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An accomplished sales and marketing executive, Mr. Charles E. Wells possesses over 25 years of professional experience in the sales and marketing sectors. Most recently serving as President and CEO of Vector Sports Management, Charles Wells leveraged his expertise in strategizing, sales operations, marketing campaigns, networking, and leadership toward driving business growth. In his capacity as CEO, Charles Wells implemented a team environment, serving as a teacher, motivator, and coach for the company’s team. Charles Wells’ creation of both the marketing department and the target marketing program resulted in a 126% increase in clientele and an impressive 323% in profits. Throughout his 18 years with Vector Sports Management, Charles Wells worked with high-profile clients, such as Nike, Adidas, and Mizuno, for Olympic and NFL athletes. Prior to joining Vector Sports Management, Charles Wells enjoyed a successful career in sales at companies such as Lever Brothers Company and Pitney Bowes Inc. Charles Wells began his career as a Key Account Manager at Pitney Bowes in 1980. Charles Wells’ talent for sales led to his promotion to Senior Area Sales Executive, where he was distinguished Branch Rookie of the Year in his first year. Over the next 2 years, Charles Wells was named Sales Rep of the Month 10 times, earning the Pitney Bowes Sales Award. Charles Wells matriculated at Arizona State University, from which he earned his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Law. Today, Charles Wells is continuing his academic education through pursuit of his Master of Business Administration from Ellis College of New York Institute of Technology. Beyond his professional endeavors, Charles Wells enjoys active hobbies, such as football, golf, and track and field. When he wants to relax, Charles Wells reads books by Joe Osteen and Donald Trump, among others.

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Arizona State University