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Work experience

Mar 2004Present

Prepress Manager

GTC Media/


I have been known to be able to find anything and everything via internet. I currently use 5+ Google programs (not including my G1 Android powered cell phone) on an hourly basis.
Adobe Programs
I cuirrently work at a print shop as the Prepress Manager. That being said, all of our work requires the run sheets for the press to be built via Adobe InDesign. I also use plenty of Photoshop, Acrobat and Illustrator through the day. Everyday. I've recently learned plenty of Dreamweaver while working on my CSS/PHP projects.
I have had my own space on the web since the early age of 14. Angelfire was my best friend until I discovered the art of HTML coding. Now, I like to call myself a Jedi Knight at the art of HTML.



Obtain a position at a company where I can effectively utilize my expertise in the art of web development and graphic arts. 


PHP/CSS Genius that specializes in anything Google and Adobe. 


Anything internet friendly. New programs are a plus to me. I can open and master a program in no time.