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Professional Summary

I am an imaginative and ambitious professional who has a proven ability to think independently and handle multiple projects successfully through to completion. I have a long track record of putting together streamline processes that ensure structure, growth & that business targets are always met cost-effectively. I possess the leadership skills, passion, integrity and drive required to make your BUSINESS successful!. Not to mention I have the character and charisma needed to quickly win the respect, and trust of a workforce. Right now I am looking for a suitable managerial position with a company that will allow me to develop my career, and give me the opportunities needed to unlock my full potential.

Work experience

April 2015 - PRESENTMay 2007 - Nov. 2010

Currently: Outbound Routing & Line Haul Manager                                                           Previously: Terminal & Operations Manager

MKS Services LLC.
  • Drafted budgets, monitored warehouse costs and reduced expenses at all times.
  • Enforced the on-time shipment of products to create exceptional customer experiences.
  • Identified and implemented supply chain improvement opportunities to help sustain efficiency.
  • Tracked time spent on assignments each day for productivity reporting.
  • Conducted monthly inventories of materials on the work floor.
  • Redirected shipments en route in response to customer requests.
  • Ability to understand complex service delivery issues.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the complex systems of inventories, delivery times, costs and personnel management.
  • In-depth knowledge of the relevant Health & Safety laws relating to working in a environment were heavy goods are being moved and stored.
  • Vast experience of managing 3rd party logistics providers.
  • Ensuring the timely delivery of customer deliveries and orders.*Liaising effectively with suppliers, retailers and consumers.
  • Financial understanding of budgets, cost control and financial levers.*Able to quickly understand a company’s operational systems and provide input for the development of future systems.
  • Writing up accurate reports for senior managers on any losses and gains.
  • Ability to think on feet and make the right decisions under pressure.
  • Willing to be responsible and accountable for any success or failure.
  • Highly IT literate with excellent knowledge of continuous improvement processes and lean techniques.
  • Encouraging others to question the way things are done.
  • Working with multiple customers at the same time.
  • Conducting disciplinary, capability and grievance investigations and taking appropriate action to address any failings.
  • Responding to all customer complaints or queries in a efficient manner.
  • Visiting key clients to build relationships and identify their key needs.
  • Conducting crime and loss investigations into missing stock and loads.
  • Ensuring the efficient running of administration and office procedures.
  • Securing and alarming premises and monitoring security procedures.
  • Actively managing subcontractors to ensure that they perform in line with their contractual agreements.
  • Supervising the completion of all checks and documentation required by law.
  • Monitoring and tracking the flow of goods into the warehouse.
  • Controlling the order cycle.
  • •Assist in the planning and execution of targeted cumulative run rate savings objectives to reduce network expense.
    •Analyze market intelligence to reduce costs and prioritize business partner strategies for revenue improvements.
    •Negotiate rates with carriers and implement routing changes.
    •Review accuracy of billing data to reduce line costs and dispute unrelated charges.
    •Manage relationships with both customers and vendor.
Oct 2013Apr 2015

Manager of Operations

AIT Worldwide Logistics dba Olympic Trucking

•Achieved service expense goals by working with various AIT internal groups to develop, implement and monitor logistic metrics.
•This included strategy development, carrier selection, selection and development of carrier value-added services and management of required service performance.
•The end result was to provide AIT with an economical transportation system that provides a high level of service to both external and internal customers.
•This was done by identifying the opportunities within the affected areas of AIT through data analysis and communication with affected groups.
•Worked with internal team members and directly with external team members (carriers and/or logistics providers) to improve the processes, identifying new solutions through project management protocols and elimination of constraints.
•Negotiated and managed carrier service agreements to provide a cost effective and efficient transportation system supporting AIT inbound and outbound transportation requirements.
•Met directly with carriers and/or logistics service providers through all communication levels (email, phone, meeting, carrier/provider site visits).
•Utilized negotiation and communication skills to obtain desired results.
•Developed an AIT baseline of operations and benchmark to industry standards for AIT logistics areas such as LTL and truckload processes.
•Reached out to peers through attendance of seminars, industry events, education settings and corporate contact.
•Provided timely analysis and monitored freight cost metrics.
•This was done by accessing from various sources the details needed to create a financial spreadsheet and other reports using Excel and Microsoft.
•Supported Operations staff in the day-to-day activities of Domestic Department personnel.
•Reviewed and suggested changes to staff as needed to ensure departments are able to meet company goals.
•Experience in domestic and international freight forwarding, quoting, routing, and booking with carriers.

