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Aug 2008Jan 2009


Queens University of Charlotte


My main objective is to find an internship that is centered around Psychology. I would like to be granted the opportunity to gain first hand experience with creating and assisting with programs for patients in hospitals. I would also like to gain experience with children who suffer from psychological difficulties and helping with different coping and therapeutic measures that do not involve medication.




I am interested in certain aspects of clinical psychology that involve alternative treatment methods to medication for children and adolescents. I am also interested in creating activities for individuals who are confined to hospitals due to their psychological illnesses. I'm really interested in helping people in a psychological method using the skills I have acquired and will acquire.


I consider patience a skill because having a high level of patience shows that I am dedicated and willing to wait, if it is necessary for the best possible work. My patience comes from years of discipline and having to care for a mother with Multiple Sclerosis. I have also had experience with patience by baby sitting children from ages one to 12.
I have participated in a number of events that required creativity on my part. Prior to becoming Sophomore Class Representative, I had to create fliers and advertise myself around campus to emphasize qualities that made me the perfect candidate. Aside from using my creativity for advertisement, I also express my creativity in my writing. I've written a number of papers relating to Psychology and aspects that interest me, as well as things that I intend to do with my major in the future.
As a student at Queens University of Charlotte, I was required to take a Public Speaking class to enhance my speech skills. I've given speeches for meetings that I helped organize for the Student Government Association. I also have experience with phone conversations because of the duties I had as a student worker. I was required to make phone calls out to the community explaining and answering questions about Queens' Student Referral List.
Organization/File Work
I am efficient in my organizational skills. I was a student worker for one year in the Residence Life Department at Queens University of Charlotte. My tasks included organizing files alphabetically and organizing the students' personal files.