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I'm diplomatic and one of my characteristic stands out through excellent communication skills. I’m extremely passionate
about my job and engineering in general and I have a deep sense of responsibility towards it.

In all that I do I never stop thinking that constructions are a representation of our times and they are the sign we are
leaving behind for future generation and civilization.

Main activities performed :

Structural engineer - construction manager - Assistant manager Civil Protection -
Tutor - Freelancer - Sales person.

Work experience

May 2014Dec 2013

Structural Engineer - Researcher

Collaborator of Prof. Dr. Eng.. Antonio Formisano

Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II - Dipartimento di Strutture per l'Ingegneria e l'Architettura - Napoli, Italy - Europe    

  • Performed activities: research-design - consulting
Jul 2010Dec 2014

Assistant Manager

Municipal Group of Civil Protection of the City of Afragola

 Afragola (NA), Italy - Europe 

  • Performed activities: Technical coordination of logistics, technical and operational coordination,
Nov 2013Feb 2014

Civil Engineer

Collaborator at technical study engineering

Afragola (NA), Italy Europe 

  •  Performed activities: Technical consulting, construction management, architectural and structural design, energy performance certificate
Jan 2013Jul 2013

Civil Engineer-Structural Engineer

Collaborator at technical study engineering
  • Performed activities:construction management and structural design.
Feb 2013May 2013


Professional Institute M. Niglio Frattamaggiore (NA).
  • Performed activities: Courses for attetto thermohydraulic systems, renewable energy (Wind, photovoltaic,solar thermal)
Jan 2009May 2011

Civil EngineerJr.

Freelancer (Civil Eng., Jr.)

 Civil EngineerJr. - Afragola (NA) Italy , Europe

  • Performed activities: consulting, design.
Jan 2008Dec 2008

Structural Engineer - Researcher


Development of innovative diagnostic and monitoring systems "related to the structures / building" University of Naples Federico II Department of Engineering and Architecture - Naples, Italy Europe

Responsible: Prof. Giorgio Serino.

  • Performed activities:

- Development of monitoring systems static and dynamic.
- Analysis and interpretation of data
- Structural characterization.
- Diagnostics of the buildings

Mar 2007Dec 2007

Sales Person

Leroy Merlin, Giugliano in Naples,

Leroy Merlin, Giugliano in Naples,

  • Performed activities: department management, customer management, warehouse management.


Dec 2013Jan 2015

International Master of 2th level: design of steel structures in smart cities. ( www. )

University of Naples- School of Engineering- Federico II
Oct 2010Dec 2012

Civil Engineering - MSc Structural and geotechnical engineering. (Civil Class n.28/S)

University of Naples- School of Engineering- Federico II
Oct 2003Mar 2007

Civil Engineering and management - BSc Engineering Management of projects and infrastructure.(Civil Class n. 08)

University of Naples- School of Engineering- Federico II


MS Project
MS Office
word, excel , acces, power point, ecc
Sap2000 & Etabs
Autocad & Archicad 2D-3D