Serving the needs of New York City’s most illustrious residential towers and hotels for 25 years, Forest Uniforms provides the best in custom-tailored, special-order apparel. Understanding the needs of their discriminating clientele, business and building owners seek the fit and appearance created by Forest Uniforms' unique approach. The company creates each uniform individually, starting by taking precise measurements by hand. Next, the skilled tailors at Forest Uniforms mark, cut, sew, and embroider each uniform to the customer’s specifications. If the wearer is unusually proportioned, the company will create a custom pattern. The uniform is then delivered to the client with no delays.Forest Uniforms can accomplish this by controlling all aspects of the design and manufacturing of each uniform. The company keeps a complete inventory of fabrics used in uniform creation, including 100% cotton and felt canvas fronts, 100% wool, stretch wool blends, and a variety of higher-end, exotic materials. Many of the employees at Forest Uniforms  have been with the company for more than 20 years and are experienced at creating the custom uniforms. From order to measurement to creation to delivery, the professional staff members at Forest Uniforms manage the entire process.Forest Uniforms strives for complete customer satisfaction, and the company seeks an ongoing relationship with its customer base. Clients order uniforms every season of every year, and the vertically integrated process at Forest Uniforms ensures they can provide custom solutions in a short time with minimal delays. Once delivered, the company will alter, repair, recondition, or even replace any of its uniforms.Located in the Flatiron District of New York City, Forest Uniform is conveniently accessible from all five boroughs. The locally owned and operated company takes pride in outfitting the most distinguished staffs in New York City.

How the Double-breasted Suit Became Fashionable, By Forest Uniforms

The double-breasted suit, typically serving as formal attire for men, is characterized by a large flap of fabric attached to the coat’s underlying fabric by two buttons, with two decorative buttons on top. Although coats in the double-breasted style have been utilized as early as medieval times, the more recent fashion inspiration emerges from cavalry and naval officer uniforms from the 18th and 19th century. This style of coat may have been popular with civilian men due to its ability to add the illusion of bulk to the shoulders, giving the wearer a more powerful and “dashing” look. It was not long before clothing designers re-invented the formal military-style coat as a “morning coat” intended to be worn casually unbuttoned. In the 1930s and 40s, the double-breasted suit underwent several additional transformations, including the “zoot suit.” Today the double-breasted suit is re-emerging again as a formal option for both men and women.About Forest Uniforms: Forest Uniforms, based in the Flat Iron District in New York City, has been manufacturing uniforms at its original facility since 1986. Forest Uniforms produces fine uniforms, many of them double-breasted, for hospitals, sports arenas, hotels, and other establishments in the greater New York City area.

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