problems involving electrical systems equipment that arise during construction applying codes and standards (NEC, IEEE, NFPA and ANSI).
    • Remodelling of the electrical installations.
    • Repowering of electrical installations.
    • Assessment, design, implementation and commissioning of electrical projects in medium and low voltage, for residential, commercial and industrial installations.
    • Lightning protection.
    • Coordination of protections.
    • Measurement and diagnostics of power quality.
    • Diagnosis of grounding system.
    • Design of electrical installations.

Maintenance Electrical Engineer

Aug 2003 - Sep 2004
Electricaribe S.A
  • Design, implement, maintain, or improve electrical instruments, equipment, facilities, components, products, or systems for commercial, industrial, or domestic purposes..
  • Develop budgets, estimating labor, material, and construction costs.
  • Supervise or train project team members as necessary.
  • Design and construction in the connection and link facilities and measurement systems. Formed by rush, medium and low voltage lines in order to facilitate the work of commercial operation.

  • New projects, reform and maintenance in transmission and distribution lines in existence, up to a level of 110 kV.

Engineer Supervisor

Jul 2002 - Aug 2003
Electricaribe S.A
  • Supervise or train project team members as necessary.
  • Inspect completed installations and observe operations to ensure conformance to design and equipment specifications and compliance with operational and safety standards.
  • Define a measurement centralized system components needed for remote management of the client (measuring, cutting and re-connection of electric power service) compulsorily applicable to all existing, new project or reform, when it is so required.
    • Installation of equipment in direct measurement. (120/240 V) - (120/208 V)
    • Installation of equipment in Semi-direct and indirect measurement. (13.2kV)
    • Installation of remote Individual clients management systems. (254/440 - 277/480 V)
    • Installation of boxes, cupboards and measuring cells.
    • Installation of measurement in public lighting networks.

Research Engineer

Sep 2001 - Jul 2002
Transformers of Caribbean
  • Read and interpret schematic drawings, diagrams, blueprints, specifications, work orders, or reports to determine materials requirements or assembly instructions.
  • Measure and adjust voltages to specified values to determine operational accuracy of instruments.
  • Adjust, repair, or replace electrical or electronic component parts to correct defects of electrical Transformers from 1 KVA to 850 KVA 3-Phase and to ensure conformance to specifications.
    • Electrical Transformers.
    • Dry Type Transformers.
    • Power Transformers.
    • Autotransformers.
    • Low Voltage Transformers.
    • Constant Voltage Transformers.
    • Isolation Transformers.



Business Skills

  • Vision & strategy.
  • Inspire & innovate.
  • Ideas & functional concepts.

Software skills

Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Autocad. 

Technical skills

Skilled with tools for electrical measurements: 

  • Electrician's Multimeter.
  • Clamp Meters.
  • Power Quality Analyzer.

Electronics Skills

  • Semiconductors
  • Logical operators
  • Circuits Boards


Spanish .................... +++++


Portuguese ............. ++++

(professional working proficiency)

English ...................... ++++

(professional working proficiency)



Electrical Engineer

Jul 1996 - Jul 2002
University Corporation for the Coast 

A professional trained to:

  • Plan, schedule and conduct activities in electrical systems in general.
  • Plan, schedule and conduct activities of Industrial maintenance.
  • Design and assemble in medium and low voltage electrical systems.
  • Participate in design and construction of Electro mechanical systems.
  • Operate Electro mechanical systems.
  • Participate in management and quality improvement processes.
  • Participate in processes of Industrial safety.
  • Coordinate and manage industrial projects.
  • Develop studies with energy-saving guidelines.

Electrical Technician

Jan 1990 - Dec 1996

Comprehensive training with emphasis in the areas of electrical circuits, analog and digital electronics, industrial electricity, electrical installation, operation, maintenance and commissioning of industrial electrical systems.