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Takashi's unique "Self Leadership and Strategic Management Consulting" services enables customers to achieve their business targets and development of project/business/self leaders at the same time, because Takashi believes business and people development should not be separated to solve. Takashi is a great strategist, project leader, and great presentator. As a project leader, Steve Ballmar, CEO of Microsoft, expressed Takashi's huge and fast result as "Outstanding!!!" As a strategist, COO and executives of NEC trusted Takashi's strategy especillay in moible infrastructure business, which achieved 4B USD sales in two years based on Takashi's leading strategy and playing a role as information and cultural hub over 40B USD company. Takashi's personal strengths as CEO minded and active driven person, Enegey, Passion, Consistency, Curiosity, Happiness, Forward-looking, Honesty, Credibility, Responsibility, and Trusted. Takashi has a M.S. in Nuclear Physics at Hokkaido Univ., Japan and, most recently, MBA (MS in Management) from MIT in 2003, and studied Leadership/Negotiation at Harvard Business School and Kennedy School of Government in 2004.

Work experience

Nov 2008Present

Preident and CEO

Stealth mode Start up
VC Fundraising stage Now I, and my team with Spanish CTO and Canadian CMO, are looking for VC funding for our Tokyo-based people web start-up venture. We have very unique solution for people web (plus social search, social media, and semantic web) company which aims to change the world and contribute to business professionals.
Feb 2007Present

Founder, President and CEO

Follow Dream Inc
Develop Self Leadership model through his analysis over 300 global executives and political leaders - Self Leadership plus Strategic Management Consulting and Seminars: corporate customers such as P&G, NEC, Nippon Steel etc - Self Leadership Guru in Japan, and writing 7 columns in Japan famous media such as Toko Keizai, Goo, Mainichi Communications, NEC Wisdom etc, appeared in TBS Radio with Mari Watanabe - His Self Leadership seminar 98% well-satisfied - His customers of personal coaching earn 120K$ salary in average - Published leadershp book, "Akogareru Hito Ni Narou" supported by Fortune 100 company's CEOs - Looking for CTO/web2.0 engineer to join the management team to develop new People Web Platform from Japan.
Oct 2006Dec 2007

Official Advisor for Japan MOT Evaluation WG

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
External Officer in WG to evaluate Japan MOT (Management of Technology) Program
Nov 2006Feb 2007

Japan Citizenship & ninemillion project lead

Steve Ballmar, CEO of Microsoft, expresses Takashi's result as "outstanding!" - Japan Leader in Project "ninemillion" - gained world largest budget from zero after budget allocation completed - led 17 Microsoft cross division members under him for ninemillion - built great trusted relationship with UNHCR and Nike - Ms. Ogata, former High Commissioner of UNHCR, and Mr. Guterres, High Commissioner, thanked Takashi's good initiatives - Succeeded in launching Windows Live Spaces ninemillion Japanese version in two weeks - Led launching ninemillion hotmail e-card starring Brazilian football star, Ronald, to 6M Hotmail users in Japan in 10days with free by succeeding negotiation with Nike HQ - Led launching Search Donation service for refugee children - Showed his great SALES skill to sell more than 100 Nike-hand made ninemillion T-shirts in 2 hours - Takashi could infulence Bill Gates donate more than 10M$ from his foundation to UNHCR.
Mar 2006Feb 2007

Senior Strategy Manager (Japan Lead); Japan Citizenship Lead

Microsoft, Online Service Group
Citizenship Lead in Japan Online Service Group - led Windows Live One Care Family Safety overall project management, and raised 250K USD budget from zero after budget allocation completed - succeeded in using movie star as PR lead to teach Internet Security at an elementary school children covered by Japan TV Programs and news papers - World project leader appraised Takashi's skill to form 1 great team as outstanding - More than 50 Microsoft expertise expressed his speed and business skills as outstanding and leared from Takashi lot. Furthermore they enjoyed working with Takashi Privacy Champion in Japan Online Service Group Customer Partner Experience Lead in Japan Online Service Group Japan Strategy Lead - Report to Country Manager - Many alliance/merger discussion which cannot be disclosed - Mobile Business Strategy for Business Process Report to HQ - Mobile Business Alliance w/ NTT DoCoMo, au, and Access - Portal M&A Strategy w/ Redmond executive Team
Aug 2005Mar 2006

Mobile Business Strategy Manager

Mobile Strategy Div., NEC Corporation
Work for speicial projects requested by CEO and top management to develop NEC mobile handsets and infrastructure business. - Analyzed Siemens COM future including such as Valuation, Strategic and Financial Option, Leadership analysis, Management Strategic Vision. - Analyzed Siemens Management Consulting Project - Leading NEC�s business alliance strategy w/ A company. - Analyzed market entry strategy of mobile infrastructure biz for Softbank and eAccess. - Developping global market WiMAX sales and business strategy of rural areas worldwide - Internally headhunted by the president of NEC mobile to work for him to lead NEC mobile business strategy.
Mar 2005Mar 2006

