Son of Spanish emigrants, born in 1965 in Dillenburg, Germany. Educated and trained in Germany. Returned to Barcelona in 1999 after a successful professional career. Studied at the Polytechnical University of Darmstadt (Germany) and graduated as “Engineer” at the University of Berlin. Appointed “Architect” by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain. Proficient in CAD, Office, MS Project, Presto and TCQ. Speaks Spanish, German, English and Catalan.

"I was lucky to start my career, still in Germany, in a huge building site as Assistant Project Manager, where I learned the value of teamworking, the importance of accurate planning and the need for a commited direction. These are the values that later, in Barcelona, allowed me to organize and direct big projects in collaboration with RICARDO BOFILL TALLER DE ARQUITECTURA , CAPELLA GARCÍA ARQUITECTURA , FOREST and GOTADIS.

I am what might be called a problem solver: drive, creativity and persistence are my tools. I’m looking for a dynamic and professional team with a clear vision, contributing experiences and extending my knowledge. I am convinced that project goals are reached with the help of  a dynamic and professional team, with a clear objective and a well defined mission. Ideas might move a project, but it is the relationship between costs and benefits that makes it work."

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2009 - Present

Art Director


IDC Consultant and advisor for international design

"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally take a look at the results...""Chance favors the prepared mind ..."

We are focused on introducing renowned spanish architects into the german market. We offer experience, contacts, know-how and natural language competence. Our aim is to break down language and cultural barriers in the european economic area within the meaning of freedom of competition.

Oct 2012 - Present

Project Manager

Godel Tabora Design, S.L.

Godel Tabora Design is a Barcelona-based company dedicated to european wide retail implementation management. Recent projects:

- UNDER ARMOUR FACTORY HOUSE Roermond, Netherlands
- ASICS Outlet Store Montabaur, Germany
- ASICS T2 Store Vasco da Gama, Lisboa, Portugal
- ASICS T2 Store Colombo, Lisboa, Portugal
- ASICS T2 Store, Düsseldorf, Germany
- ASICS Flagship Store, Hamburg, Germany
- ASICS Outlet Store, Sicilia Outlet Village, Dittaino (Catania), Italy
- ASICS Outlet Store, Fidenza Village, Fidenza (Parma), Italy
- ASICS / ONITSUKA Outlet Store, La Roca Village, Barcelona, Spain

Nov 2009 - Jun 2012

Project Manager

FOREST / LOGOS Architect

International Project Management, Architecture & Engineering Services

"Ideas might move a project, but it is the cost- benefit relation that makes it work."

•Developed leadership of highly motivated teams

•Demonstrated exemplary communication, interpersonal and negotiation skills 

•Showed excellent troubleshooting, problem solving and analytical abilities

Feb 2008 - Jan 2009

Project Manager

RICARDO BOFILL Taller de Arquitectura

International Project Management

•Involved in planning, scheduling and coordination; able to make the most of available resources 

•Demonstrated an awareness of key technical issues, design, international building and quality standards 

•Demonstrated strong personal initiative, energy and enthusiasm; with a proven track record of project delivery

Dec 2006 - Jan 2008

Project & I+D Director

VOPI4 Constructora

Technological innovation & research

•Developed and implemented new systems and procedures

• Improved working practices to enhance organisational performance and efficiency 

•Ensured stringent quality standards compliance & development 

•Controlled budgets, forecasts & business scheduling tools

•Presentation and negotiation of bids, tenders and proposals

Oct 2001 - Nov 2006

Project Director


Real Estate and Commercial Development

•Demonstrated an ability to incorporate design in a manner which best suits manufacturing constraints 

•Co-ordinated a team of 15 highly motivated staff 

•Appraisal, training & development of key support staff

Jan 2000 - Sep 2001


ESPACIO Arquitectura | Barcelona | Spain 2000-01
Mar 1990 - Oct 1999

Project Director

H.B.BOLS Architekt | Berlin | Germany 1990-99
Feb 1989 - Feb 1990

Assistant Project Manager

K.BOLLMANN Architekt | Darmstadt | Germany 1989-90



TH Darmstadt & HdK Berlin, Germany