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Fouad Shamas

Voice-over Performer/Cinematic Actor


Over 25 years of experience in the art of doing voice-over acting for animated characters, documentary films, short films, commercials, television programs, audio books, foreign series and audio books. 

Work experience


Voice-Over Performer/ Cinematic Actor


Starting 1995 I started working on term based contracts as a voice-over performer for the following companies:

1-Image Production


3- Hotzones

4-Tania Production

5-Audio Vision VIP Production

6-Union Production

7-Ar Riham Production


9-City Art Production

10-Al-Quran Al Karim Station

11-Media Ink Prodution

12-Yara Establishment for art & Prodution Distribution

13-Al Alamiah

14-Jana Production


The mentioned companies produced artwork for Al-Jazeera, National Geographic, Discover Channel, Dubai TV, Abu Dhabi TV, MBC Group, and many other Lebanese and arab stations and establishments.

Some of the programs i will mention hereafter: Fiba world basketball, Motor World, Trans World Sport, Fifa Football World Cup, ICC Crickey World, World Wide Sports, H2O Sports, World Of Athletics, Auto Mondial, Road to Asian Games, Film Motor Show.

Together with the above, I worked as an actress with several Lebanese directors such as Marwan Najjar. Some of the films I shooted are: Ahibini, Ghadi, Rajol Al Kookh, etc...  Some of the series: Nadi Al Logha Al Arabia, Talbin Al Orb, Ferdaws Al Kalam,  Al Mahatta, Tijara An Tarade, Hasad Al Mawasem, Al Taghiya, Saret Ma'e.

In 2010, I was presented in Qatar in Al Jazeera Kids as a guest in the episode "My Favorite Cartoon Character" Number 46.


Performers' Trainer


Responsible for training and recruiting starter performers in one of the most significant audio companies in the Region. Our goal was to train talents for the best in-house and outer recordings.


Voice-Over Performer


Started working as a freelancer for local radio stations in Lebanon. I was responsible for recording audio commercials and short audio stories.



Lebanese Baccalaureate -General Sciences

Modern School

Lebanese General Sciences High School Certificate