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"Dynamic and experienced language instructor. In 2015, I obtained an honour degree in Modern Languages Culture and Communication (with a specialization in English and French), by the Autonoma University of Madrid. The living and working experiences in foreign countries, such as France, Spain and the UK, complemented my language training and enabled me to achieve my goal of becoming a fluent speaker of English, French and Spanish. In the last years, I have been engaging in language teaching, by means of social networks and on-line personal tutoring. My method consists in interactive and customized classes. Everyone has a different feeling and different attitudes for languages. My aim is to find the most enjoyable and personalised way for my students to learn. From my direct experience, I understood that motivation is the first factor that enables us to accomplish the complex task of learning a new language. Apart from imparting my knowledge about grammar, sentence making, vocabulary and pronunciation, I particularly focus on finding the most suitable teaching method to make language learning a rewarding experience."

Work History


Italian and Spanish Private Tutor 

Wallace College  - Edinburgh 

Part-Time private tutor in Italian language, Spanish language and Literature. Preparation to A-level Italian and Spanish. 


On-line Personal Language instructor

Living Languages 

In 2011, I firstly created my personal web page, in order to promote myself as a language professor. Since then, I have been giving online classes with a frequency of about three-to-five hours per week.




Master of Science in Comparative and General Literature

University of Edinburgh 

Presently enrolled in a Master of Science in Comparative and General Literature, by the The School of Literature, Languages and Cultures of the University of Edinburgh. Currently writing the final dissertation project: A Comparative Study of Gender in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Gerard de Nerval's Voyage en Orient.    



Erasmus mobility programme

Universität Wien 

Erasmus incoming student in the Romanistik Department and Anglistik Depatment of the University of Wien 


Honor Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages, Culture and Communication 

Autonoma University of Madrid

Honour degree in Modern Languages, Culture and Communication (specialization in English and French). Graduated with the final mark of 8.69/10, equivalent to Second-class honours, upper division (2:1). Title of the Final Bachelor Dissertation:  Testing Patterns of Phonological Interference in the process of language acquisition. 



Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Final Mark: 103\120



Instituto Cervantes