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Florjan Musabelli

Mechanical Facilities and Constructions. Devision :Engineering


Experienced plumber with considerable knowledge and expertise of providing advice and plumbing solutions to customers. Having a proven ability to read blueprints, drawings and specifications to determine a clients requirements, and to then install and service plumbing systems, fixtures, piping equipment and controls. Able to work in cooperation with other trades and labourers and having an understanding of relevant building codes, legislation, regulations. Ready and qualified for the next stage in a successful career. Currently looking for a suitable plumbing position with a ambitious company.


Sep 2007Jun 2011

 Mechanical Facilities and Constructions. Devision :Engineering

Vocational Lyceum of Peristeri, Athens (Greece)


Speciality Courses:

  • Central Heating Design
  • Machine Parts
  • Refrigeration Air Conditioning

Work experience

Apr 2009Jul 2015


My experience in plumbing is for 5 years working in Greece

My knowledges are based in general plumbing as installation and repair also in central heating systems.Performing scheduled maintenance service on plumbing systems and fixtures.


  • Installation and maintenance of domestic hot and cold water systems.
  • Finding the route cause of a wet plumbing problem and fixing it.
  • Preparing written work cost estimates and negotiating contracts with clients.
  • Solvent welding of ABS and PVC pipework.
  • Completing installation reports, service sheets and other administrative records.
  • Installing copper and iron pipework linking boilers & heat exchangers.
  • Removing existing heating systems / radiators & replacing with combi systems.
  • Cutting openings in structures to accommodate pipes and pipe fittings.
  • Measuring, cutting, threading, and bending pipes to required lengths and angles.
  • Preparing complex calculations and planning for large jobs.
  • Installing flue systems and wiring them p to programmers, zone valves etc.
  • Accurate completion of Time sheets and Work & Materials records.
  • Installing & maintaining under-floor heating systems & controls.
  • Refurbishment work to bathrooms and kitchens.