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The Internet ,Everything which is new interests me,be it the latest technology or be it a new product launched by a company like Dell.Interest to know more common stuff is predominant.


Share knowledge about everything I know too everyone around me.Become a student ambassador and teach the peers about latest technologies.


A 2nd year student at Narasu's Sarathy Institue of Technology,Salem,India.Doing Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication.Wish to be an Ambassador everywhere and help peers know things which I do.

Love to share knowledge and take sessions to my own college students.An MSP,MCR too...Wishing for more !

Work experience



I'm doing my Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering at NSIT,Salem (Tamil Nadu).
Feb 1997Jan 2008

Old Student At Cluny

Cluny Matriculation Higher Secondary School
I did my schooling at Cluny ,Salem.Got 85% marks average while leaving higher Secondary.




Narasu's Sarathy Institute of Technology


Others and Sports
My other skills include : * singing  * dancing  and sports include: *Basket Ball *Shuttle *Throw Ball
Public Speaking
Being a Microsoft Student Partner I am expected to take sessions on Microsoft Technologies and about the Internet too.To my fellows and peer juniors.I take interactive and understandable sessions on my chosen topic. I assume myself a good public speaker.That goes along with Student ambassadors.
I am a good programmer in C and C++. I do easy ones and did at my school too. I do HTML too,and now a bit of JavaScript too..