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Work experience

Dec 2003Jan 2009

Company Truck Driver

Ryder Truck Rental

    Dec (2003)  -  Jan (2009) Phone: 770 263-3694                                     

    Ryder Truck Rental- 875 Washington St. Atlanta, Ga. 30318

  • Pickup company distribution truck
  • Pickup newspaper from Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • Performed  newspaper Delivered for Atlanta Journal Constitution to Branch offices
  • Distributed newspapers to 3 to 7 branch offices
  • Unload stacked pallets of newspapers
  • Issued delivered form to each client to be signed
  • Return copy of delivery form to AJC
  • Completed monthly paper driving Safety Test
  • Completed computer Driving Safety Test every 3 months

Class A - Type CDL Driving License (Expires 6-01-2012)

Received: Received seven Certificates of Safe Driving Award

Special Acknowledgement: Driver of the Month Award (2008)

Attended forklift training

Sep 1995Dec 2003

Company Truck Technician

General Car & Truck Leasing

    Sept (1995)  -  Dec (2003) Phone: 770 263-3694                                     

    General Car & Truck Leasing - 526 Northside Dr. Atlanta Ga. (Closed!)

  • Truck Technician
  • Received work order to repair specific trucks
  • Evaluate  and decided necessary truck repairs and servicing
  • Realign truck brakes, replace wheel bearings, replaced truck light bulbs, repair radiators, take each truck through road test, replaced worn tires, checked dash panels
  • Answered truck service calls
  • Re-parked serviced trucks on the company’s parking lot
  • Return serviced trucks and keys to leased clients
  • Adjust and reline brakes, align wheels, tighten bolts and screws, and reassemble equipment
  • Align front ends and suspension systems
  • Attach test instruments to equipment, and read dials and gauges in order to diagnose malfunctions
  • Inspect and adjust protective guards, loose bolts, and specified safety devices
  • Inspect brake systems, steering mechanisms, wheel bearings, and other important parts to ensure that they are in proper operating condition
  • Perform routine maintenance such as changing oil, checking batteries, and lubricating equipment and machinery
  • Raise trucks, buses, and heavy parts or equipment using hydraulic jacks or hoists
  • Repair and adjust seats, doors, and windows, and install and repair accessories
  • Test drive trucksto diagnose malfunctions or to ensure that they are working properly
  • Use hand tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, pressure gauges, and precision instruments, as well as power tools such as pneumatic wrenches, lathes, welding equipment, and jacks and hoists


Roosevelt Elementary School


Dec 1994Dec 1998

Safe Driver Award 1998 (Robert Jackson)

Dec 1993Dec 1997

Safe Driver Award 1997 (Robert Jackson)

Charles Thomas