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Rockville, Maryland-based Fleming’s Ultimate Garage offers a website that is a welcome companion to auto seekers. In addition to a full inventory listing of new arrivals, available cars, and recent sales, Fleming’s Ultimate Garage makes it easy for enthusiasts to find the cars of their dreams. By joining the dealership’s New Arrival Notification service, buyers will receive notice of the dealership’s new offerings. There is also a newsletter signup available that keeps customers in the loop regarding automobile hobbies. Finally, should Fleming’s not have an individual’s desired car in stock, the company will find it from its many sources or collections from which it has to choose. By completing a quick contact form, the buyer will be able to request additional information on any service. 

Another benefit of Fleming’s Ultimate Garage is free shipping anywhere in the United States. This isn’t the limit to the company’s extended customer service, however. As the largest exporter of these classic, exotic, and American muscle cars, the dealership offers international purchase and delivery as well. Overseas customers can take comfort in the knowledge that they are getting what they pay for. Through the use of live videos and in-country references and testimonials, the company assures buyers of the quality of their purchases. 

At Fleming’s Ultimate Garage, quality automobiles and service are the keys to customer satisfaction. As such, the dealership ensures through careful maintenance that the customer is getting a great vehicle. The dealership employs six experienced auto shop service providers that are passionate about cars and about working in the car industry. With a full range of garage options, including repair or replacement of spark plugs, installation of new shocks, replacement of fuel and air filters, and service of air conditioning systems, Fleming’s is set to meet all of its customers’ service needs. 

Another way in which Fleming’s Ultimate Garage simplifies the auto-buying process is by providing assistance in the areas of financing and insurance. Although the dealership does not offer loans directly, it is pleased to give prospective buyers a number of references to reputable businesses that do. An easy online credit application also helps to facilitate the loan process. Also on the company’s website is a list of recommended insurance providers. 

A visitor to Fleming’s Ultimate Garage may come to the showroom and find a classic 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 available to drive. Another day, one may see a Ferrari 360 Spider complete with a glass engine hood. Perhaps a Maserati Merak might catch someone’s eye, another car with which the garage’s staff is familiar. The automobile professionals at Fleming’s hold an average of 30 years of experience in exotic, sports, classic, and muscle car and consistently demonstrate a longstanding passion in their work.