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Experienced professional with a solid technological background, strong leadership skills and innovative vision; to strategically plan, execute, monitor and control high impact technology projects, helping organizations to exploit business needs and opportunities.

Extensive background for designing, development, implementation and administration of operational processes for telecommunication networks and multinational companies.

Professional Experience

Feb 2012Present

Project Management Consultant


Provides support to organizations and/or professionals to solve their issues, create value, maximize growth and improve business performance; using proven methodologies and qualified skills to provide professional advice and expertise to help successfully develop projects, products or businesses, with high quality standards.

Key Achievements:

  • Successful installation coordination and implementation of Telefónica's RNCUIO4 for Nokia Siemens Networks.
  • Design and implementation of communication plan to relevant stakeholders, increasing communication channels with an 80% customer satisfaction.
  • Design, planning and Implementation of Phase III of the Fundamental Technical Numbering Plan of Telefónica Ecuador for Nokia Siemens Networks.
  • HLR data migration planning, coordination, project management with successful implementation of 2.5 million subscribers.
  • Successful installation coordination of Telefónica’s MGWUIO3 for Nokia Siemens Networks.
May-2016May 2017

Project Manager

NEC - NetCracker

Direct on site management and administration of Claro Dominican Republic OSS transformation project, leading deployment and go live planning and execution activities, together with multi-disciplinary teams for data migration, end user and user acceptance testing, change management and direct communication administration with customer.

Key Achievements:

  • Achieve Analysis phase closure, gathering all requirements and customer acceptance sign-off, two weeks in advance to scheduled due date.
  • Increase project management communication at all levels that have a lack of internal and external information and right communication flow, since project management from NetCracker was managed remotely and inefficiently.
  • Identified several improvement opportunities on project management with customer, which increased credibility on project, service and solution provided.
  • Solved open issues with different streams, which were open for long time, increasing feasibility and customer confidence.
  • Additional workshops and training sessions were performed to solve critical issues reported by customer due to fails detected on training performed.
Sep 2013Oct 2015

Project Manager


Developed and managed the Project Management Office - PMO for Ecuador's CNT fixed public phone company, to plan, design and implement Amdocs' BSS/OSS solution, including data migration, Business and System migration, customer training, process optimization and translation services. The whole program represented US$73 million income, and a work team of about +230 team members.

Key Achievements:

  • Effectively integrated administration and program schedule control, including re planning dates for changes within the project.
  • Successful design, implementation and control of the process of Change Request Management, aligning it with customer expectations and industry best practices. The process, has established 72 change requests within 18 months of implantation with an effectiveness of 84% and US$ 4.5M revenue.
  • Developed and implemented the written communication plan with the customer as well as the efficient control of incoming and outgoing communications, reducing the response time of official written communications by 90%.
  • Executed an optimization plan to improve time to deliver for documentation and resource allocation for interpreter services in 50%.
  • Controlling an optimization plan improved meaningfully the response time and requirements addressing from the internal customer in up to 45%.
  • A collaborative environment and empowerment of the translation team was achieved. This motivated the team making it more productive and efficient, especially in times of high demand of requirements generated.
Dec 2012Sep 2013

Network Planning and Optimization Project Manager

Nokia Siemens Networks

Managed large scale projects ensuring good profitability and quality to the company, guaranteeing customer satisfaction with the delivery and implementation of projects handled.

Key Achievements:

  • Performed evaluation and redesign of Initial Tuning Process, giving solution alternatives for a more stable and profitable process management, to increase gross profit in 35%.
  • Elaborate and lead the review, design and implementation for a deviation control and correction solution found on the Costs and Expense registry of the Network Planning and Optimization, which historically registered deviations due to a lack of process control routines. This process optimization assured a 25% profit growth for the Company.
  • Supervise and manage the design, planning, installation, project management and administration for expanding coverage road between Quito and Tababela population to provide uninterrupted service for voice and 3G data on the route to Mariscal Sucre airport in Quito. The project included the installation of 15 nodes B poles along 40 km of road, and represented a total revenue for the Company for US$ 150.000.
  • Supervise and manage the execution of optimization plan for Tonsupa-Ecuador vacation zone, increasing network signal efficiency over a 35% on the zone.
  • During the first quarter under management of Network Planning & Optimization area, a 42% Gross Profit was achieved for the area.
Nov 2012Oct 2015

