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Located in Toronto-135 Danforth Ave, Foot Sensation is a custom orthotics provider offering an extensive selection of comfort orthopedic footwear to help their clients to align and correct foot imbalances, providing custom support and custom comfort. Serving the community for more than 10 years, Foot Sensation is unique in that they are a merger between a Foot Clinic and a Comfort Shoe store. They have a full range of Pedorthic services, including: orthopedic footwear, custom orthotics, shoe modifications, custom made footwear, support stocking fitting, and expert shoe fitting. They manufacture the custom orthotics in their on-site laboratory. Foot Sensation offers shoes from top brands such as Ziera, Mephisto, El Naturalista, Think!, Wolky and ARA. They also also carry a range of accessories, including compression stockings, off-the-shelf arch supports, socks, foot cream, Plantarfacial night splints, toe separators, bunion night splints, and more. With Foot Sensation’s stylish and comfortable shoes, people no longer have to sacrifice style to get comfort.

Foot Sensation!
135 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ON M4K 1N2
Phone: (647) 435-1240