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I want to locate a challenging position in the web development industry that will allow me to both refine the skills I've already learned as a freelance developer, and also encourage me to explore new technologies and constantly improve my abilities and skill set, while I pursue a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.Specialties: Website application development, e-commerce applications, content management systems, database & query maintenance / optimization, server administration, object-oriented programming, technical support, security analysis, data analysis, reporting, process automation.



Website development, object-oriented programming, database design & maintenance, query optimization, server administration, script installation, security analysis, design slicing and integration.Languages/FrameworksProfessional: PHP (4/5), MySQL, HTML, CSS, CodeIgniter, jQuery, Prototype,, Smarty Template Engine, XML.

Minor: C, Python, C++, Java, x86 Assembly.API ExperiencePayPal, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, ActiveCampaign, AlertPay, First Data, Copyscape, Gate2Shop.

Web-based Software

cPanel, Drupal, phpMyAdmin, Plesk, SugarCRM, Wordpress.

ApplicationsApache, Asterisk, Git, Microsoft Office, MySQL Server, ProLaw, SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting, Services, Subversion (SVN), WinCacheGrind, XAMPP.

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows (95, 98, XP, Vista, 7), Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux.

Work experience

Apr 2013Present

Ruby on Rails Developer

TrueNorth Technology

TrueNorth Technology helps small to medium sized businesses enhance their ability to better serve their customers, and improve their business processes. This is done primarily through the implementation, customization, and maintenance of our core offering, Compass AE.Development is split between work on the core Compass AE application, and direct enhancements for our clients:■ Client work generally starts with modification to the base data models to better represent the structure of the organization, and how their business operates on a day to day basis. These changes build a foundation for adding new features and components into the Compass application. ■ The features created might be something small and fairly simple, like a backend application to manage particular types of users in their system, or converting and adding static web pages into our homegrown CMS system to allow technical novices to take over management of their company website.■ On the other hand, it could be something much larger; a real world example is a full fledged mobile application to allow drivers to manage shipments of orders and products throughout the country, with GPS tracking and mapping ability. This application is fully integrated with a complete backend application, allowing shipping company administrators to create new orders, assign them to particular drivers, track the status of all orders, and handle the billing, invoicing, and payments of the recipients and product vendors.■ When creating new client features, an in-depth analysis might determine a component can be integrated into the core Compass application, adding a new useful tool into the repertoire of Compass AE plugins. This balance between very specific client-based work, and more generalized core app features, allows for a constantly evolving application which is always adding value for end users, while at the same time not becoming an 'everything but the kitchen sink' solution adding unneeded complexity.

Jun 2011Mar 2013

Chief Architect

Eonian Technology

Served as lead developer and architect for small, multi-national technology firm currently specializing in a niche e-mail marketing arena. Use CodeIgniter framework to allow for quick development but also i18n support for marketing and order processing across multiple languages and many countries.■ Planned and directed other team member roles for development of new, fully integrated sales platform. Oversight of database schema design, feature requirements, and UI layout in collaboration with sales team in Barcelona office.■ Designed multitude of tools in separate MVC controllers for sales team; to track sales data and drill down by metrics such as location, currency, and advertising origin. Also created tools to enable mass mailing of inactive subscribers by a variety of factors. Developed ability to determine the exact profit break-even length for individual advertising campaigns across Facebook, Google, organic, and other ad platforms.■ Performed migration of database temporarily to Amazon RDS service, and later optimized local MySQL server configuration and added additional indexing to subscriber database to increase performance. Worked directly in Ubuntu servers to perform administration tasks, and ensure that e-mail marketing software and SMTP server could handle our database of hundreds of thousands of subscribers.■ Heavily modified checkout controller to add support for multiple currencies depending on subscriber country of origin, and add support for various payment gateways, integrated with OpenGateway payment processing application.■ Performed complete rewrite of external OpenGateway payment processing class to create a more robust payment notification system (similar to PayPal IPN).

Feb 2011Jun 2011

PHP/MySQL Developer

Kaufman, Englett & Lynd, PLLC

Part of small development team specializing in development and enhancement of many different intranet-based application used for various tasks within large law firm.■ Developed client portal in CodeIgniter MVC framework to allow clients to follow case progress, integrated directly with data from ProLaw software suite and SQL Server database. ■ Developed interactive webpage for generating real estate closing contracts, using jQuery for data validation and numeric calculations; intended as a free, simplistic replacement for EasyHUD proprietary software that was being used by internal title agency.■ Added triggers in ProLaw SQL Server database to handle tasks such as automatic periodic billing through payment processor, changing access permissions of specific types of cases to various departments, and flagging of delinquent/past due accounts. Triggers were used as circumstances did not allow direct access and modification to the ProLaw software source code.

Sep 2008Jan 2011

Technical Support Engineer

Interspire Inc.

Responsible for handling technical support issues for an industry leading web-based email marketing application.■ Worked primarily in online ticket system to troubleshoot technical problems of remote installation of Interspire Email Marketer on client systems, and interact directly with customers to find a suitable solution.■ Regular involvement in software setup, and server configuration and administration, both in Windows and Linux server environments. Also required occasional management of SMTP servers.■ Closely interacted with main development team to investigate, report, and fix software bugs in the application. Minor involvement in development work to address and fix existing bugs.

Apr 2008Aug 2008

PHP/MySQL Developer

Dorado Capital

Worked remotely on company’s primary website ( Started with basic bug tickets in large pool of developers, ended as one of two primary developers for site architecture.■ Used tracking system to assign myself bugs as reported by software testing team, and made changes to in-house PHP framework to fix as needed.■ Analyzed many of the most visited pages of the website using WinCacheGrind + XDebug, to identify and optimize slow portions of the codebase, in some cases improving load times by 50% or more.■ Worked with lead developer/mentor to learn PHP OOP best practices. Over time gained responsibility and helped determine design/behavior for new features.

Jan 2008Jun 2008

PHP/MySQL Developer

AKT Enterprises

Part of development team responsible for the creation/maintenance of dozens of websites, primarily online stores, primarily for various entities in the music/entertainment industry.■ Worked directly with COO to discuss features and implementation with clients.■ Trained junior web designer in PHP/MySQL stack.■ Created many new features for in-house PHP store/cart system, including 3rd party gift card integration, credit card processing, inventory management, notification emails, coupon system, order tracking, SEO-friendly URLs.



Jason Blank

  • Co-worker during employment at KEL (2011).
  • Worked as duo for all development for 250-person law firm, planning projects, dividing responsibilities, maintaining source control & documentation.

Hendri Kurniawan

  • Worked on IEM development team during my employment at Interspire (2008-2011).
  • Interacted closely on a daily basis to coordinate work between his dev team and my technical support team.

Jared Mendelewicz

  • Supervisor during employment at AKT Enterprises (2008)
  • Oversaw all development work, coordinated with clients and my team.

Jason Olim

  • Supervisor during employment at Dorado Capital (2008).
  • Former CEO of CDNow.

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