Chief Executive Officer


Leaded the development and execution of the Company’s long term strategy with a view to creating shareholder value. Responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the Company’s long and short term plans. Communicates on behalf of the Company to shareholders, employees, Government authorities, other stakeholders and the public.


  • Authorize and sign any contract in the name and on behalf of the Company.
  • Subscribe conjunction with the Executive President of the Company any act or contract, whether in public or private documents involving alienation or encumbrance of assets of the Company, except for inventories.
  • Subscribe any act or contract either in public or private documents containing financial obligations must be met by the Company, or to contract for it.
  • Develop annually in conjunction with the Executive President of the Company the revenue budget, investments and expenditures of the Company.
  • Schedule and plan jointly with the Company Executive President economic and financial activities of the Company.
  • Designate the necessary employees and designate their responsibilities and duties.
  • Prepare in conjunction with the Company Executive President each year to the General Board reasoned memory about the situation of the Company, all together with the balance sheet and profit and loss account.
  • Report to the General Board when requested, necessary or desirable about the administrative and financial situation of the Company.
  • Inform the person elected by the General Meeting to carry out the functions of Company Executive President and extend his appointment.
  • Replace the Executive President absence or temporary or permanent impairment of it, in which case the General Manager will replace the person appointed by the Shareholders' Meeting, as in the case of failure, absence, temporary or permanent disability thereof.
  • Call the General Meeting in the event that the Executive President is unable or does not wish to do so.
Apr 2009Feb 2012

Network Operational Manager


Responsible for managing the technical staff that performs the Network Operation Center, Network Administration Platforms and Processes for the operational technical areas. Area composed of 20 team members, managing a yearly US$300,000 budget.

Key Achievements:

  • Successful direction and execution of the operational and administrative restructure of the Network Operation Center (NOC), with an operating efficiency of 58%. This allowed for exceeding the initial network incident reduction objective by 106%.
  • Direct sponsor for the development and production for a new in-house deployment for the Network Operation Center (NOC) maintenance portal, which has internal flows for registration and approval of maintenance window activities, allowing improvements in control tasks and job management. This in-house deployment reflected savings over US$ 500,000 to the Company.
  • Directly involved on the project management for development and implementation of in-house analysis tools to determine incidents impacts, allowing to estimate the number of customers and stations affected according to its geographical location to optimize incident notification, with reflected savings over US$300,000 to the Company.
  • Sponsorship for routine and script automation to put into bypass mode the Altamira Prepaid platform, minimizing the service impact time and reducing losses in non-billed traffic at 96%.
  • Actively involved on the planning and execution for Incident Management Process changes, aligning the process to ITIL process flows and recommendations, which achieved a work load optimization up to 25%.
  • Sponsorship for planning and execution of server virtualization project for the Network Operation Center (NOC), achieving a 75% reduction efficiency of equipment and savings in electricity consumption.
  • Active motivation among the team, helping to achieve certification of Great Place to Work Institute as the best company to work in Ecuador, with a satisfaction level among the direct staff of 93% for 2009.
  • Leadership for planning, design and implementation of Event Management business process under ITIL’s recommendations within Telefonica’s Technology Vice Presidency, for the detection, analysis and processing of network events, as well as preventing the occurrence of incidents.
  • Leadership for the Implementation of Problem Management business process under ITIL’s recommendations within Telefonica’s Technology Vice President for incident root cause analysis.
  • Leadership for optimization and implementation of ITIL’s Incident Management process recommendations within Telefonica’s Technology Vice President.
Mar 2005Apr 2009

Lead Switching Engineer


Direct responsible for deployment, planning and Engineering Telefonica's cellular switching network, leading and managing a highly motivated work team to administrate and execute highly critical projects for network optimization and expansion.