Sales & Marketing Strategy Manager

Marketing Strategy Div., NEC Corporation
Tokyo, Japan Work closely to CEO and sometime directly report to him and often to top executives. Play a strategic business and management consultant like Mckinsey, BCG, or Siemens internal consulting div.. In charge of strategic planning of NEC broadband network business, and NEC group management - Develop NEC US broadband infra strategic plan. Takashi named by top executive directly to lead the planning. - Strategic planning of NEC's listed group companies' management: Analze NEC's listed group companies financially, strategically, and operationally to build synergy w/ NEC HQ and develop new business model using all NEC assets - Successfully influenced GMs, and initiated NEC decide to use LinkedIn to employ international MBA holders (more than 30 applicants applied the position). Proudly the first large Japanese company to use LinkedIn.
Jun 2003Mar 2005

Corporate & Global Strategy Manager

Corporate Planning Div., NEC Corporation
Tokyo, Japan Strategy Manager for the Top Management: In charge of NEC's global corporate and busienss strategy. Only strategist who are responsible for all areas strategy development (US/China/Europe/East and South Asia/etc). In charge of Mobile business strategy (handsets/ RAN/CN/Application Service/i-mode) and Global M&A Strategy. -Building NEC Corporate Strategy and Executive Consultants for Executive Officers (Mobile Alliance Strategy, WLAN Strategy, Skype Business Analysis and Foreast, Optical Network Marketing Strategy) -Promoting China IT/NW Solution -Developing NEC's US Network carrier strategy -Submitted Executive Recommendation Paper about Mobile Alliance Strategy, Mobile Skype (Livedoor) Strategy, New Corporate Venture Development -Building NEC�s International MBA recruitment plan -Successfully having more than 20 executive directors and general managers as his personal mentors
Jun 2002Jun 2004

MBA at MIT Sloan

Cambridge (Boston), MA, USA -Published Thesis �Study of Power Balance in the Mobile Telecom Value Chain�, June 2003 -4.85/5.0 GPA -Concentration on Corporate & Business Strategy; Leadership; Negotiation; Venture Business (Entrepreneruship); MOT -Submitted a strategic paper to CEO of Qualcomm -Vice President of Asian Business Club, Management Consulting Club, Media Tech Club, Japan Club. -International Management Program in Ireland, UK, France, and China. NYC and Silicon Valley trip. -Competitor for MIT 1K and 50K Entrepreneurship Award -Semi Finalist of L'Oreal marketing strategy competition. currently 6th worldwide and 1st in North America out of 33,000. -Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School of Government Cross Registered Student: Top Honor at KSG Case Research for Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan -Takashi's MBA Report is curretenly referred by more than 200 MBA candidates, alumni, executive leaders in Japan
Nov 2003Jan 2004

Strategy Consultant

Supermask Corporation
Shenzhen, China Internship in venture business, part of MIT Sloan Global Entrepreneurship Project -Building Supermask US Market Entry Strategy -Presented overall business strategy to 10 executives -Successfully building trustful connections w/ executives
Dec 2000Jun 2003

Business and Organizational Strategist and Assistant of Top Management in Mobile Business

Corporate Planning Div., NEC Networks, NEC Corporation
Tokyo, Japan Strategist for Top Mgt. Especially in charge of Corporate Strategy, Restructuring, and Mobile business strategy (handsets/ RAN/CN/Application Service/i-mode) Developed NEC�s mobile business strategy after harmonizing and negotiating information between more than ten mobile business-related divisions as an �Information Hub�; streamlined information sharing to let executive officers make correct, speedy decisions -Developed NEC mobile infrastructure strategy whose revenue exceeds US$1.5B over two years. -Led US$10B NEC Network business restructuring -Negotiated and completed further alliance on 3G w/ Siemens and Nokia -Fastest chosen sponsored MBA scholar representing NEC (one of two out of pool of 12 applicants and chosen only six months after joining NEC Corporation) -Awarded CEO prize for NEC�s 100 years anniversary thesis competition (one out of more than 300 applicants) - Thesis title: �Service Excellence Award�
Apr 1998Dec 2000

Senior Software Engineer

NEC Communications Systems Ltd,
-Sole NEC group company representative to be a member of corporate mobile IP Network Committee to design ideas for future mobile infrastructure and technical strategies -Negotiated with Indian IT software company (Hughes Software Systems etc) to ally on mobile location systems; made presentation to the president and representatives of the company. Yield 10B$ revenue through the alliance. -Internal Lecturer of Mobile IP and 3G, UMTS, cdma - Led and developped telecom switching software for the emerging service for international operators - Led team of 10 contract programmers while training and counseling them on problems - Designed, programmed and tested telecommunication services
Mar 1997Jun 1997

Private Secretary

for the former Japanese politician (House of Representatives)




Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Sloan School of Management
Mar 1997Present


Hokkaido University

cross registered

Harvard Business School

cross registered

Harvard University Kennedy School of Government


Hokkaido Daigaku