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Work experience

Mar 2010Present

Al Taamer






Computer Skills
 - Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Quickbooks 
Business Manegment
Business Management In progress of taking courses in Business Enterprise Fundamentals, Managerial Persuasion, Management and Organizational Behavior, Organizational Communication and Global Intelligence. Skills
Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Agent  Marketing –  Contacted property owners and potential investors to advertise services and solicit property sales listings.  Promote sales of properties through advertisements, attending conventions and reviewing trade journals and relevant literature to remain abreast of developments in the real estate market. Sales and Customer Relations – Interview clients to determine what kinds of properties they are seeking.   Legal Expertise – Evaluate mortgage options to help clients obtain the best financing.  Advise clients on market conditions, prices, mortgages, legal requirements and related matters. Education King Abdulaziz Royal Military Academy, Saudi Arabia 2007 - 2009 Took courses in mathematics, physics, literature, English, computer skills, engineering and architecture.  I focused in communication and the English language to prepare for future educational and career opportunities in the U.S. Grossmont College, San Diego 2010 – 2012
Business Communications
Business Communications Earned a grade of A on courses in Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Logic and Business Law.  Received the Vice President’s Award for Academic Excellence in 2011.   Woodbury College, Los Angeles 2012 – expected graduation date 2014
My skills
    Computer Skills - Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Quickbooks  Communication - Deals with internal and external communications, and customer relations via telephone and email; practices active listening to ensure successful communication Problem Solving -  Solves problems efficiently, creatively and independently Team Player – Enjoys sharing knowledge and creativity, and encouraging others to achieve team goals Planning and Organizing – Balances work, team support, and ad-hoc responsibilities in a timely and professional manner.  


My goals all depend on one thing:  my passion for business.  My family comes from a business background, mainly in real estate.  My father owns a real estate company in Saudi Arabia.  Growing up with my father, I learned a lot from his experience in business that allowed me to become passionate about business.  My father taught me many things about business but there are two things that will always stay with me.  First, if I am passionate about what I am doing, then I can succeed and make a good living out of it.  For example, screws are a major part of our lives because they put things together and there is a lot of demand for screws.  If I open a small local tool shop, I can be successful.  Second, always challenge yourself.  This is important because business is unpredictable and you always have to think of different situations.  These lessons will be in my mind as long as I am in business, and I will use them in my everyday life.

I am currently a full-time students at Woodbury University majoring in Business Management.  My current goal is o graduate in the year 2013 and pursue and MBA.  I plan to complete graduate school by the year 2016.  My long term goal is to continue business in real estate and form my own company by the year 2020.  My passion is business and, specifically, real estate.  As my background shows, my father was a huge influence on me and he is the reason that I am passionate about business.  There is more to real estate than simply buying and selling property.  I am most passionate about development of land, as well as remodeling or restructuring property.  This passion for real estate will keep me working toward my goals for a very long time.  


I love reading books, play soccer and i really enjoy walking on the beach