Technical skills:

  OS:  Ø      Microsoft OS: Systems Engineering & Administrator  Server 2008 Ø      Linux system administrator responsible for the planning and deployment. Ø       Unix  administrator (FreeBSD , OpenBSD).   ERP System: ü  OPEN ERP Programming:  ü  Python ü  Ruby ü  C++ ü  Reverse Code Engineering    Security : ✓ penetration Tester (back track 4,back box ,honeywall,OWASP,mile2,CISSP) Duties: • Conducted manual external and internal penetration testing, Profound knowledge of network architectures, operating systems, application software and cyber security tools. • Carried out web application pen tests and social engineering and physical on-site testing ,Ability to exploit recognized vulnerabilities .   ✓  Computer Forensic : (DEFT 6)           Communication: ( installation and troubleshooting) ü  IP- Telephone ü  SMS  Server           Hardware: ( installation and troubleshooting) ü   Servers ü  Switches ü  Firewall       Networking : (LANs / WANs and Client / Server Technologies)   TCP/IP at protocol and socket levels, TCP/UDP, SMB at protocol, API and source code levels, administration, configuration and tuning of the client, server and network parts, ISO/OSI protocol standards levels 2 - 5 including Ethernet, IEEE 802.2, 802.3, 802.5 standards, SNA over SDLC, X.25, QLLC. TCP/IP, SNA configuration and programming   Languages :   ·      Native Arabic ·      Fluent in English. read, write and conversation.

Management Skills

  Management Skills: ü  Strong communication skills . ü  Strong leadership skills. ü  Ability to prioritize team tasks and projects so that deadlines are met. ü  Ability to work on multiple deliverables at once. ü  Ability to drive diverse teams to achieve successful results. ü  Plans and manages IT asset lifecycle. ü  Develop the principles, standards, policies and solution governance. ü  Provide timely information to guide planning & development of solutions. ü  Promote awareness and competency across project teams and solutions.    I.T. ADVISOR: ü  Providing IT consultancy and support. ü    Advising the Directors: Providing feasibility studies on rightsizing of existing systems and their integration with new technologies as well as strategy for developing application. ü  Lead contractor and coordinator for projects outsourced.                  


Interests and Pastimes: Travelling, Skiing, Photography, Theatre, Music, Reading, Flying.


A challenging position as an Information Technology Director/Manager that would allow my personal self-starter attitude to assist in exceeding client goals, projects, develop new solutions, deliver superior customer service and help to increase revenues. I perform well in a fast paced, multi-tasking environment while adding value with new ideas and perspectives


5 years experience in Managing IT Department, Significant experience and a proven record covering many levels of programming, dramatically improving

Performance, security and robustness of IT networks, systems and development, programming, testing to implementation.

Work experience

Work experience
Nov 2006 - Present



Information Technology Manager·      November 2006 to date : IT MANAGER  in  ALMADAR HOLDING  Grade  (A) Company .

  Build  New IT Infrastructure In ALMADAR Company :

Implement a New Network Infrastructure and IT Solution Al Madar tower Qatar H/O joined with Dubai H/O in One Domain Sites Using VPN Network Ttechnology .

    Install Rack Mount Server .

  Install Firewall, switches, Routers.

    IP-Telephony System plus Unified Messaging System.

    Install online video conference Ttechnology between branches and    Sites .

    Implement DATA Backup Storage Solution Using SAN &NAS plus Tape drive .

  Write IT procedures and Acceptable Use Policy following ISO9001 procedures.

  Implement ALMADAR Businesses from ISO9001 QMS system To ERP System.

    Coordinating With ERP provider companies.(SAP,OpenERP) :

2010 – I.T . Project Manager For Almadar Contracting:

Projects scope of work:

ALMADAR Tower  (Doha) : Installing of IP telephony system ,DATA System , fire fighting system  F200 for Data Center room ,Rack mount servers  backup A/C chillers system  ,Server environment  system ,IP Camera ,public Address system Access control system videoconferencing system

WOQOd Tower (Doha): Installing of IP telephony system ,DATA system, fire fighting system  F200 for Data Center room ,Rack mount servers  backup A/C chillers system  ,Server environment  system ,IP Camera ,public Address system, Access control system videoconferencing system

             QAFCO New Admin building (Doha):Installing of IP telephony system ,DATA System , Server environment  system ,IP Camera, CCTV System, visual Audio system, public Address system Access control system

SCALA Tower (Dubai): installing of BTU meter system for A/C chillers system 

          AlKHOR Hospital (Doha): Installing of IP telephony system ,DATA System , Server environment  system ,IP Camera, CCTV System, visual Audio system.

                      Ashghal New  Admin building : Installing of  DATA

                        CCTV Systemvisual Audio system



Jan 2004 - Jan 2008


Nile Valley University

·      2000 High School Certificate, Al Mana School, Qatar .

·      2008 Nile Valley University Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science  .


Jan 2011 - Present

ISO 9001 Internal Auditor

(Quality Austria)
Jan 2008 - Jan 2009

Microsoft OS: Systems Engineering & Administrator Server 2008

Jan 2008 - Jan 2009

( CLU) Certified Linux User