Lee Rod


My goal is to find a company that is both forward thinking and not afraid to be technologically ahead of the curve.

A company that is open to an individual with my diverse background and experience.

In which I can either lead (or assist) in the overall technological advancements and/or product line/s.

While simultaneously assuring a positive, productive, stress free environment (as possible).

... and an environment where everyone is actually *content* going to work e-v-e-r-y day!


Traveling the globe

Meeting people from countries and cultures I have yet to explore

Alpha/Beta Testing new technology, applications and gadgets

Mixing, Editing, Engineering and Programming audio


Accomplished Senior Level Tech with over a decade of IT and Media experience across multiple industries worldwide.A visionary strategist with a solid history directing the long term goals and procedures necessary for operating day to day Information Technology/Systems in Media environments.Leading purchase methodology of cost saving measures and overhauling business processes to improve efficiency and productivity for Media Companies, A/V Production Studios, SOHO or Private Industry.Managing company development for efficient, effective and ethical use of Servers, Database, Systems and PDA’s (HHD’s).Key Support Specialist/Manager maintaining a professional and reputable state of the art, multicultural diverse environment for your Executives, IT staff, employees and clients.A group leader that seeks productivity and success through collaboration, mutual trust, integrity and respect.

Work experience

Work experience


Extended List - Please Read Description

Extended List of previous clients/works in portfolio.

Nov 1998 - Nov 2009

Systems Administrator / Implementation Specialist / Mac Media Tech

RM (Rafelson Media)

Relocation/Deployment of entire Server/Network to new locationMigrating legacy systems and software to Mac OS XMonitor and maintain the Network infrastructure and upgrade as requiredDiagnostics/Troubleshooting of Hardware/SoftwareConsistent Internet user support of both employees and clientsAssistance in maintaining inventory on database.Mixing/Editing/Pre-Post work on Analog and Digital Content for marketing and release.

Nov 1998 - Nov 2009

Mac Media Tech & Implementation Specialist / Manager of Digital Development Content & Archive

Silicon Audio Labs

Consulting Purchase and Implementation of Systems and Facility expansion for 2009

Installation of newly purchased Hardware and Software

Upgrading of OS X Systems and Applications

Diagnostics/Troubleshooting of HW/SW

Managing and Editing audio archive for ongoing collaborative projects between In-House suites and clients at remote locations.

Nov 1998 - Nov 2009

Mac Tech / Mac Media Specialist


Install, Debug, and Maintaining Network/Systems, and Application software (both on/off Network) for their clients Commercial and Private Mac Audio Systems. This would include all Mac Systems running Avid/Digidesign ProTools, Emagic Logic Audio, Cubase VST, etc...

Mar 2000 - Nov 2009

Consultation, Purchase and Custom Systems Integration

SJC Designs

Project management, Purchase and Custom system design packages of new computer technology and Pro Audio Hardware/Software for their clients locations (which include attending Technological Conventions, Administering and Purchase of Technology/Hardware/Software for layout, design, installations, etc…)

Collaborating in Architectural/Technological requirements to be sure facility's physical design and technical requirements are properly coordinated on all levels.




Specializing in Hardware & Software implementation, including: Installations, configuration, diagnostics, and analyzation Sound understanding of HTML Sound understanding of CSS Extended history Digital Audio Editing Intermediate Digital Video Editor Intermediate Graphics Editor/Re-Toucher Advanced years of Audio Engineering and Post Numerous years of on-line client Tech Support provided Alpha/Beta tester Expert resolving connectivity of Communication Devices, Apple Peripherals and Network/File Servers Also all flavors of the Mac OS   Software: • Too Many To Mention: MicroSoft Office/XP, PowerPoint, Macromedia Flash/FireWorks, Dreamweaver MX, Drupal, Vectorworks, iWork, FileMaker Pro/Developer, Apple Remote Desktop, NetInfo Manager, FinalCut Pro/Express, iMovie HD, Roxio Toast, VirtualPC, Quicken, Keynote, AppleScript, Timbuktu Pro, NetOctopus, Time Machine, Mail, Eudora, Adobe CS3/CS4/CS5 (Acrobat, PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign), Premiere, Lightroom, GoLive, Aperture, Drive 10, TechTool Pro, Norton Utilities/SystemWorks, DiskWarrior, Dantz Retrospect, NetBarrier, Hard Disk Toolkit, MacMedic, Avid/DigiDesign ProTools, Logic Audio, Bias Peak, Cubase VST, SoundTrack, GarageBand, Spark, and countless others...