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Currently Tae Kwon Do black belt student at J.K. Lee Blackbelt Academy

Work experience

Jan 2016Oct 2016

Online Instructor - Principals of Radiographic Exposure

PIMA Medical Institute
Jun 2014May 2015

Manager, Imaging Practice & Business

Moffitt Cancer Center


Doctors Imaging Group

Director of Technologist Education/Program Director

Medical Technology Management Institute

Practice Administrator

Radiology Associates of Milwaukee

Administrative Director of Medical Imaging

Community Memorial Hospital



Western Michigan University


Keller/DeVry School of Management


Member, Radiology Business Management Association


Member, American College of Medical Practice Executives


Golden Key National Honor Society

Western Michigan University

FAHRA (Fellow)

American Healthcare Radiology Administrators


Mensa of America


American Registry of Radiographic Technologists
Jul 2010

Quality Examiner

Quality New Mexico - State of New Mexico

President, Radiology Assembly, Medical Group Management Association



Author – “Introduction to Medical Imaging Management” – reference book published January 15, 2013 Taylor & Francis publishing.

Course Design – “Introduction to Medical Imaging Management” – Medical Technology Management Institute - 2008

Author – On Line Continuing Education - American Healthcare Radiology Administrators Web Site - 1999

Workshop Instructor – “Microsoft Access – Beginning and Intermediate Hands On Workshops” – Annual National Meeting - American Healthcare Radiology Administrators, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001

Author of “ Management for New Administrators” column - "Radiology Management" - American Healthcare Radiology Administrators, 1996 - 1998

Author and Editor - "Software/Hardware Review" column for - Advance for Administrators in Radiology magazine, 1993, 1994, 1995

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Author of article published in Winter, 1995 issue of "Radiology Management" - American Healthcare Radiology Administrators

"The Orientation Coach: An Important Player in Competency Based Orientation”

Co author of article published in Spring, 1993 issue of "Radiology Management" - American Healthcare Radiology Administrators

"Staff Utilization Survey - Part I"

Author of article published in Spring, 1993 issue of "Radiology Management" - American Healthcare Radiology Administrators

"Staff Utilization Survey - Part II"

Author of article published in Summer, 1993 issue of "Radiology Management" - American Healthcare Radiology Administrators

Staff Utilization Survey - Part III"

Author of article published in Fall, 1993 issue of "Radiology Management" - American Healthcare Radiology Administrators

"Ancillary Staffing and Compensation"

Author of article published in January, 1993 issue of "Radiology Management" - American Healthcare Radiology Administrators

"Monthly Productivity Reporting - Software for the Personal Computer"

Author of article and computer program published in January, 1986 issue of "Radiology Management" - American Healthcare Radiology Administrators

Volunteer Experience

2016 - JK Lee Martial Arts Inner City Youth Program

2010 - New Mexico Dona Ana Community College Radiography Program Advisor

1997 - Milwaukee Area Technical College Radiography Program Advisor


Gila Regional Medical Center


  • First year - + $2MIL revenues, - $200K expenses
  • Upgrade from 4 slice to 160 slice CT scanner
  • Effected $700K expense savings in first year
  • Installation of digital mammography
  • Institution of cardiac screening programs
  •  Completion of Quality New Mexico examiner training program based on national Baldrige model
  • ACR Accreditation process in all modalities
  • Imaging department 4 star award winner for PRC National Excellence in Healthcare Award
  • LEAN Team member

Doctors Imaging Group


·Implement practice management software install

·Develop standard accounting/finance reports

oIncome statement

oBalance sheet

oStatement of Cash flows

·Develop and implement accurate profitability by site reports

·Implement recruiting plan for radiologists

·Develop capital budgets

·Develop operating budgets

·Implement variance analysis by site

·Develop capital equipment replacement plan

·Develop succession planning for radiologists

·Hold strategic planning sessions

·Implement HITECH Policies

·Implement Red Flag Procedures

·Implement RAC Response Team

·Increase staff involvement in planning and ongoing monitoring

·Increase marketing efforts


  • Billing functions
    • Reduced outstanding account receivables from $8.5M to $4.7M in one year – methodology:
      • Hospital charge audits for accuracy – found $700K+ in missing charges – eventually all hospital charges were posted within 4 days
      • Focus on aged accounts
      • Claim denial system implemented
      • Monthly meetings with insurance company reps
      • Developed up front collections for deductibles and coinsurance
      • Staff changes and reductions
      • Developed progress reports for staff
      • Changed collection services
  • Obtained
    • Fiduciary liability insurance (Errors and Omissions)
    • Privacy and Security insurance
    • Physicians Regulatory liability insurance
    • Employment practices insurance
    • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Obtained AHRA standardized staffing level survey results compared to current staffing levels
  • Capacity analysis for remaining imaging center clinic after partial closure of secondary clinic
  • Developing capacity calculations for all sites
  • Initiation of regular scheduled meetings with marketing
  • Replacement of 4 Ultrasound units
  • Development of Physician Assistant Policy and Procedure manual
  • Successful level II Florida inspection at spine/IT specialty center
  • Establishing Patient Safety programs at all sites
  • Redesign/reinstitution of HIPAA and Medicare compliance plans
  • Analysis of proposed government imaging cuts
  • Revision of all operating agreements and professional service agreements
  • Constructed pay scales for all positions
  • Review/analysis of hospital/group contract
  • Spine/IR specialty center C-Arm business analysis
  • Development/implementation of RFP process for replacement RIS/Billing software
  • Restructure of Physician Assistant situation/hiring of 3rd PA
  • Joint Venture Invision Project
  • Physician Policy Manual revised and updated
  • Refinement of policies regarding non-partners
  • Patient satisfaction survey process developed

