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Jan 2000Dec 2000

BA Hons.

Rhodes University
Jan 1997Dec 1999

B. Dram

Stellenbosch University


Video Portfolio
Click on title to navigate to embedded media Serengeti “Come Home" Serengeti “Golden Ticket" Serengeti “Viewsletter” Onlong Promotion Onlong Pilot Video Property Brochures  Rage Expo 2008 Episode1 Rage Expo 2008 Episode2 Brannas Thicker than water Chapter 1 Brannas Thicker than water Chapter 2 Brannas Thicker than water Chapter 3 2010 Human Traffic English PSA 2010 Human Traffic Afrikaanse PSA 2010 Human Traffic Animated Information Video Missing Children SA Tips to parents Missing Children SA Tips to Kids Fair Play for Africa 30sec Information video Chimuna’s “Baby I love you” Chimuna’s “Retrato” The Mockumentary Almost legends SABC Protest Mini Documentary Piet Skiet Helen Zille the Shapeshifter  
Digital Applications
Computer software skills acquired in professional career: Keen understanding of the following applications: Word, Excel and Powerpoint (Keynote).  Final Cut Edit Pro (Suite 5 and 7) Adobe After Effects CS3 Soundtrack Pro Motion Compressor DVD Studio Pro Photoshop CS3 Google Adwords Google Analytics Mailchimp (Online Mail client) Email campaign designs and management Web designing consultation Please request my Portfolio  

Work experience

Actor, Writer, Choreographer

Other Creative Skills


I have written two full length feature film scripts. The first is entitled "St. Tuiglik" dealing with a man with synesthesia. The second entitled "trAfica" is based on the life of a gangster who traffics woman in from Thailand to work as prostitutes in South Africa.


Devising and creating original musical scores, Directing, Choreographing, Creating and executing a variety of creative workshops, Teaching mime and dance techniques, Project management, Documenting and interpreting processes of work in the form of progress reports, Handling budgets.

Styles and Genres:

Realism, Naturalism, Modern Dance, Modern and Post Modern Mime, Buffooning, Comic Book, Musical Theatre (Cabaret), Visual theatre, Physical Theatre, Satire, Basic Educational Theatre, Invisible Theatre, Butoh (Dance of Darkness), Post Modern genres (Performance art, Happenings), Street Performance and Theatre Anthropology.

Exercise routines:

A variety of sequences in Mime, Physical Theatre and Butoh, Kali Yoga, The Sixteen Magical Passes, The first six bridges of the Fulan Gong, Thai Chi Chuan

Poetry Performance group:

I help start a performance art group called Porselynnkas (Porcelain cupboard). Between 1997-1999 Porselynnkas performed more than 50 performance/art pieces, varying from art exposés to impromptu poetry creations. I have written four poetry books, (All self published under Porselynnkas), five one act plays, one musical and several short stories.


Freelance director and actor


In December of 2008 Jana Berry, Frieda van den Heever, Marteni Burger  and I started a production company Kysmetmy ( The company's maiden work was a full-scale professional musical called "Dames en here, Gouesneeutjie". Die text was written by Marteni Burger. Original music was composed by well-known South-African musicians. The cast consisted of 17 professional actors and two primary school actors.I directed, produced and oversaw all aspects of this production. 

One of Kysmetmy's initiatives is called Vrymetmy. This branch of the company deals with Multi-media. The first 10 minute short movie "Helseunki, Hoofstud van Vinland" was shot and edited in January 2008. 


Lecturer, freelance director and actor

Professional productions

Along side Albert Maritz I helped devise a performance called “Agterstevoor” that ran simultaneously with a show entitled “Dis nou te laat” by Louis de Villiers with George Ballot. The performance was experimental and was commissioned for the KKNK 2007. I was responsible for the writing and workshopping of the production.

I directed and devised Sjaka S. Septembir’s minor project for his Master’s degree at the University of Cape Town. The production was entitled “Die hang van ‘n ikoon” (The hanging of an Icon). A replica of the ‘Agony Aunt’ Operah was built and sentenced and hanged in public on the 7th of June 2007. There were 34 cast members.

Lawwe Geluide” is a translation of the satire “Noises Off” by Michael Fray. The Afrikaans version was translated by Charles Fourie and was also played at the Bloemfontein Arts Festival and there after at Aardklop festival 2007. The production was directed by Chris Weare. 

The play "For Trudy"  is a full-length two-hander written by Steve Pillemer. I played the role of Darryl along side Roeline Daneel. The play was directed by Sjaka S. Septembir. 


Freelance director and actor

Professional Productions

The first six months of 2006 I spent primarily on assembling literary information for my Master's degree. 

Moegoeman en die Afrikane” is a physical commedy directed by Gaerin Hauptfleisch. The work was conceived for the “Woordfees 2006” (Word Festival 2006) and was also played at the Cape Town Festival in April, the Grahamstown Festival 2006 and ‘Die Volksblad Fees’ in Bloemfontein.

