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I am a senior software developer with excellent communication and technical skills. I am motivated by new challenges and I love to participate in the whole product development process, and take decisions understanding the business objectives and the customers needs. 

I can design interfaces taking special care on the users experience. I have experience building robust and scalable web services from server to code patterns. I have knowledge on AGILE methodologies and always contributing on improving the meta-work and internal processes to enhance the team synergy. 

I believe that technology should be used to improve how we perform our day to day activities, and every tool we build have an impact on people's lifestyles.

Work experience

Jul 2015Present

Full Stack Javascript Developer


I give solutions for a Business Intelligence product based in San Diego. The product collects data from AdWords, Google Analytics, Majestic and other metadata, showing aggregated information through graphs and data tables. I work with AngularJS and I must take design decisions to deliver the right UX for the users. 

Jan 2015Present

Full Stack Developer

Freelancer - Web producer

I provide consultancy and solutions for web technologies, using all the things I learn in my whole experience. I can build scalable solutions, create robust APIs, take design and UX decisions, and code all the things in the process. I am using NodeJS, PHP, Python, Go and other stuff to create unique applications that the customers feels comfortable with. 

Oct 2015Mar 2016

Full Stack Developer


Portica is a Startup based in Florida focused on deliver communication and management solutions for Architects. I take decisions related with REST API design, performance improvements, choosing the right patterns, managing AWS, and coding the UI. As lead developer I focused to take decisions relevant to scalability and costs, using microservices architecture.

Feb 2012Jul 2015

Backend Developer

Olapic Inc.

Olapic is an NYC Startup that provides Visual Marketing solutions for Brands which want to manage in once place all the User Generated Content in Social Networks like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. Olapic was sold to Monotype in July 2016 by $130M. I was the #3 developer on the tech team and started working with technologies like AWS, PHP and Javascript. When the Company grows up, I focus only on backend and working as Backend Team Leader. I need to take decisions related to Web Services patterns, automated testing and scalable solutions.

Dec 2009Jan 2013

Co-Founder, Software Developer

DOT3 Software Solutions

We provide Software solutions for multiple companies, from Web presence to Intranets to solve internal problems for the companies. We work with several technologies like Drupal and Wordpress, and also give Consulting of different software topics.

May 2006May 2010

Real State Management

Bruna y Allende Posse SA

Real state management of Apartments 

Apr 2008Sep 2008

Teacher of Starting Programming Course


This Private Institute provide several course to teach students stuff they could apply immediately after they finish the course in their professional areas. 

Mar 2006Oct 2006

Junior Web developer


Software company focused on web solutions. I've worked a few months in the Research and Development area and I learned how to program using PHP and Javascript.



Business Administration

Universidad Empresarial Siglo 21

I start studying something different from programming since I believe to build solutions for people you need tools and a understanding on how to manage resources and focus people energy in follow an authentic objective and achieving real results.


INCOMPLETE - Computer Science

Universidad nacional de cordoba - FAMAF

I learned how to make basic programs using mathematical concepts. Sadly I didn't have enough time between work and university to continue with this career.


INCOMPLETE - Software Engineer

Universidad Tecnologica Nacional

I learned basic sciences and several staff on how to research system and organization requirements.


Academic Auxiliar

Colegio nacional de Monserrat

I learned things like Groups Psychology and how to apply tools for helping and managing students and also be a helpful auxiliar for teachers inside the School context.


WEB Services / Microservices

I started using this architecture past year and it's giving good results for specific problems since are isolated and also are easier to scale on demand according the product evolution. I've used tools like AWS Lambda and starting to experiment with GAE using Kubernetes. I think this is one of the nexts


I have experience with PHP since 2006. I worked with several platforms and frameworks like: Silex, Symfony, Drupal, Wordpress. I builded a lot of diverse tools from CLI to Web and pure Restful Services


I build applications, microservices and automated jobs using NodeJS in general. I am familiar with ExpressJS, PhantomJS, Electron and some tools that automate and improve tasks such as Grunt and Webpack.


I choose Angular as the framework to build Frontend MVPs. It works great for small and big applications and is easy to integrate with tools like Bootstrap, which makes the job a lot lighter.


I have experience in situations that require a hybrid Agile approach, using good judgment and skill to develop a project management approach that is suitable for planning and managing the effort to achieve the project goals within designated project constraints


I've experience managing EC2, ECS, S3, CloudFront, RDS, ElasticCache, Lambda, and other services in the AWS ecosystem. I've used Puppet as a Configuration Management to replicate and generate pre-configured instances.


I use tools like Vagrant, Virtualbox and Docker everyday. This tools not only provides a seemly and easy way to have a function dev environment in no amount of time, also allows to deploy functional configuration of the environment to production servers.

SQL Databases

All the projects needs a database. Before the NoSQL rise, I use SQL in all my projects. I learned a lot of things from using queries, to optimization of indexes, replication, and store procedures.


I used lot of this databases to build desktop applications and microservices. Some of them are: MongoDB, Redis, PunchDB, Cassandra, ElasticCache (AWS) and DynamoDB. This Database types are really useful since allows specific data storing in a super performant way and without requiring coding an API layer.


Elasticsearch is a super easy to integrate with any language index database due their internal Rest API. I participated in the build of a search service and need to take several decisions on how to scale the process of new data using queues with Amazon SQS for example.


This key-value storage is super versatile. I use this tool in several projects as a Cache Layer, as fast settings storage, and a lot more. It support a lot of complex data structures that make this DB one of the best for managing data access in a fast way.