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I am an interdisciplinary researcher who likes to tackle challenges with new approaches. My social skills and communicative attitude help me gather people from different backgrounds to complete tasks. Having a profound knowledge in different scientific disciplines further helps delegating my team to successfully complete projects under time constrains. With an ability to absorb information fast and learn new things quickly I am ready for the next challenge. 

Work experience

Senior Scientist

Dualsystems Biotech AG
Jul 2014Present
  • Optimization of LRC Triceps technology
  • Plan and perform experiments to increase the field of application for the LRC Triceps technology
  • Customer project management across industry and academia
  • Consult customers in study design and elaboration
  • Coordinate sample processing 
  • Analyze data and report results to customers (written and verbal)
  • Responsible for the maintenance of the company’s proteomics pipeline 
  • Cell culture laboratory in-charge
  • Write and manage company’s SOPs

PhD Thesis and post graduate work

Institute of Molecular Life Sciences UZH
Sep 2009Jul 2014
  • Planning and performing experiments using multimodal imaging technologies to investigate boundary formation in Drosophila melanogaster in a multinational, multidisciplinary team (Prof. Konrad Basler, IMLS, UZH, Prof. Ron Heeren, Prof. Mischa Bonn, AMOLF Amsterdam, Prof. Reinhard Furrer, I-Math, UZH, Dr. Xiaoli Gao, UT Health Science Center, San Antonio, Dr. Ljiljana Paša-Tolić, PNNL, USA)
  • Presenting and publishing results at international conferences and in peer reviewed scientific journals

Chef de Service

tempstaff AG
Jan 2009Jul 2014
  • Leading teams of up to 300 people at various national and international high class catering events (i.e. FIFA Ballon d`Or, UEFA Euro Championships 2008, IIHF World Championships 2010, Polo World Cup on Snow, St. Moritz 2010, 2011)
  • Coordinate service flow with event manager 


PhD Thesis - Dr. sc. nat.

Institute of molecular life sciences UZH
Sep 2009Dec 2013

Investigation of boundary formation during Drosophila melanogaster wing development using multimodal imaging technologies. Focus on imaging mass spectrometry, lipidomics and CARS micro-spectroscopy.
Supervised by: Dr. Erich Brunner (IMLS, UZH), Prof. Konrad Basler (IMLS UZH), Prof. Ron Heeren (AMOLF Amsterdam), Prof. Reinhard Furrer (I-Math, UZH), Dr. Markus Stoeckli (Novartis AG, Basel).

Master Thesis and studies in Developmental Biology

Jul 2008Sep 2009
Shotgun and targeted phosphoproteomic analysis to identify and validate new phosphorylation sides in the Wnt signaling pathway.  "Award for outstanding scientific work during the master thesis" awarded by the faculty of science (MNF) University of Zurich. Courses taken to focus on systems biology and proteomics.

Bachelor in Biology 

University of Zurich
Jul 2006Aug 2009
Undergraduate studies with a focus on molecular biology and genetics. Strong background in life science related fields such as mathematics/statistics and physics.

The Zurich Biology Undergraduate Summer School (BUSS)

University of Zurich
Jul 2006Sep 2006
Development of a dMyc-dependent in vivo dual Luciferase Reporter System in the laboratory of Prof. Peter Gallant, UZH


Willing and able to gather people from different fields and nationalities to solve problems. Strong ability to motivate and guide people.
Determination to get things done and make things happen.

Constantly looking for new and better ways of accomplishing goals. Thinking outside the box.

Problem solving based on facts and principles that are gathered systematically.
Communication (verbal/written)

Able to express myself clearly written and verbal. Present my ideas and thoughts confidently in speech in front of an audience. 


Dealing with the publication process

PSC PhD. program in plant sciences
May 2011

Understand the publishing process and develop individual publishing strategies.
Gain knowledge about Open-Access publishing strategies.
Learn the tricks about publishing in high-impact journals

Facilitating scientific communications

Center for university teaching and learning Uzh
Nov 2013
Learn facilitation techniques.
Learn skills and techniques to activate and motivate participants.
Apply learned techniques in scientific meetings.

Publications and Presentations

  • Marty, F., Rockel-Bauer, C., Simigdala, N., Brunner, E., & Basler, K. (2014). Large-scale imaginal disc sorting: A protocol for “omics”-approaches. Methods,
  • Gerber, F., Marty, F., Eijkel, G. B., Basler, K., Brunner, E., Furrer, R., & Heeren, R. M. A. (2013). Multi order correction algorithms to remove image distortions from mass spectrometry imaging datasets. Analytical Chemistry.
  • Handke, B., Poernbacher, I., Goetze, S., Ahrens, C. H., Omasits, U., Marty, F., Lehner, C. F. (2013). The Hemolymph Proteome of Fed and Starved Drosophila Larvae. PLoS ONE

  • USGEB Annual Meeting 2011 “imaging life” – invited speaker

  • Ourcon2012, Ourense Conference on imaging mass spectrometry – invited speaker

  • COST Workshop on “Emerging technologies and multimodal imaging” – invited speaker


German (native)English (fluent verbal and written)
French (fluent verbal, basic written)Italian (basic)