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Work experience

Sep 2010Present

Youth Director

Parkway United Methodist

Event planning, teaching Sunday school, building up youth presence in the church. Starting off with 0 youth in the church is a challenge that I have come to the resolve of learning ways to building a foundation of activities so that elementary and middle school children can want to participate in the church.

Sep 2009Oct 2010

Cafe Manager/Boys Group leader

Rocketown Florida

Building a community in a youthful atmosphere with events such as art galleries. Providing youth with opportunities to be apart of the cafe by volunteering. I have trained many volunteers to work the cafe and now they are able to almost take control of every aspect of the growing process of Rocketown Cafe. Making sure profit is always above what is expected by keeping track of inventory and finding the cheapest prices on food items. Finding vendors that will be suitable and less costly to budget of Rocketown to enable great prices for sales of our products. Using media to advertise upcoming events updating the website and coming up with activities for boys group are the task that needed to be completed by me. Worked as an Americorps member and worked for a one year contract.

Jan 2009Jun 2009

Recreation leader


Planned recreational games for middle schoolers such as Amoeba tag, basketball, baseball, and soccer. I had one volunteer from High School that I had to recruit and supervise. Building relationships with the kids was a big part of my job, to be a mentor.

Sep 2007Aug 2008

Mentor/Tutor/Computer maintenance

South Florida Urban Ministries Branches

Assist professionals from a wide variety of fields, such as psychology, rehabilitation, or

social work, to provide client services, as well as support for families. May assist clients

in identifying available benefits and social and community services and help clients

obtain them. May assist social workers with developing, organizing, and conducting

programs to prevent and resolve problems relevant to substance abuse, human

relationships, rehabilitation, or children daycare. Also Mentoring children, tutoring,

helping with homework and being a role model. Also did maintenance on the computers.


Aug 2007Present

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology/ Not finished

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology/Visual Communication (BSIT/VC) program has three major content areas: business, communication and technology. The BSIT focuses on the analysis, design, and development of information technology within the context of business systems. This program's specialization, Visual Communication, concentrates on the design and development of digital media presentations.

The BSIT/VC uses graphic design and technology tools to create visual communications that are relevant to organizations. As a result, the BSIT/VC graduate possesses a diverse portfolio including Web sites, rich media advertising, corporate reports, business presentations, instructional materials, animated movies, and electronic publications that fulfill business and training needs. This portfolio positions the BSIT/VC graduate as someone, with a technology background, who is prepared to have an immediate positive impact in a business or training setting.


Communication my most valuable ability, can speak Spanish and understand. In college took many psychology classes and oral communication classes which were needed to complete my Visual Communication major. While in these classes I presented many powerpoint presentations and oral presentations. I worked with children through Americorps and Salvation Army and can accommodate to any needs. I have experience with managing food preparation, working with computers, Html Macromedia programs and many others, and performing arts. I have many skills that will be useful to any area, being and extrovert I am very social and get my energy from being around people, I am calm in intense situation where others would freak out. Worked in retail such as Dsw, Publix, Abrocombie and Fitch in which customer service was essential to keep the jobs practice loss prevention and Worked the cash register with ease. Budgeting and scheduling is my new venture.


Looking for a company with many chances to advance. I am experienced in public relations, and I have a strong sense of good work ethic. I have strong writing skills and successful at creative ideas and media projects. I make learning my task essential and putting the nessesary research to what ever needs to be done. I have the ability to learn fast no matter the job. Looking for a good paying job where I will be challenged and where I can be the essential part of the companies’ advancement.


In high school had high honors, and took all four years of web design classes. Affiliated with the Salvation Army and received top youth awards. Planned and performed plays for Salvation Army in front of about

700 people, received an award.


Planting and Harvesting Organic vegetables, expanding planting space, composting landscaping. I am picking all my knowledge from experience at The Fruitful Field. The website is
Studied to be a dance instructor, I moved so did not get to pursue dance.
Public Speaking
A requirement for every class in The University Phoenix is to present a power point in front of your peers, to introduce an individuals research project. I have preached in front of a congregation the subject has been about community.
CPR and First Aid
If needed may perform life saving procedures in times of intense situations, able to work in a calm and controllable manner.


May 2006Present

Assistant Web Designer

May 2006Present

Information Technology Assistant