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Aug 2006Present


Fort Hays State University
Aug 2003May 2006

Associate of Arts

Colby Community College

News Stories

Visual Designs


To live a life of learning in a career that allows me to help make communities and the lives of individual people better. I want to write investigative journalistic stories to reveal the truth about issues the public doesn't often hear about and use my pubic relations knowledge to help those people who need help. I want to create art with Adobe Indesign, designing pamphlets, fliers, a newsletter, and business cards. I also enjoy digital  photography of events, nature, and many other things.


Elements of Photography

I snapped these pictures during the semester to depict nature shots, events, building structures. I added these photos to display my photography skill and my sense of artistic express.

Flowing into the Future

I am a canoe floating down the river banks of my own personal journey while enjoying the fresh air on my face and the beautiful scenery all around me. My canoe paddles through the calm waters and flows through the rough waters of life, always seeking knowledge and education experiences. I use my creativity to design documents and my artistic skill to combine words that enhance my essays. It's important for me to accomplish the goals I set out to complete; then it is for me to generate wealth. I often choose activities or tasks that help others reach their goals or generally enrich their lives.

I work well in a relaxed environment where creativity is allowed to flow through the room. I often enjoy working with enthusiastic people who are excited to get the job done right. I can work alone on small or even medium size projects at times with minimal guidance.

The items included in this journey down the river of life will be feature article, visual graphics, and news stories, which I have written for college newspapers. I will include my creative writing to showcase my skill with words.


Elements of Photography


Work experience

      Related Experience

  • Wrote for the student newspaper the Edge in Hays, KS.
  • Wrote for the Colby Express in Colby, Ks.
  • Wrote for the English Department newsletter Post Parade.
  • Wrote a Public Relations plan for the Chinese Academy.
  • Wrote for the University Leader The student newspaper at Fort Hays State University in Hays, KS.