1st phase in on boarding process – look, listen, learn

  • Capital Budget planning process developed
  • Interaction with attorney re: resignation of Radiologist
  • Development/Implementation of Red Flag program
  • Development of HITECH program
  • Education/planning for forthcoming RAC audits
  • Salary Scales for all positions
  • Bids for Directors and Officer’s Liability, Errors and Omissions, and Business Practices insurance
  • Development of billing department productivity measures
  • Revision of standard radiologist contract
  • Developing revenue/expense reporting
  • Dashboard development
  • Development and implementation of committee charters
  • Refinement of professional group/operating entity contract
  • Development of strategic planning process
  • Analysis/discontinuation of Select Specialty Hospitals contract
  • Formation of Quality Committee
  • Meeting with hospital CEO/CFO
  • Development of 2009 focus for CEO
  • Group read contracts update
    • Familiarization
    • Medicare compliance
  • Investigation of West/Lake City Invision proposal
  • Development of Radiologist Orientation process
  • Instituted payer performance monitoring
  • Development of staff productivity measures/monitoring
  • Review of current financial reporting capabilities
  • Obtained standard RBMA ratios/formulas for bench marking
  • Resurrection / fine tuning of financial reporting
  • Developing P/L and variance analysis by site/modality
  • Collection and review of all corporate contracts
  • Development of strategic plan outline
  • Update and legal review of group/imaging center contract
  • Individual meetings with Radiologists as time permits to assess needs
  • Development of job descriptions for COO, CFO, billing manager
  • Development of budget/variance analysis training sessions for site supervisors
  • Face to face introductory meetings
    • President, North Florida Regional Medical Center
    • Radiology Director, North Florida Medical Center
    • Administrator - Surgical Center
    • CEO -Orthopedic Institute
    • Manager of Invision
  • Discussions with Mike Segal, Esq., Legal Advisor
  • Review and analysis of all group read contracts and agreements
  • Review and analysis of chargemaster
  • Education in Practice Analytics, CodeRyte, and Medical Manager software
  • Review of previous meeting minutes for
    • Executive Committee
    • Group meetings
    • Finance Committee
  • Vendor introductions
  • Development of marketing plan/strategy
  • Review and update of financial checks and balances system
  • Investigation of denials management program
  • Investigation of ABN usage and resolution to issues involved
  • Review of corporate compliance plan
  • Re-institution of compliance/quality committee
  • Orientation to Radiologist scheduling process
  • Review of billing flow/process
  • Analysis of several proposed payor agreements
  • Obtaining benchmark data on staffing/billing ratios
  • Developing department models (org chart pyramids)
  • Investigating market data for Chiefland/McCauley proposal
  • PA Interviews
  • Re-drafting/legal review of PA contract
  • Development of PA credentials source data verification/Credentialing process
  • Development of PA Orientation process
  • Development of PA employment process
  • Proposed audit process for CodeRyte
  • Collection/review of corporate insurance documents

Medical Technology Management Institute

  • Developed and implemented “Introduction to Imaging Management Course” accredited by the American Society of Radiographic Technologists.

Radiology Associates of Milwaukee


  • Group expansion to 21 radiologists
  • Implemented 8 facility additions during tenure –3 hospitals, 5 clinics
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Increased gross billings – 73%
  • Increased Net income to partners – 34% in 6 years
  • Initiated CCI
  • RFP/Analysis/billing services – change of billing services
  • Group restructure
  • Committee formation
  • Benefit package change
  • Initiated strategic planning
  • Administrative oversight of outpatient imaging center including marketing and strategic planning

Community Memorial Hospital


·JCAHO commendation in 1995 after receiving a grid score of 98 out of 100 points

·In top 100 hospitals by HCIA

·Continuous Quality Improvement facilitator; various CQI projects accomplished

·Developed business plans, financial analyses, and assessment plans of capital purchases in Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, CT, Ultrasound, Radiography and Radiology Information System

·Developed and implemented Competency Based Orientation program

·Assisted in department expansion

·Developed staff educational program

·Implemented RIS system, teleradiology and miniPacs

·Implemented commercial client accounts in mammography

·Restructured all policies and procedures

·Successful JCAHO, MQSA, FDA and ACR accreditations and inspections


Radiology Physician Practice ManagementImaging Technology EducationHospital Imaging Department Administration

Quality Examiner for Quality New Mexico - state level based on national Baldrige program 

Letter from Governor of New Mexico 

Excerpt from the March, 2010 "Connexion", the journal of the Medical Group Management Association


Bernie Rubenzer,MBA, FAHRA, former chief executive officer, Doctors Imaging Group,

Gainesville, Fla., and presiding  president, MGMA Radiology Assembly

“As we all know, the changes in healthcare have become front-page news every day. The government is struggling to reform the healthcare system. As part of this reform, medical imaging has been in the

crosshairs. Because of the high cost of the procedures and associated equipment, analysts believe savings can be achieved by targeting imaging.

“Several measures are either being considered or implemented. Included in the proposed cuts are measures that penalize so called ‘underutilized’ modalities that produce high-cost exams. The studies that produced this conclusion are faulty at best. Associations involved in imaging have been working hard at exposing these flaws. In addition, draconian cuts may occur in other imaging areas.

“The biggest challenge for the imaging administrator is first trying to forecast based on these constantly moving targets.  Once this is done, we must try to maintain access and profit with reduced reimbursement.”

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