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Northwest Indian College

I am currently working on finishing up my prerequisites at NW that will lead me on to finishing my Native American Law concerning  land management and resources degree. 


Green River Community College

I worked on my Associates in Science for a few semesters before I changed colleges to work on a different degree.

Work experience

Warehouse Work


I have also worked at many warehouses with many various jobs, which unfortunately are far too many to name, I will relinquish information upon request though, if it is needed. 


Haida Style Woodcarvings and Art

At Haida Style I was a woodcarver. I was made to carve all templates and even had to do some fine carving/painting. I also had to go to Pikes Place Market 3 times a week where we had our stall and did all cashier/sales work. 



While working at Safeway I was primarily working as a cashier, though I filled in regularly at the Deli and Starbucks stand.