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When people utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, they are often interested in following more than one of these sources at a time. The social aggregator FlipToast seamlessly interweaves Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube to make it simple to stay connected⎯and interconnected. FlipToast was first released as a PC and Mac desktop application in October 2010, and as of August 2012, a beta version of an iPhone app is now available for mobile devices. Made by W3i Holdings, LLC, FlipToast is free and available on four platforms: Windows7/XP, Metro, MacOSX, and iOS. A popular way to stay connected while working on a desktop computer, FlipToast is based on Adobe AIR technology. FlipToast allows for all the amenities of having a browser without the hassle: users can quickly drag and drop photos to Facebook, feed notifications automatically appear on the screen, and users can updates and comments using the FlipToast sidebar. The application also organizes feeds, making them easier to read and to catch up on the activity of specific friends after being away. And FlipToast offers all of this with the added advantage of excluding the advertising that is present on Facebook’s site.None of the features of Facebook, Twitter, and other media are lost when using FlipToast. Changing status, liking, commenting, and tweeting are all done in a single click. Reading Facebook inbox messages is also possible with FlipToast. Chatting with friends on FlipToast feels like using an IM service, with no browser window needed. Staying connected has never been easier.