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A military marketing internship that supplies services and products to the Navy, that would help me to best represent myself and my skills of communication, efficiency, Microsoft products, in the Charlotte, NC or Norfolk, VA areas.

I am currently a student at Queens University of Charlotte.  I made the Dean's list the first two semesters at school.  I am currently on track to be accepted into the McColl School of Business in the upcoming 2010 summer.  I am a member of the Chi Omega Fraternity, newly elected Sisterhood Chair.  A member of the Varsity Volleyball team, Sophomore Captain and main freshman recruiter for the team.  I am the Volleyball representative for the Student Athletic Advisory Commitee.  As of right now, I have many different activities on my plate, but one of my stregnths is being very capable of handeling large loads, and the productivity of my work when I have a lot to do.


Aug 2008Present

Bachelor of Arts & Sciences in Business Administration

Queens University of Charlotte

Courses of Interest include:

 BUSN 115 A 001 Introduction to Business :  Where I first found my fondness for the business world

 MATH 110 A 001  Quantitative Business Methods:  The class which proved my understanding of mathematical business and business problems

Work experience

May 2009Aug 2009


Showed my ability to follow a dictated schedule, and the responsibility of taking care of a young child and dog all day, four days out of the week.

Portfolio Items


I have been the team recruiter for volleyball where I have interacted with the recruits and their parents.  I have hosted all of the recruits, and every girl I hosted ended up commiting to the volleyball program.  I have also recruited for my sorority, and we had a very succesful year.
I have been organized my whole life.  From barbies as a little girl, separating clothes shoes and furniture, to my textbooks on the shelves of my desk.  In college it has been a refined skill to help me stay focused in classes and efficient in my time.
Time Managment
During my two years in college, I have learned to manage my limited time between class work, athletics, sorority functions, and other functions.  I changed my bad habits of procrastination in high school, to a carefully planned out schedule on a day to day basis.  I find that even when I have a heavy work load, I am able to finish all tasks on hand, and even work well under pressure.
Leadership skill as an athelete.  I have been participating in sports since my freshman year in high school.  These leadership qualities and experiences cannot be taught, but aquired and I believe my experience translates directly from the court into the business world, where I am more then capable of leading teams on projects.