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Work experience

Jan 2011Present

System Engineer

Ericsson -Telcordia

Working as System Engineer. The process is defined in the following way: customer asks for new Telecom service, analysis is done and the solution passes through a quality review, then a presentation is provided to the customer and after that the project development and tests are started. During the process all the documentation is generated. I work mainly in a OCS platform.


System Analyst


Personal company: Philtronics. Worked for Labs customer.

Developed a system written in Visual Basic .NET to capture images from medical equipment and generate reports immediately, reducing costs and accelerating the deliver for the client from 2 days to 15 minutes. Also developed a portal to show medical reports on the web using J2EE. Tools and languages: Visual Basic .NET, Crystal Reports, Visual C++, UML, ErWin.


Senior System Engineer

  • Conducted interviews with key business users to collect information on business processes and user requirements.
  • Collaborated with marketing department to plan and implement new services.
  • Directed software design and development while remaining focused on customer needs.
  • Modified existing software to correct errors, adapt to new hardware and improve performance. Worked with: Java, J2EE, Eclipse.
  • Provided new solutions to improve system reliability in the swap phase. Worked with: UNIX, PERL and shell scripts.
  • Trained users in the proper use of implemented Telecom Services.
Jan 2006Dec 2008

System Analyst


Using C++ I've proposed and developed a new library helping development of other services that raised by 30% our team productivity. I’ve administrated a course about the Kabira Mediation to new employees, reducing costs for the company. Worked on mediation calls and supply information for the billing system. The system has two mediation solutions: a) C++, Kabira Mediation Platform; b) Java. System running under Unix environment. Tools and languages: C++, Java, Oracle, Eclipse, Kabira Traffic Mediation platform, Windows, Unix, PERL, Shell Script.

Oct 2005Jan 2006

System Analyst


Worked in a team that proposed a new way to handle with the web site. UML, Java, J2EE, Eclipse and Oracle used. Worked as System Analyst for development of a Web based system to control courses that drill employees in some specific areas where the company needs qualified workers. The systems was created with: UML, WebLogic as the application server, J2EE (Java, Servlets, Struts, JavaScript and DAO), Tomcat for development tests, Oracle, Hibernate, Eclipse, Windows.

Jan 2003Oct 2005

System Analys


Worked as System Analyst in a system that controls all company’s financial loans. The system registers someone’s loan request, approves or disapproves it according to company’s policy. Tools and languages: Visual C++ for the services,Microsoft Visio to create the diagrams of the services and Sybase.

Jan 2001Dec 2003

System Analyst


System Analyst for an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)system. I’ve developed in C++ classes for the tables and Services to run in the CORBA Visibroker Application Server platform, reducing costs from the old platform. Development using : Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase, Orbix/Visibroker CORBA Application Server and UML

Jan 1996Dec 2001

Electronic Engineer


Development using C, UNIX/Sun SOLARIS, UIM/X, LINUX, XWindows, and TCP/IP network to run in a VXWORKS environment; Access, Accel Schematic, PCI boards (PC computers) and Altera EPLD (Erasable Programmable Logic Device) to simulate targets to test navy consoles

Jan 1986Dec 1996

Electronic Engineer

Brazilian Navy

I have developed a Human-Machine Interface hardware and its Operating System using Assembly and the main program in C to control an Electronic Counter-Measure platform.


Jan 1999May 2000




Shell script, PERL, CRON
System Analysis tools
ErWin, Rational Rose, Jude, Astah
MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Postgresql
  J2EE (Struts, EJB, Spring, Hibernate, JavaScript, JBoss, Tomcat, Weblogic, Eclipse, Netbeans)
Visual Basic 6.0 and VB.NET
Project Management
Project Management of a team to solve issues regarding system functionality and to generate some reports for a system attending contract items.


Senior System Engineer/Analyst and Electronic Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in system analysis and development. Experience in all of the software process regarding business analysis, study, design, solution presentation and development.


Work in a company that I can use mu skills to manage a project or even help sales team to accomplish their goals.