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Work experience



Special Advisor at Secretary of State for Planning and Management at the State of Rio de Janeiro (6 months)

Responsibilities included:

  • Definition and Designing-Open Data Portal of the State of Rio de Janeiro;
  • Designing an effective system for the collection of information needs; Disseminate strategic information in the organizational context;
  • Designing a measurement system and organizational monitoring through statistical analysis and indicators data;
  • Managing the system of strategic information, providing information with aggregated strategic intelligence relevant to the executors of the core activities of the institution;
  • Promote the management of institutional knowledge, combining and using sources, types of information and knowledge available in the organization to generate new skills, improve existing ones and stimulate the innovative capacity;
  • Support the development and maintenance of strategic, sectoral and operational indicators, in addition to indicators of processes and projects, created for the monitoring system, measurement and performance analysis;
  • Identify, assess and maintain the portfolio of existing information products in SEPLAG, in order to facilitate access to and knowledge of the institution;
  • Establish effective communication between organizational units for information sharing;
  • Assess and predict technological advances for informational management as well as the collection, storage and dissemination of such information

Superintendent of Electronic

Superintendent of Electronic Governance Center-Information Technology at Secretary of State for Planning and Management at the State of Rio de Janeiro (11 months)

ICT supports in its various systems for 86 state-owned enterprises and more than 450, 000 employees

Position Details:

  • Contribute to the implementation and dissemination of organizational knowledge;
  • Oversee ICT contracts; Develop, maintain, and facilitate implementation of an integrated ITC architecture;
  • Promote a strong integration between organization areas; Provide advice and assistance to senior managers on ITC acquisition and management;
  • Promote effective and efficient design and operation of all major processes for the Secretary of the State for Planning and Management, including improvements to work processes;
  • Develop strategies and specific plans for hiring and training; Deliver transformation through to introducing business model innovations;
  • Introduce an informed vision of how ICT strategy could support transformational change by horizon scanning and strategic planning;
  • Featured: Restructuring the ICT Team Definition of the first Master Plan for Information Technology-PDTI
  • Definition of the first Information Security Policy Structuring for the New Framework Implementation Structuring New System Development Methodology using SCRUM and Continuous Integration(Jenkins)
  • Supervision of the implementation of systems integrations: SIPLAG-Intelligence Planning and) and SIAFE-RIO(New Financial System);
  • Implementation of the first team of corporate governance advisory
  • Supervision of the implementation-Key Performance Indicators-Business Intelligence Solutions.


Coordinator-Coordination of Monitoring and Strategic Information-COINF at Secretary of State for Planning and Management at the State of Rio de Janeiro (3 years 4 months)

Responsibilities included:

  • Contribute to the implementation and dissemination of organizational knowledge; Be the spokesperson and advocate on relevant data science issues and business potential to both internal and external audiences and stakeholders;
  • Lead the data science and analytics team;
  • Act as a key thought leader in defining big data roadmap, business intelligence and data strategy; leveraging data assets in support of strategy;
  • Deal with the influx of data and make data-driven business decisions;
  • Use data to fulfill business intelligence initiatives to improve operational effectiveness and decision making; Drive evangelization and education of Data Science services by communicating the vision and value of advanced analytics. Web analytics tools;
  • Empower Data Experts; Page2 Using: Data warehouse architecture;
  • Predictive analytics methods

Director of Systems Development

Director of Systems Development at (5 years 5 months) Responsabilities included: Provides technical leadership in the technology, web, digital and social within the organization. Conduct solution assignments, product and technology analysis, develop prototypes and proof of concepts and presents recommended solutions and analysis; Develops an increasing understanding of evolved technologies and architectures, including; enterprise architecture strategies and implementation, architecture software design, construction, and deployment bestpractices, architecture and component performance testing Establish and implement automated configuration, application development, deployment and release management. Ability to establish a high-performing development team and effectively manage projects on time and within budget. Work with technical support, infrastructure and business units to uncover, understand and resolve issues Design and update technical and systems documentation Facilitates strategy sessions involving IT learning practice. Manages events calendar and IT learning management service provided to staff with assistance from course administrators. Analyzes IT learning data and provides periodic reports and dashboards with insights to Educational Team.


Professor at (2 years) Professor mediator and final course work supervisor in disciplines of Specialization Course Lato Sensu- Technologies in Education-developed by PUC-RIO CCE in partnership with MEC/SEED nationwide and member of the set of actions of the Education Development Plan(PDE). The course in question also has ties with the Department of Education PUC-Rio Distance


Universidade CECIERJ
Teacher author-Web Technologies subject-ICT B.Sc.(E-learning) at Estácio de Sá (1 year) Teacher author-Web Technologies discipline content creator for distance education courses


Professor at (5 years) activities Page3 Teacher advisor Subjects: Operating Systems Administration Introduction to informatics Computer network Network Security Special Topics in Computer Science III Special Topics in Computer Science II Software Project I Software Project II Object Oriented Programming Databases II Advanced Topics in Programming(Java) Linux Operating System


Professor at Estácio de Sá (6 years) activities


Universidade Plínio Leite, UNIPLI, Brasil
Professor at. (1 year) Subject: Introduction to Computers Page4

Information System Manager

Information System Manager at de Emprego/Secretaria de Trabalho e Ação Social/ FAMERJ, SINE, Brasil. (1 year)


Members: Flávio Brito Page5 Project to replace the current tool" RVS" transmission of RJ Payroll files using XFB solution(Axway File Broker) Security Extension in the transmission of payroll files of the State Government seeking to ensure greater protection banking transactions Evolution of data transmission model allowing a single platform to eliminate human intermediation in handling operations of sending files and bank return Preparation of control mechanisms, audit and tracking operations ensuring transparency in the process Portal do Servidor

Members: Flávio Brito Portal that gives transparency of remuneration of all public and active military employees, CLT employees, temporary, ordered, occupants of positions in committee or reliable function of the organs of the Direct and Indirect Administration of the Executive Branch of the State of Rio de Janeiro. E-learning Management System