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I am passionate about coding; it is the thing that makes me smile, especially when I manage to overcome a new challenge. I love programming because it pushes my limits on daily basis, improves my logical and analytical skills and drives me to become better on both a professional and personal level.
I never say no to a new challenge, but I embrace it because I know I will add a new skill in my portfolio of interests and knowledge. I am experienced in writing quality code and use the tools to make it even better. I am also experienced in mentoring less experienced peers, in code review and my best quality is that I never stop thinking on how things can be made faster, better and more efficient.

Core Competencies

  • Techlead
  • Software Development / Engineering
  • Team Building / Leadership
  • Training & Mentoring
  • Outsourcing
  • Software Life Cycle Management
  • Software Change / Configuration Management

Work History


Team Lead / Android Developer

NTT DATA Romania

• Working on time tracking application

Responsibilities: Implement new application in Kotlin using latest technology stack and clean architecture where applicable

✓ Implemented new features
✓ Refactored application
✓ Changed application architecture
✓ Fixed bugs

Used technologies: Team Foundation Server, Volley, Roboguice, SonarQube, Picasso, Glide, MockWebServer

• Worked on stepper motor monitoring application

Responsibilities: fix communication protocol; adapt current UI/UX for smaller screens

Used techonologies: Kotlin, Rx, Google APIs (Maps, Firebase), Epoxy, Realm

• Worked on car connected application

Responsibilities:  create project from scratch, even the design part; decide architecture and frameworks/libraries to be used; create environment such as repository, empty project with all needed dependencies, configure continuous integration server; do the actual implementation

Used technologies: Photoshop, Invision

• Worked on money saving application

Responsibilities: create project from scratch; decide together with team architecture and frameworks/libraries to be used; create environment such as repository, empty project with all needed dependencies, configure continuous integration server

√ Successfully created repository and empty project
√ Decided architecture and design patterns to follow together with the team
√ Configured continuous integration server
√ Started actual implementation

Used technologies: Github, Fabric, Dagger2, Architecture Components, Data Binding, Postman

• Mentoring program for colleagues and students

✓ Teach Android basics, design patterns, application architecture
✓ Provide guidence in developing a simple application

Used technologies: Room


Android Developer

ArtSoft Consult

• Worked on waste recording application

Responsibilities: implement unit tests, instrumented tests and automation tests; modify code accordingly; modify UI for a better look and feel; refactor application for a much cleaner architecture and better/faster functionality, introduce libraries where possible; setup gerrit project and link it with Bitbucket; fix old issues

√ Successfully made the gerrit setup and communication with Bitbucket
√ Implemented instrumented tests
√ Participated to the re-branding on the application (UI changes)
√ Refactored a couple of technical problems inside the application for better functionality (introduced Retrofit, implemented new permissions workflow, etc.)
√ Fixed old issues

Used technologies: JUnit, Mockito, PowerMock, EasyMock, JMockit, Hamcrest, Robotium, Espresso, ORMLite, EventBus, BitBucket, Retrofit

• Worked on companion app for updating waste recording application

Responsibilities: fix some of the old issues and implement new ones

√ Fixed old issues
√ Implemented small new features

• Provide internship program and help students

Responsibilities: select students; provide a program based on students knowledge; help students learn new skills and learn new ones; show students the working environment and if possible make them part of an real project

√ Helped students when they needed
√ Provided tasks based on students knowledge
√ Made students part of an real project


Android Developer


    • Worked on Navigon Android application used for navigating worldwide and much more.
      (May 2013 - January 2017)

      Responsibilities: implement new features (including estimations, design, implementation, testing), fix old issues, refactor application as much as possible (improve code, clean existing code), come up with ideas for improvement

       Successfully added new features such as connectivity between application and smartwatches (sending advice and other information on the watch)
       Took part in adding features like Flinc (similar to BlaBlaCar); recording of trip with information summary at the end; Live Fuel Services; special animations for the Amazon Fire Phone (3D visual effects); NFC support integration
       Took part in refactoring the whole application (different UI/workflow/code refactoring and cleaning)
       Continuously improved existing features
       Fixed several issues
       Helped maintain all supported clients (around 30, each with particularities)

      Used technologies: Android framework, Java, SQLite, Sony SDK, Tizen SDK, Protobufs, Perforce, Git, Gerrit, CruiseControl, Jenkins, Bugzilla, Jira, Android Studio, Eclipse

    • Worked on testing for automotive project
      (April 2013 - May 2013)

      Responsibilities: do code review and regression tests for submitted patches (including test drives when needed)

      Used technologies: Git, Gerrit, Jira, HP/ALM, Visual Studio

    • Worked on web tool used for creating overmaps (POI information for PND's)
      (February 2012 - April 2013)

      Responsibilities: implement new features (including estimations, design, implementation,testing) and fix old issues

       Successfully added new features such as creating different types of overmap in new formats.
       Fixed old issues

      Used technologies: Java, Javascript, HTML/CSS, MySQL, Tomcat, Bugzilla, Eclipse, Aptana

    Junior software engineer


    • Worked on web tool used for urban planning

      Responsibilities: implement new features (including estimations, design, implementation, testing), fix old issues

       Successfully added new features and improved quality by fixing issues

      Used technologies: Flex framework, Java, MySQL, Tomcat, HTML/CSS, IntelliJ IDEA



    • Responsibilities: start learning Android at a more advanced level in order to start implementing games apps.

      Managed to learn some things in the short period.

      Used technologies: Android framework, Eclipse



    • Responsibilities: Learn basics of ASP .NET and develop a small web application with database (MySQL) communication.

       Managed to implement application and learn basics of ASP .NET

      Used technologies: ASP.NET, MySQL, HTML/CSS, Visual Studio



    ✓ High school diploma

    Liceul teoretic Avram Iancu, Cluj-Napoca

    Mathematics-Informatics, Informatics intensive


    ✓ Bachelor in Computer Science

    Universitatea Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca

    Informatics, English section


    ✓ Master's degree

    Universitatea Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca