Nick Gallagher

Nick Gallagher



- Music: Performance, composition, listening (specifically Jazz, Rock, Metal, and Classical)

- Recreational: Hockey, reading, movies, astronomy/cosmology


- Microbiology

- Infectious Disease

- Pathology/Forensics


Goals in medicine:

1) To achieve my degree as Doctor of Medicine

2) To do my residency in Emergency Medicine

3) To use my education and experience to help and positively impact people's lives



      Six years ago I began a journey which has led me here. I am a musician at heart, who has attained a Bachelor's Degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance from the University of Maine at Augusta. Throughout this endeavor and in between gigs, I supported myself (and still do) by working at Maine General Medical Center in Waterville as a custodian. Throughout my seven years with the organization, I have had the tremendous and always interesting opportunity to see, first hand, how a hospital works. The nature of the job I do requires me to be trained and equipped to enter any area of the hospital at any time for a variety of reasons. 

      I began to find myself intrigued by the workings of this busy and sometimes chaotic place. The hospital environment is unlike anything else I had experienced. The atmosphere is complex and filled with people, singles or groups, who are all there for different reasons. I have witnessed as an outsider the extremes of human emotion and interaction within the walls of this place. For some people, it is a joyous time because of good news or a new life brought into the world. For others, many things are lost or let go of and it is a time of extreme sadness.

      I have vicariously shared many of these events which have left me with a desire to help. It was in these situations that I became blown away by what the doctors did for people. I've watched them provide stability among the chaos and be of tremendous service to everyone who walked through the doors of that hospital. After witnessing these things first hand, that is when I decided I wanted to obtain the skills and knowledge to make the hard decisions and hopefully impact someone else's life in the same way.


Sep 2003 - Present

Bachelor's Degree

University of Maine at Augusta

While finishing up my bachelor's degree, I enrolled in the Biology program at UMA to complete all of my prerequisite requirements for medical school. I am currently still enrolled and will have completed the necessary course work by summer 2010.