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I was the number 1 Jaguar dealer in the UK. We also carried Aston Martin and Land Rover and served the most interesting and discerning customers from around the world. For the past 10 years I have been in business in Tokyo and other parts of Japan. Not much change in the clientele, but certainly a more interesting environment. I have membership to all the best car auctions in Japan. At the moment I export around 50 cars each month to very happy customers around the globe. This number I hope to grow as the economy recovers. We have 3 professional car inspectors covering the auctions each car auction day and every car is checked before bidding begins. Members of the Tokyo International Community and Export/Shipping clients can enjoy our friendly services in English as outlined below. * New and used cars for sale. * Insurance Contracts in English. * Military Car Sales and Diplomatic Car Sales. * Ownership Change Service for Tokyo Residents. * Worldwide Export and Shipping. * Cars bought for cash or we will help sell your car. *If we do not have a suitable used car in stock, we can source one locally for you. Our aim is to offer the best service for exporting cars, car sales, shipping, servicing and offering free advise to our customers in plain English. Colin Shea.

Work experience

Nov 1999Present


Tokyo Auto Trading Limited


Stratstone of Mayfair
The most demanding role any Top Brand Sales and Marketing Car Dealer can ever experience in the UK if not the World. Most of my customers were of the highest level in Royalty, Political or Captains of Industry. It would astound most people to know who were my customers. But that is, and always will be confidential.


Grade 8 (Dist)

Watford School of Music