Carlos Roberto Fonseca

Carlos Roberto Fonseca

Work experience

Work experience
Jul 1998 - Feb 2008

Manufacturing Operation Manager

Alcon Laboratorios do Brasil

American pharmaceutical multinational owned by the Nestlé Group.

Manufacturing operations Manager

•Reporting to: VP of manufacturing/USA and General Manager/ Brazil. Team – 3 Managers and 134 indirect subordinates.

Was responsible for the Production and Packaging of the entire sterile, non-sterile pharmaceutical and surgical lines, focusing on meeting the sales forecast and promotional program with the best productivity possible pursuant to Good Manufacturing Practices, as well as maintaining inventory levels of finished goods, WIP, surgical products, raw materials and packaging. Was responsible for developing production expansion, product launching and imported product production nationalization projects, as well as preventive maintenance of the entire plant, maintaining it in operating conditions pursuant to quality levels required.

Main achievements:

•Managed the production capacity expansion project to 35 million units, satisfying export needs for all of Latin America and also local demand growth, involving a US$ 7 million investment expected to be concluded in three years and below the projected budget (US$ 100 thousand) thanks to the application of value analysis techniques in the most expensive phases of the project.

•Transfer of the Administrative, Finance, Marketing, HR and IT areas to the Nestlé office building, generating space for expanding the plant’s activities, within the timeframe and budget established.

•Outsourcing the distribution of pharmaceutical products to “Unidocks” (now DHL) for a period of two years.

•Implementation of a Distribution Center in Tamboré for Surgical and Pharmaceutical products, aimed at increasing synergy of the sales force in servicing eye doctors. Achieved savings of R$ 2.8 million using a local solution for implementing the project rather than adopting the American proposal.

•Outsourcing the maintenance of air-conditioners, instrument calibrations and cleaning services, resulting in a significant reduction in labor costs.

•Various continuous improvement projects that contributed more than R$ 8 million in nine years.

•Reduction in surgical equipment import taxes by as much as R$ 1.5 million.

•Local production of imported products and primary packaging materials (R$ 4.5 million), reducing local taxes.

•Implementation of the WBWA (Wandering by Walking Around) management style, observing and minimizing the possibility of partial and total losses.

•Implementation of job rotation among specific and singular functions, avoiding functions from having nobody to take over in the event of employee absences.

Aug 1996 - Jun 1998

Plant Manager

Asta Medica do Brasil

German pharmaceutical multinational that belonged to the Degussa group at the time.

Industrial Manager

•Reporting to – General Manager and VP of Manufacturing in Germany. Team: 5 Managers and 120 subordinates.

Was responsible for the Production and Packaging of the entire line of sterile and non-sterile pharmaceutical products, focusing on meeting the sales forecast and promotional program with the best productivity possible pursuant to Good Manufacturing Practices.

Main achievements:

• 28% reduction in direct and indirect labor costs.

• 30% reduction in packaging material wastage (sachets, blisters, strips) by training operators and mechanics on cause and effect analyses.

• 30% reduction in set-up time referent to a monthly production volume of 2 million units, by training production line operators using maintenance mechanics.

• 30% productivity increase (4.8 down to 3.7 hours / thousand units), with average levels of final yield of 98%, by forming work teams responsible for the results of their production lines and eliminating activities that did not add value to the product, such as line inspections by Quality Assurance personnel, which began being executed by production line operators.

• Increase in daily production from 200,000 to 380,000 units of capacity, by standardizing packaging for automatic equipment.

• Savings of US$ 200,000 in standardizing packaging materials, maximizing the utilization of automatic equipment available.

• Reduction in non-core business activities (carpentry, painting, locksmith, cleaning), by outsourcing these activities.

• Reduction in idle capacity and temporary excesses, by implementing production capacity plans and controls according to equipment and labor.

Mar 1994 - Jul 1996

Plant Manager

Embalarte Ind.e Comercio Ltda

Brazilian company that services the pharmaceutical industry.

Industrial Manager

Reporting to – Vice President of Manufacturing. Three direct subordinates and approximately 400 indirect people.

Was responsible for the development, implementation, control over blistering, pouching and packaging services for pharmaceutical clients, maintaining the highest level of quality and productivity in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices.

Main achievements:

• Implemented the entire blistering line of birth control products for Wyeth Whitehall, pursuant to quality standards required by good manufacturing practices audits of the company.

