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Fran marko stojković

Curriculum vitae for YE “JOURNEY" form 20 to 28 october in Bagnoregio, Italy

Work experience


Few years ago I started to take interest in political issues in my country and beyond . Today I want to take part in solving those issues. I have already been to a few MUN conferences in Prague and Bosnia (PORGMUN and Sarajevo MUN), and to EYP conference in Rijeka and I have experience in debating. I also volunteered  in the „Red Cross“ and love working with people to achieve mutual goal. I am a liberal person, open for new ideas and ways to solve the problems but also determand in pushing my soulutions if I think they are better than others. This year I enrolled law school and  I would like to graduate in the field of international ralations or diplomacy. One day I would like to work for NGOs or GOs in the filed of human rights, ecology or security and contribute in development of our whole world. I believe that projects like this will help me a lot in achieving my goals and I am vary motivated to give my best in Italy.


Sep 2011Jun 2015

High School Diploma

V. Gymnasium, Zagreb
Jun 2013Jun 2013

Certificate for studying English

Wimbledon School of English

Certificate to state that Fran Marko Stojković was enrolled in WSE studying General English for 20:00 houres per week from 17/06/2013 until 28/06/2013 at Advanced level

Jun 2012Jun 2012

Certificate for studying French 

Cavilam Vichy

To state that Fran Marko Stojković was enrolled in Cavilam Vichy studying intense French from 18/06/2012 until 22/06/2012



Public speaking, debating  and languages

I understand and speak English and Croatian fluently, and I speak French slowly but understandably.
If necessary, I can communicate in German.

I have been to a few MUN conferences in Prague and Bosnia (PORGMUN and Sarajevo MUN), EYP conference in Rijeka and I gain a lot of  expiriance in debating and public speaking.

Photograpy and cinematography 

I started doing photography 3 years ago, and I am improving ever since. I am keen on landscape and abstract photography.  I have been to two Croatian competitions (Foto dani mladih 2013. and 2014.) and scored high places in both.
Also I worked smaller jobs for Pula Film festival and other private Croatian companies in field of photography.
You can find my work in attached link in Portfolio section.