Jan 2011Oct 2013

Dispatch Manager

A2Z Freight & Convention Services

•Experience in domestic and international freight forwarding, quoting, routing, and booking with carriers.
•Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Crown, Worldport, CargoWise) systems.
•Possess clear written and verbal communications.
•Organize and write procedures in a logical/methodical manner.
•Excellent time management skills.
•Excellent attention to detail.
•Ability to maintain confidential information.
•Maintain satisfactory attendance.
•Adhere to company policies, programs, and work rules.
•Perform work in a timely manner
•Highly motivated, self-directed, and results driven.
•Detail oriented with strong organizational skills.
•Able to take direction and follow through multi-step project steps/procedures consistently.
•Proven track record of successfully managing multiple priorities in a fast paced work environment
•Drafted budgets, monitored warehouse costs and reduced expenses when possible.
•Enforced the on-time shipment of products to create exceptional customer experiences.
•Identified and implemented supply chain improvement opportunities to help sustain efficiency.
•Tracked time spent on assignments each day for productivity reporting.
•Conducted monthly inventories of materials on the work floor.
•Redirected shipments en route in response to customer requests.



May 2014Present

DG/Hazmat Transport Certification

International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Dangerous Goods Certification Includes DOT Safety/Security Records, Test exams on file with Hazmat employer.

May 2010Present

Forklift & OSHA Safety Compliance Certification

SafetyHead Inc. &

Commercial Forklift & OSHA Safety Compliance Certification

Oct 2013Present

TSA Certified

Transportation Security Authority (TSA)

TSA/STA #AC30367E7320

Jun 2007Present

Show & Convention Freight Specialist

GES, Freeman, & Shepard Show Decorators

GES, Freeman, Shepard, LV Expo, T3, & Champion are just a few of the many show & convention decorators that I work with on a consistent basis when moving customers booths in & out of the conventions here in fabulous Las Vegas.

Apr 2012Present

Warehouse Logistics Certified

WPL Warehouse Logistics

Certification #00236721


Team Leadership & Staff Development

Excellent Skills!

Distribution & Inventory Management

Great Skills!!

Supply Chain Management

Good Skills!!

Training & Development

Great Skills!!

Domestic & International Air Freight Import/Export

Good Skills!!

Distribution & Quality Control

Great Skills!!

Freight Forwarding

Excellent skills!!

Warehouse Management

Great Skills!!

Revenue/Profit Analysis & Overhead Cost

Great Skills!!


Good Skills!!

Transportation & Transportation Management

Excellent Skills!!

Logistics & Logistics Management

Excellent Skills!!


Distribution Client List:      #1 Hershey Chocolate World       #2 Zuffa LLC & UFC       #3 Tempurpedic Mattress

Career Statement

"I feel that my greatest strengths are firstly my desire to engage positively in all aspects of distribution planning. Secondly my ability to deliver operational solutions to complex logistical problems. Thirdly my strong commitment to maintaining quality, contributing to improvements and supplying an outstanding service to every customer."

Areas of expertise

Tradeshow & Convention specialist

Logistics operations

Training & Development

Regulatory compliance

Budget setting & forecasting

Logistics outsourcing

Safety procedures

Organizing shipments

Transportation management

Fleet management


Bronica Tostado (Significant Other) 702-589-1458

Lance Brown (Friend) 702-824-4843

Justin Doremus (Brother) 702-249-7954