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Work experience

Oct 2008Present

Contract Programmer / Developer Support

Excell Data Service @ Microsofh

Provided phone and e-mail based support for customers. My focus area was on the core Windows API, the networking API and the crypto API.

I was responsible for managing issues from the costumer. Working with them to understand the problem and deliver solutions to their problem. Solutions included providing sample code, clarification of documentation and remote assistance.

The job required a working understanding of C/C++ and C#, as well as the ability to quickly find and understand documentation on unfamiliar technologies.

Mar 2006Sep 2008

Software Development Engineer


Designed and build a user visible interface for an embedded system to be used in automotive products, including exposing API to be used my third parties for extending the interface. Build a system framework class library provided basic features to use in the system. This consisted of display access code, custom speech recognition code, and system resource management in addition to the standard system management.All products were successfully managed through a complete shipping cycle with minimal slippage.In addition I produced documentation and tests cases for all features in design area.The system was written in C++ and ran on a WinCE platform.Took over management of existing components, quickly coming up to speed to be able to support and update the systems for unexpected bugs. Was a primary source for support of an external component on the team, solving problems and extending the existing system.

Jun 2005Mar 2006

Contract Programmer / Software Development Engineer in Test

Volt Technical Services @ Microsoft

Designed and maintained a series of automation and manual test cases to be run against a set of APIs for an embedded Windows CE Device. Test were based on an existing test document which I kept updated as the APIs changed during the development process.I was also generated a series of performance numbers for the embedded device, testing on different hard drive and flash based configurations.I also worked with developers to fully test the APIs in question and to track down errors in the APIs. Including performing code reviews.Primarily worked with C++ and a set of custom test harnesses.

Feb 2001Jun 2005

Senior Software Engineer

Satori Software Inc

Maintaining a large code based dating from the early 90's, that is present in both C++ on the PC, and in Pascal on the Macintosh. Part of my duties involved keeping the code in compliance with changing regulations from the USPS.The software used a set of COM/ActiveX interfaces, which I was in charge of maintaining and extending as needed.Preformed a ground up implementation of similar software for both Canada and the United Kingdom. Also responsible for keeping in compliance with their regulations. Both used similar COM/ActiveX interfaces.Work with C# to implement a large part of the UI for the newest version of one of our applications. As well as back end work on many stored data structures, also written in C#.Helped with implement an interface for a SCSI connection to an external computer, provided by the USPS.Designed and managed a ground up rewrite of one of the company's core products. This includes full responsibility for the design of the new system, and managing other who are aiding in the implementation. The project took over a year to completed, and finished on schedule.

Mar 2000Feb 2001

Contract Programmer / Software Test Engineer

Computer Horizons @ Microsoft

In charge of Performance testing on a large word processing application. Managing a suite of tests used to measure the Performance gain and loss of old and new features from previous versions of the product.Responsibility included:* Reading and interpreting the resulting data.* Managing the test runs.* Tracking down both performance bugs as well as software bugs discovered by our automated testing.* Driving performance issues with the developersWas also involved in the creating and maintains of a set of tools used to monitor the footprint impact of one build against another. The tool was designed with, and leveraged XML to perform its tasks.

Feb 1999Jun 1999

Contract Programer

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Enhanced software produced by first contract below, meeting new customer requirements ahead of schedule. Able to produce software efficiently despite lack of emulator or debugger.Same tools and documentation methods applied as below. 

Then redesigned software system described below for new target system according to changed customer requirements. Involved rebuilding much of the system from the ground up, and leveraging the tools that came with the new platform to the best advantage. Used the Z-World development environment. Used Microsoft Word in the documentation of the new system, and creation of flowcharts.

Sep 1997Feb 1998

Contract Programer

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Enhanced real-time machine control software for use in a hydraulic ceiling support for mining operations. Implemented a new feature to change the safety limits used to warn of impending failure.Used the Franklin Software C compiler and Assembler. Used Microsoft Word to document the new system.


Customer Support
WiX Windows Installer


  • Published Fiction Author
  • Creates Independent Software Applications
  • Has contributed to the NASM Open Source Assembler project.
  • Runs a small business for small press publishing of fiction stories.


I’m Fox Cutter; I’m a programmer, a writer, a publisher and a student pilot.

I enjoy programming and working on finding new solutions. I’m good at working in existing code, learning and understand it and fixing bugs. I like to work with new problems and expand my skill sets in those areas.

As a writer I work in many genres and areas. I have some of my work published and recently received Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future contest. I am also a publisher of a small press literary magazine which has been in print since the start of 2007.

I am also a student pilot, and hope to earn my license by the end of this year. This is something that I’ve recently started and I enjoy it a great deal. The planes I fly have the traditional systems in them, and I find that I enjoy working with them instead of the newer ‘glass’ systems. I’m still learning some of the more advanced parts of flying, but I enjoy the book reading.

When it comes down to my skill set I read a lot, and pick up a lot of things from what I read. Programming books and trade books always interest me and help me improve my skills. In fact the best way for me to learn something is to pick up a book, then try working with what I learned.