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Work experience

FJF Technologies Ltd

Jul 2014Jan 2015

Chief Technology Officer

Technical Director, Lead Developer & Business analyst. In charge of building Gena - World Wide Travel Information web app ( and mobile app.

During this 6 months contract I lead the development team hands on building and launching a large web application. Overall my coding input was about 75% of the entire platform which breaks down approximately to:

  • Nginx deployment & Optimization;
  • Back-end RESTful API development;
  • SQL queering and optimization for 18 million records and counting;
  • OOP Javascript using Backbone.js, Handlebars.js and a variety of 3rd party jQuery libraries;
  • JS script optimization & modularization in order to allow fast and clean execution;
  • Building a custom JS utilities class that holds a variety of helpers including a full front end translation script enriched with smart/dynamic translation strings and revers translation;
  • In charge of setting up and exposing service API proxy gateway and building developer dashboards and SDK libraries (same principles as Twitter, Facebook API & SDKs);
  • Touched base with ElasticSearch & Logstash by commercially deploying ELK stack for big data collection and analytics.
  • Building a hybrid mobile app that uses the earlier API Gateway to retrieve data from main web app using Cordova & PhoneGap Build.

Fuplo Ltd

Jan 2014Jul 2014

Lead Developer

Technical Director, Front and back-end development and management.

Whizzin Ltd

Jul 2012Jan 2014

Web Engineer

Web design, back-end development, UX and data collection.

About me

Self made entrepreneur, I launched my first business at 18 years of age. I like to be fully involved in projects and I have co-founded several tech businesses. I am experienced in every stage of the project life cycle and leading small front-end focussed development teams.

I am a determined and persistent individual when problem solving and tackling new technologies and languages. Creating innovative technical solutions motivates me and I continually look for opportunities to improve application functionality, performance and the user experience.

My skill-sets are broad across the major development disciplines however my aim is to specialise in front-end web technologies with a particular focus on Javascript.

Apart from taking on tech challenges I'm intrigued by cinematography, arts, hold'em and the future of humankind. Collaborating with others to form great ideas is important to me and I’m always up for new adventures.


jQuery Mobile
Used with RequireJS & BackboneJS.
Local build, PhoneGap build & extensions.
API overview, usage with NodeJS module
API overview, usage with PHP extension
Deployment, setup & optimization
Deployment, setup & optimization
API Proxy
Tyk API Proxy
Real-time web
zqm, Ratchet &
Big Data & Server hits logging
Big Data filter and output
Testing, courses & API overview
Testing, courses & API overview
Testing, courses & API overview
Template vars, conditions, partials & helpers
Routing, views, models and extensions.
DOM manipulation & async request
Optimized queries, large tables handling
Restful API
SlimFramework, routing & middle-ware
Object Oriented Programming
OOP, data manipulation & optimization
Responsive design, canvas & media
Theme & plugin development
Core, Apps & Theme development


Mr. Muiz Fowosere

Project Manager at FJF Technologies Ltd. Email: [email protected] Phone: +447946261326

Mr. E. Raveenth

Co-founder Fuplo Ltd. ( & email: [email protected] Phone (personal): +447903016888 Phone (co.): +442030869499