Key Achievements:

  • Successful leadership conducting activities and process optimization to achieve a 50% reduction in setup failure statistics for GSM Telefónica’s network, as Black Belt, using Six Sigma methodology and accomplish savings over US$ 30’000,000 for the Company.
  • Lead and perform the impact analysis for the implementation of National Mobile Number Portability with all mobile carriers in Ecuador.
  • Notable project leader for the installation of a Signaling Transfer Point System, which includes activities such as Request for Proposal (RFP) deployment, coordination, technical evaluation and qualification of the complete system, including Sondas, Fraud and Number Portability System, for Telefonica Ecuador mobile network, with a total investment up to US$ 1,500,000
  • Highly motivated leadership for planning Telefonica Ecuador’s AMPS/TDMA switching network power-down and de-installation, including up to 1000 E1, trunk migration for up to 45 trunk routes, without impacting live service and active customers.
  • Lead and supervise activities for planning and coordination for GSM network optimization and customization, together with technical personnel from Nokia Siemens Networks, with quality, on time and responding to customer requirements.
  • Plan, execution & administration of Fundamental Technical Plans together with Regulatory Ecuadorian entities, achieving legal requirements.
  • Active participation leading the switching engineering team for ISO-9001, ISO-14001, and OHSAS-18001 certification process standards for Telefonica Ecuador.
  • Successful management for planning, coordination and implementation of mobile number portability between TDMA/CDMA and GSM networks, to ease the subscriber migration process within both networks. This process achieved 75% savings for the Company due to operational and technical procedures optimization.
  • Directly responsible for planning, deployment, coordination and integration of Telefonica’s GSM network, nationwide, with six-moth record time for commercial network launch. Main tasks included planning, network design, supplier coordination, provisioning and mediation systems integration; as well as the integration with live networks, reducing operational costs up to US$ 5’000,000.
  • Active member in behalf of the Technical Vice-presidency for the Change Management committee, coordinating, evaluating and approval of functional and technical changes of different network systems, which may have a direct impact on final customers.
    Oct 1997Mar 2005

    Senior Switching Engineer


    Directly responsible for engineering, administration, planning and project management for the development of BellSouth's critical product and services portfolio.

    Key Achievements:

    • Performed planning and executing the highly successful migration plan for collocated HLR subscribers between SNSE and SN Nortel switches, with no impact to live customers. Project included an average work load near 500 men-hours, and coordination activities together with Nortel Networks Engineers.
    • Accomplished a 50% inconsistency reduction on data base from HLR, Arbor and Prepaid platform, as Black Belt certification using Six Sigma methodology, which results on a US$100,000 savings for the Company.
    • Active member, in representation of the Technical Vice-presidency for the Product Deployment Committee, on generation and elaboration of services and products with quality and time, using Six Sigma methodology.
    • Active team member on the execution for cellular network planning on the implementation of the first Nationwide CDMA Network on Ecuador.
    • Performed de direction and technological advice for the re-engineering project on call-detailed record (CDR) files mediation system (BMP).
    • Lead and plan the implementation of the Fundamental Technical Numbering Plan for Ecuador, which results in adding the subscriber number up to 7 digits nationwide.
    • Direct participation leading the project activities for relocating an operational BellSouth’s cellular switch on different buildings. The whole project had an outage on the cellular network of least than 10 minutes with total costs savings in the order of US$ 6’000,000.
    • Installation and implementation of the first Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) in Ecuador, together with Ericsson’s technical team.
    Mar 1997Oct 1997

    Operational Coordinator


    Direct commercial evaluation, analysis, planning and execution of business cases for highly critical business products and services, aligned to the Commercial Vice-presidency's strategical planning.