• Posted a 30% increase in blistering and packaging service productivity, by establishing daily production goals for the production team, and included a recognition program for performance exceeded.

Jul 1987 - Aug 1992

Plant Manager

AKZO Organon do Brasil

Dutch Multinational

Industrial Director

•Reporting to: General Manager. Direct Subordinates: Materials Manager, Production Manager, Engineering/Maintenance Manager and Quality Manager. Indirect Subordinates: 120 people

Was responsible for the manufacturing of the entire pharmaceutical line, focusing on meeting sales needs with the highest level of quality and productivity in conformity with Good Manufacturing Practices, as well as adequate maintenance of the entire plant and efficient management of industrial projects.


•Reduced global inventories by R$ 4 million by implementing MRP I, MPS and MRP II and meetings to analyze the evolution in demand from Sales, Production Planning and Control (PCP), Production, Engineering & Maintenance, Quality Control and Costs.

•Obtained a 100% rate in meeting sales demand during development of the remodeling/expansion project, integrating the Quality Control, Sales, Production, Production Planning and Control (PCP) and Maintenance areas.

•Achieved savings of US$ 800 thousand in managing the production remodeling/expansion project, without compromising the project’s final quality.

May 1983 - Jun 1987

Production Manager

Upjohn Produtos Farmaceuticos do Brasil

Quality Inspector / Monitor/ superintendent of Sterile Area and Packaging (1973 - 1978)

Packaging / Sterile Area Manager (1978 - 1986)

Production Manager (1986 - 1987)

•Reporting to: Industrial Director. Direct Subordinates: Sterile Area Manager, Packaging Manager and Non-Sterile Product Manager. Indirect Subordinates: 120 people.

Was responsible for Production and Packaging of the entire pharmaceutical line of sterile and non-sterile products, focusing on meeting the sales forecast and promotional program with the best productivity possible pursuant to Good Manufacturing Practices.


•Improved the following processes: manual/automatic packaging, washing, sterilization, production, bottling, lyophilization, reriveting, visual inspection, blending, granulation, compressing and pill forming of the entire human and veterinary and non-sterile lines, while maintaining production and quality levels.

•Implemented the WBWA (Walking by Wandering Around) management style, minimizing partial/total loss possibilities.


Feb 2004 - May 2005



Logistics,Human Relationship, Production and Inventories Planning,Scheduling and Control,Long Term Production Capacity Studies,Project Management, Finance and Cost Account,Industrial Marketing,Investments Fasibility Studies,Open Innovation,Economics,TPSystem,Case Studies,etc.

Apr 2005 - Apr 2005

Post Graduation Int´l module

Apr 2000 - Apr 2000

Executive Program

University of Michigan-USA

Suppçy Chain,Economics,Industrial Project Mangement,Cost Account,Marketing,Qaulity and Productivity,Finance Administration,Case Studies,Production Planning(Lng Term),Business Plan,etc

Feb 1997 - Nov 1998

Post Graduation

Fundaçaõ Escola Alvares Penteado

Production Administration, Logistics, Supply Chain, Quality and Productivity,Human Relation and Development,Fonance and Cost Account,Psycology,Economics,Case Studies.

Mar 1995 - Jun 1995


Fundação Getulio Vargas

Production Planning , Cost Account,Investments Analysis,Human Relation, Sociology,,Case Study

Feb 1995 - Dec 1994

Post Graduation

Universidade Ibirapuera

Quality Tools,Kanban,JIT,5S´s, Human Relations, CEP,Case Studies,Role of Quality Departments on the Co.Bottom Line,Cost of Lack of Quality Procedures and Consciouess,etc.

Feb 1976 - Dec 1979


Universidade Metropolitanas Unidas

Finance Mathematics,Econometry,Sociology ,Psycology,Human Relation, Logistics,Production and Inventory Control Planning,Economy History,ETC.

Feb 1966 - Dec 1969

High School

Liceu Eduardo Prado

Physics,Organic Chemistry,Chemistry Lab,Inorganic Chemistry,Matemathics, Portuguese,History,Geography,etc



Plant Management

Long Term Capacity Planning Business Recovery Plan Production,Inventories  Planning,Scheduling and Control Operational Budget(short,medium, and long term) People Development Backups for critical position Continuous Improvement Program Demand Forecast Planning Action Plan for Health Authorities Audits Project Management Performance Appaisal Goals set Plant Management Maintenance,Safety,Security and Enviroment skills Team worker Good Listener with empathy Persistent and Urgency sense developed Proactive