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A senior law enforcement professional with 26 years of national, state, and county law enforcement, security, and leadership experience seeks challenging opportunities as a chief executive. As a former commanding officer of two precincts within a large Florida sheriff’s office, possesses valuable knowledge, experience and management skills in all areas of law enforcement desirable in a police chief. Experience includes a wide range of expertise in uniform patrol operations, covert duties, criminal investigations, administration, fiscal services, automated services, technical leadership and training, management, and homeland security. Over 2,200 hours of on going career development training. Confident personality blended with a strong work ethic and a commitment to the professional development of subordinates. .

Work experience

Feb 2009Sep 2009

Security Police CCAFS

Four Winds Services Inc.

Protection of critical space launch and DOD assets, including security related to space lift capabilities at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Internal and External Security Response Team Member for DOD facilities and USAF Priority Level 1, 2 and 3 resources. Duties also included security and safety roles in space vehicle launch operations. Participated in training, exercises, and evaluations to increase proficiency and update skills and knowledge.

Dec 1981Aug 2007

Deputy Sheriff through Commander

Brevard County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Sheriff

Uniform patrol duties within an assigned geographical area in unincorporated Brevard County. Duties involved responsibility for maintaining order and protecting life and property. Responded to emergency calls, complaints and other calls for service during various shifts. Subdues and disarms those who are doing violence to other persons, assists the injured, and administers first aid. Gather and analyzes facts, seizes and protects evidence; takes statements, advises violator(s) of Miranda rights, makes diagrams, interviews witnesses and determines whether facts warrant arrest or lesser action. Prepares cases for successful prosecution through concise and thorough written reports and properly processed evidence. Awards; Medal of Valor, Meritorious Service Medal, numerous letters of commendation, numerous letters of appreciation form citizens.

Criminal Investigations Division/Agent

 Investigation of complex felony crimes, solving a full range of felony crimes against property and persons in accordance with Florida Statutes. Participated in numerous special operations proactively targeting patterns of criminal activity and long range investigations. Awards; Meritorious Service Medal, numerous letters of commendation and letters of appreciation from citizens.

Sergeant/Uniform Patrol

First line supervisor of up to 12 uniformed Deputy Sheriffs within an assigned geographical area in unincorporated Brevard County. Management duties included scheduling, continuing training of subordinates, monitoring of field training officers and deputy trainees, annual performance reviews of assigned personnel and documentation and preliminary internal complaint review procedures. Responsibilities included oversight for the maintenance and inventory of unit and individually assigned equipment. Formulation of tactical responses to high risk incidents. Awards; Meritorious Service Medal, Outstanding Unit Citation, numerous letters of commendation, numerous letters of appreciation from citizens.

Sergeant/Criminal Investigations Division

Supervision of detectives in their investigative assignments. Duties included quality control of written reports, affidavits, witness statements and suspect interrogations. Quality control of all unit work products with final approval authority of completed case reports. Experience and knowledge in a wide range of law enforcement operational matters, training subordinates as training facilitator for my assigned shift. I routinely participated in recurring training needs department-wide as a certified firearms instructor. Completed annual performance evaluations of subordinates based upon predetermined metrics measuring job performance. Awards; Outstanding Unit Citation.


Middle manager with oversight responsibilities of 6 Sergeants and up to 50 Deputy Sheriffs assigned to uniformed patrol duties and 8 criminal investigators assigned to felony cases with the criminal investigations division. As second in command, of precincts similarly situated as municipal police departments, my administrative responsibilities included budget preparation, monitoring and controlling expenditures, scheduling, disciplinary actions and commendations. I routinely conducted planning and preparation for special events, crime suppression operations and special operations. My recurring duties included scheduling shifts, training classes and professional development of subordinates. Awards; Life Saving Medal, Outstanding Unit Citation.


As Countywide Watch Commander, responsible for command of high risk law enforcement operations including barricaded offenders, in progress forcible felonies and other high profile events. I routinely represented the Sheriff at community meetings, press releases and government functions. My other duties included maintaining liaison with municipal, state and federal law enforcement agencies.


Commanding Officer of Canaveral Precinct which encompassed the City of Cape Canaveral and Port Canaveral, the world's second busiest cruise line seaport. The responsibilities and duties of this position were commensurate with municipal and port chief of police. Additional responsibilities included development of seaport security and anti-terrorism plans and programs. I worked with state and federal agencies in formulating a highly successful seaport security plan that ultimately became a benchmark for other seaports throughout the state and nation. Later assigned as Commanding Officer of South Precinct, Brevard County's largest and most populated command. Through coordinated teamwork with unit supervisors and surrounding municipal agencies, a highly successful community policing program is credited with an overall reduction in U.C.R. crime index of 22%.


Mutiple Certificates

Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Introduction to the Incident Command System
  • Incident Command System; Single Resources and Initial Action Incident
  • National Incident Management System
  • National Response Framework
  • Emergency Program Manager An Orientation to the Position
  • Special Events Contingency Planning for Public Safety Agencies
  • Radiological Emergency Response


Federal law Enforcement Training Center

The Seaport Security Anti-terrorism Training Program (SSATP) is specifically designed to meet security needs of Port Security personnel. Security at most seaports is accomplished by a cooperative effort of Federal, State, and Local law enforcement agencies. This program was developed to include all jurisdictions involved at the seaport and to address the needs of the personnel charged with safety and security functions. This unique program offers port and landside facility inspections created to harden layered seaport security and protect against acts of terrorism. The SSATP is conducted as a center advanced training program and is offered to law enforcement, military, and port authority personnel.

Feb 2005May 2005

Master of Science

University of Louisville, Southern Police Institute

The Southern Police Institute is a division of the Department of Justice Administration, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Louisville. It is an advanced education and training institute whose mission is to enhance the professional development of law enforcement practitioners. We accomplish this mission by providing educational and career development programs that are designed to challenge and to prepare law enforcement practitioners for the demands of today and tomorrow. The Southern Police Institute consistently is ranked among the top law enforcement educational and training schools in the nation.

113th Administrative Officer's Course

12 credits earned toward Master of Science, Criminal Justice Management


Planning, managing, organizing, reviewing, directing, and controlling law enforcement work activities in a geographical/jurisdictional region. Assigning, monitoring and supervision of criminal cases assigned to subordinates Review of daily patrol operations and criminal investigations on site and through written reports to ensure compliance with policies, procedures, protocol, applicable state laws and court decisions Establish liaison and coordinates with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and other public and private entities as required Actively and frequently engages in public relations as a means to provide relevant services, identify needs, monitor agency performance, formulate operations to reduce crime and provide a good environment for residents and businesses within the jurisdiction Provides frequent reports, written and oral, to executive management IE City Manager pertaining to situational awareness, administrative issues and unusual occurrences Formulate, preparation, review and presentation of agency budget before the authorizing political body Monitors, manages and reports budget activities/authorized agency expenditures Leads, participates, provides input and directs the Strategic Planning process to project future agency direction, budgetary matters, crime trends, public relations and interface with other divisions within the jurisdiction as well as surrounding communities having an impact on such planning Maintains, delivers and attends prescribed training programs for self and subordinates to enhance operational effectiveness Maintains, inventories and purchases operational equipment as required Prepares reports and other records Attends Meetings, provides input and takes direction from executive manager and authorizing political bodies Conducts inspection of personnel, resources and office space to ensure operational readiness Supports and enforces compliance with laws, rules, and policies Manages, directs, formulation/drafting and presents legislation ordinances, budget documents and activity reports