    Key Achievements:

    • Fully execution on the evaluation of the Company's public telephone network operation, achieving annual cash flow savings over US$ 500,000, operating internally and increasing the number of installed public telephones in 80%, on the first year of operation.
    • Directly involved and supervision for the analysis, planning and execution of a business case for the technology change of cellular public magnetic telephones to new state of the art chip card technology.
    • Supervision and approval for the Residential Fixed Cellular Telephone plans and Cellular Public Telephone installation, operation and administration routines and processes documents coordination and preparation.
    • Deployed and performed a public telephone prepaid card and public telephone hardware inventory management, to efficiently optimize on a 45% all internal process and procedures.
    Aug 1994Jan 1997

    Public Telephone National Manager


    Direct responsibility on technical and administrative tasks related to the efficient deployment of the nationwide Ecuadorian public telephone network. Efficient team management of the national phone division, composed of 11 qualified professionals.

    Key Achievements:

    • Executed the whole effective planning, installation, operation & maintenance of the first cellular public telephone network on Ecuador, including 250 cellular payphones installed on urban and rural areas with a net income of US$ 114,000 on card sales in the first year of operation which had a satisfaction level over 91%
    • Started a commercial negotiation for 2,000 additional public telephones acquisition with savings to the Company for more than a 10%, over initial proposals.
    • Fully involved on putting together, qualify, train and direct a work team extremely highly motivated.
    • Professional evaluation and supplier selection of technological up-to-date cellular payphone systems, including HW & SW evaluation.
    • Directly involved on the whole process for planning, evaluating & executing technology change on the whole cellular public telephone network from magnetic stripe to chip card telephones, which represented on additional revenue increase over a 10% for the company, when using state of the art technology.


    Sep 2004Jul 2006

    Management Ability Deployment Diploma

    Tecnologico de Monterrey

    Management Diploma for Business Administration

    Sep 2001Dec 2003

    Master on Information Technology Management

    Escuela Politecnica del Ejercito

    Graduated with the best score of its class, with a general average score of 9.15 over a 10 level scale.

    Sep 1988Aug 1996

    Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering

    Escuela Politénica Nacional

    Graduated Cum Laude with a general average score of 27 over a 30 level scale. Diploma that certifies approved on high level degree in Physics and Mathematics.

    Sep 1972Jul 1986

    Bachelor in Humanities

    Colegio Americano de Quito

    Graduated with a general average score of 17 over a 20 level scale. Diploma that certifies fulfillment of English from the Board of Trustees of the American School of Quito and of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools of the United States of America



    Project Management Professional

    Project Management Institute

    PMP ID: 1936842


    Six Sigma Black Belt

    BellSouth International

    Project Management

    PMO Management

    Organizational Influences

    Project process flow control

    Integration management

    Scope management

    Time management

    Cost management

    Quality management

    Human resource management

    Communication management

    Risk management

    Procurement management

    Stakeholder management

    Recognition & Rewards


    Project Management

    Direct, supervise and manage critical projects within time, cost and scope; focusing on quality and customer satisfaction, solving issues, preventing risks, using industry best practices methodologies and standards.

    Telecommunications Network Planning

    Mobile telecommunications networks needs to be appropriately planned so they can comply with customer expectations in service quality. Since a telecommunication network is a living entity, its growth and changes needs to be continuously optimized to keep its quality standards withing regulatory limits.

    Process Management

    With a constant focus on continuous improvement to optimize all resources, there is a non-stop search to detect, correct and update Company policies and procedures for a better response.

    Cellular switching
    Engineering and planning of mobile cellular switching networks
    Operational Management
    Plan, control and manage the Network Operations Center (NOC) to ensure maximum availability and optimal performance of Network´s voice and data services. Plan, control and manage the operation, maintenance, development and integration of supervision systems, associated with voice and data networks with international quality standards. Plan, control and manage the implementation, operation and management of business processes for Support Management (ITIL) for O&M areas.
    Six Sigma Black Belt
    High level knowlegment on quality process optimization methology
    Global Positioning Systems

    Satellite communications and global localization has become a day to day necessity in our current days.

    Cellular payphones
    Cellular public telephones bussiness and team administration