I created a work based on the resurrection of Christ for the Stellenbosch AGS congregation in July 2006 along side Frida van den Heever and Quinton Krog. The production entitled “Oor my dooie liggaam” (Over my dead body) was a semi-professional production with over 70 particiapants of actors, dancers, singers and musicians. The production was seen by more than 2000 people over three days. I directed the work and was responsible to co-ordinate all facets of production.

In September of 2006 I directed  “her Story” with final year acting students of the University of Stellenbosch. The story revolves around the lives of Lear’s daughters, the Queen and their nanny. The focus fell on reinterpreting the Classical Shakespearian story into a contemporary narrative. 

I once again played numerous roles in Gaerin Hauptfleisch’s pantomime entitled “Sneeuwatjie?” which  toured to many of the Afrikaans festivals and had an extended run at the Kleine Libertas Theatre in Stellenbosch.


Lecturer, freelance director and actor

Stellenbosch University, Makendast Theatre Ensemble

Steven Burkov’s translated work entitled “Etenstyd” played at the KKNK under the direction of Garen Hauptfleisch. The original work “Lunch” played at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in the same year.

The acclaimed production “1975” once again had a run at the KKNK 2005, directed by Marthinus Basson. Floyed de Vaal played along side stalwarts of South African thesbians, Antoinette Kellerman and Jana Cilliers.

For the third year in a row I workshopped a production for the Stellenbosch University toneelfeess entitled Ek het wakker geword, opgestaan, my vinger het gebloei” (I woke up, I got up and my finger bled). The production won an over-all second place.

The cabaret “Botspoppe” was privileged to have a month long run at the Artscape’s Arena theatre in Cape Town in May of 2005. I acted alongside Neels Claasens and the production was directed by Albert Maritz.

In July of 2005 my company The Makendast Theatre Ensemble brought over a Belgian theatre company Ramsjgoed. Over the month of July we created a work entitled “The full half red moon” which played to sold out houses at the Klein Libertas Theatre.

The cabaret “Le Chat Noir” was conceived and directed by Anneke Senekal and played at the Aardklop Arts festival in Potchefstroom 2005. I played the role of the conferencierge.

The final year physical theatre project was conducted in collaboration with the five final year students praticipating in the Physical Theatre project block in November 2005. The performance was entitled “A Pound of Passion/'n Pond Passie”. The work dealt with woman in concentration camps.

For an end of the year production, in association with Stercus productions, a pantomime was created entitled “Aswoestertjie”. The production ran for a week in November and every weekend in 2006 until the end of may at the Kleine Libertas Theatre Stellenbosch.


Lecturer, freelance director and actor

Stellenbosch University

As Lecturer I managed and coordinated the Movement, Physical Theatre and Mime practical and theoretical courses at the University of Stellenbosch Drama department. I was recommended by Samantha Pienaar who filled this post from 1997-2003.

I played the role of Petja Trofimov in the University of Stellenbosch’s production of “Cherry Orchard” in 2004. This production was directed by Gaerin Hauptfleisch.

Die hele ding met die Toetie” (The whole thing with everything) was ‘n production which I wrote and directed for Helderberg and Nemesia hostels in Stellenbosch for the annual ‘Toneelfees’(Theatre Festival). The themes were absurd and we made use of physical comedy.

Marthinus Basson has cast me in the role of a young journalist in Saartjie Botha’s new play text “1975”along side with Anoinette Kellerman and Jana Cilliers. The work’s central theme is the paradigm shift occurring between two generations of Afrikaans journalists and their varying conception of the truth and history.

At the Klein Karoo Nationale Kunstefees I choreographed, facilitated and acted in a piece entitled, “Blindederm” (Appendix) a performance art work focussing on the lack of change experienced by young South Africans since the democratic system was set into place.

I acted along side Neels Clasen in the Cabaret “Botspoppe” (Crash test dummies) at the KKNK 2004. The Cabaret was written by Nico Burger and directed by Albert Maritz.

For the 2004 Grahamstown National Arts festival I directed Charles Marowitz’s ,”The Marowitz Hamlet” with a student cast. 

In November 2004 I created a physical theatre production entitled, “The man, his cook and the feast for her lover”. The work utilised a storyboard in its conceptualisation with a cast of twelve.


Media Appearances

I have appeared in advertisements for M-web (South Africa), Coors light (Canada), Luminous (Belgium), Organics (South Africa), Miller’s (Canada) and Knorr (South Africa), Weisenhof (Germany), Goodyear (UK), BMW (USA and Canada). Fridgeraiders (UK), Goodyear- run on flat (USA), Goodyear- waterbed (USA) Exculsive Books (South Africa), Leich Beer (Poland).

I have had a cameo appearance on SOS on e-tv.

I have also participated in two projects devised by the Actor’s studio in their “Any given Sunday” short movie shoots.

Played in Gareth Bird’s “Last time” at the Right Eye film festival.

