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Work experience

May 2009Present

Account/event manager - Co-founder Ninja Academy


Non conventional do - Event/account manager is an expert at the creative, technical and logistical elements that help an event succeed; in this case the excellent success of Ninja Academy that i have co-founded.Strategic planning, business development , research of new deal and collaborations, accounting, event design, audio-visual production, speakers choice, scriptwriting, logistics, budgeting, negotiation and, of course, client service.

Definition and implementation of direction (choice of time and place, development locations, coordination), sale and management key-clients, Implementation of web strategy and non convetional sponsoring (SOcial media marketing, tribal marketing, viral)

Social media management: marketing and professional comunication by social and professional network Facebook, linkedin, xing).  Web and non conventional marketing campaigns( clients: TIM, VODAFONE, CHICCO, HEINEKEN)

Aug 2007Oct 2008

Responsible Delegate Acquisition - International Sales Executives Senior

Responsible Delegate Acquisition for the Italian Summits in Marcus Evans (one of the world's leading providers and promoters of global summits strategic conferences), to enter and organize exclusive events in the Italian market. This includes event design, audio-visual production, speakers choice, scriptwriting, logistics, budgeting, negotiation and, of course, client service and sales to service providers.

Organized CIO Italia Summit 2007 (November, Lugano), CMO Italia 2008 (april, Montecarlo), CIO Europe summit 2008(April 2008, Montecarlo), HR Italia Summit (July 2008, Montecarlo). ISI Summit (Investiment's stategies, September 2008)



Master's degree

University of Naples 'Parthenope'

Studies about:

International Marketing, market analysis and positioning,

International business and company management,, import export, internationa and european laws, market exchange.

Finance, bond, currency, swap, option, bond and currency analysis

Languages: french, english


High school degree

Scientific Lyceum "Antonio Gallotta"


Spanish language
I lived in Spain for i year and half working for Marcus Evans, i speak quite good spanish
English language
I lived in Oxford for 8 months folowing an Eglish course intermediate near the oxford university. I spoken in english while i stayed in Barcelona working in Marcus Evans group
French language
Studied very well during the lyceum and university.
IT and Web Knowledge
Excellent Knowledge about the computer, personal passion, and Command of Windows 9x/2000/XP/Vista, Linux Ubuntu and MacOsx; sofware Office Pack,OpenOffice,  anti virus and anti spam filters, Adobe pack ( flash, dreamweawer, photoshop) peer-to-peer software, VoIP software I’m very keen on the internet, I got a knowledge of the search engines and positioning on these. web applications (browser) and tools 2.0 Google Analytics/Reader/Insight/Adsense/Adword. I know a website engineering (HTML) and publishing (FTP) and fundamental knowledge of programming and net. I made and created several web sites. Principe of web marketing and on line sales (ebayer). I made several websites. Excellent knowledge about social and professional networks also for marketing and business purposes.  


mirko pallera

contact him to ask information


Marketing and events organization: Events Production; Sponsoringandhospitality; Comunicazione; Promotional, Web e Viral marketing; Market discovering; strategic Marketing : studies and market positioning.

Sales and business development: Import–Export; Accounting; sales; studies about start up market abroad

Finance : Banking; Corporatefinance, currency and bond markets

Interesting in job role about energy market ( sustainibility , fotovoltaic) and environement protection.

Available to travel (even abroad) and whatever movement.

Available in 15 days.



I got the Brevet CMAS 2° level of a diver. I have practised for 8 years karate and self-defence.

I practised a different other sport (windsurf,fitness,rafting,bicycle).

I frequented a theatrical laboratory and a course of diction and public speaking near the theatrical laboratory “Theatre of the Dioscuri” in Campagna (SA).

I’m collector of comic strips and a fervent reader of books, above all classical, historical-cultural, and scientific, I know skilful a lot of foreign cultures.

I’m passionate of photography. I like very much rock music and science fiction movies.


My CV ( in italian) is here:

Europass ENG CV: Check out also at In the last years 2011-2012, I had several experiences as a consultant. Now I am a consultant working as Business Developer for and Sales manager for I just finished my chartered accountant traineeship. For Xister, I have been a consultant for Jeep® for marketing awards. For Storyworldwide, as a Social media manager for Italy and web analyst in marketing campaign, I made analytic reports to create a strategy. I have been Sales/Social consultant and business finder for a start up in Social CRM analysis. For, a sport events agency, I worked as Sales/Digital Manager to expand the business in Italy and abroad. I have been Project manager for I have co-founded and I were responsible of Ninja Academy, training school for professionals about marketing, creating great revenue.Here I specialized myself in Social media marketing, Non Conventional marketing and Viral applied to marketing campaigns. I worked in Barcelona from 2007 to the end of 2008 as International sales executive in Marcus Evans Group, world's leading of global summits, trainings, B2B congresses. Working in Marcus Evans and Ninja Marketing, I got an excellent knowledge about Sales/Accounting and phone sale, events organization, budget, strategic planning, Communication, working everyday with the highest level of Italian and European managers. Education: Master degree in International business and Economy applied to international trades and exchange markets,Parthenope University,Naples. Moved to Oxford for 8 months,to improve English. Very good studies in French during the Scientific Lyceum and the University.Learnt a good Spanish during my job in Barcelona,used for business work. Specialized above all in: Accounting/Sales, Export, Digital PR, Social media, Web 2.0, advanced marketing and web marketing (Social media, viral) finance, international business & trade


Professional Skills: International Sale, Accounting, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Strategic Planning and development, Project management. Personal Strengths: Proactivity, Creativity, Branding, Digital vision, wide culture, Social characters, Team working, Target focused for business dev. Passioned in: Environment Protection, Mobile, Cars, Alternatives Energies, Sustainable Development. IT Knowledge: All about Web, Office pack, Adobe pack. SO: Windows, Linux, MacOsx;basic programmation Html


Apr 2007Aug 2007

English course Intermediate

Oxford University