“Secret Agent”, a French film based on the Green Peace movement.

Jan 2008Present

Creative Director

Firestorm Digital Marketing and Productions

Firestorm Digital Marketing and Production focusses on doing viral marketing campaigns by making rich media the driving force of campaigns. 

We have an young passionate team of out-of-the-box thinkers who easily slide between mediums and narratives understanding the conventional as much as the Post-modern. 

We conceptualise, plan, film, package and/or host any product/cause we feel passionate about. 

As creative director of this very small company I find myself fulfilling functions such as creative conceptualisation, production planning, shooting as well as editing and packaging. 


Freelance director and actor

Professional Productions

In February 2002 I acted in John van der Ruit’s “Crooked”, which was played at the Artscape theatre, Cape Town. The production was directed by Roy Sergeant.

In March 2002 myself and Leigh Graves started the project “Seiko 1”. The Makendast Theatre Ensemble (our company) were awarded a R50 000,00 grant from the National Arts Council to create a new work with three member from a previously disadvantaged community.

The Progress, Midterm and Final reports of this project as well as a video of the work are available on request.

In November 2003 I created a Physical theatre production entitled “Vox Pop” which played at the University of Stellenbosch dealing with animism.

At the Aardklop festival 2002 I was involved in three productions.

In “Bring vir Elvis terug” directed by Gaerin Hauptfleisch I played both the mother and the father in an epic musical journey through the life of a self acclaimed rock and roll messiahs. This Comical Cabaret Noir was supported by the music of SAM.

In Amelda Brand’s “Vuur” satirically classified as “country evangelism” a small charismatic Christian community falls apart because of a pastor’s intimidating control he exerts over a congregation of simple minded people. I played the character Christian.

Vullis” was a street theatre piece choreographed by myself and directed by Nicola Hanekom. I teamed up with Bongile Mantsai again to perform a picturesque journey dealing with the ailments of garbage in our country and the effects it has on the community and natural resources.

In 2003 I also wrote and performed in two sight specific pieces (Droom_moorD and Lollilegs) designed specifically for the Groove Trouper’s Trance parties.

Crossing"  is an evocative play written by the infamous South African author, Reza de Wet. I directed and produced this work myself for the Grahamstown National Arts Festival 2003. The epic play, part of a trilogy, known in Afrikaans as ‘Drif’ was given a contemporary feel in order to make the theatre experience more appealing to contemporary South African society who seem to be loosing all interest in the dated medium of theatre.


Freelance director and actor

Professional Productions, Makendast Theatre Ensemble

In  September 2001 I  played in "Three lives of a stinking guide", on the Artscapes Collaborations program. It was directed by Corey McLeod under Chris Weir’s production company. I played six different characters in this production ranging from a talking animal to a full rounded realistic character.

In December 2001 I participated in Jaco Bouwer and “Daddy buy me a pony’s” multi media event ”Post”, at the Bijou theatre Observatory. In this production four hot trendy Cape Town locals were put in the spotlight, re-enacting an event they remembered

In the work "Tamba-means to play", Leigh Graves and I travelled to Zimbabwe to discover a country where cross-cultural relationships have reached a point of crisis. We wrote, directed and devised “Tamba-means to play” with the purpose of placing the Zimbabwean cultural politics under the lime light. Playing to full houses in this heated political climate gave me the ability to create scenarios relevant and eye opening to audiences living in a stressful climate.  Video format available on request.

The work, "Lake...beneath the surface" (Grahamstown Festival 2001), was created in collaboration with Gary Gordon and the First Physical Theatre Company. Anton Chekhov’s “The Seagull” was deconstructed and a physical text was assembled by the group of performers. Inter-textual interpretation played an integral role to communicate the most fundamental aspects of the original work by means of verbal, physical and mimetic styles.  Video format available on request.

Establishing my own company “The Makendast Theatre Ensemble”, we created "Picasso se Oor" which was essentially based on challenging the reality of artists working in the South African context. This work was created predominantly in collaborations with other artist’s groups having similar troubles in manifesting their creative products within the South African cultural hybrid. This production was self-created, directed and acted. The props and costumes were designed by the ensemble as well. I coordinated advertising and all facets of pre and -post productions myself.

Digital Marketing Presentation

Firestorm Creative Showreel


I am a highly creative and motivated individual. I work well in groups and prefer to take the reigns and simplify working processes in this way maximizing output. Working with similar minded individuals motivates me further to successfully solve problems and partake in demanding but rewarding creative endeavors. Due to my background I work extremely well with people. I have a calming effect within working environments and find myself to be decisively lucid in any information I have to divulge. I am a devoted Christian and have a stable moral basis originating from a strong family unit. 



Tennis, Hackey Sack, Swimming, Mountain climbing, Hiking and Waterpolo.

Other interests

Web design, Making and designing clothing, Creating abstract collages, Stencils, Playing guitar and singing, Writing and Reading.